Huaibei to use coal to lengthen industrial chain transformation and development of resources bottleneck

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Next April, "Edge coal and build, because coal and hing" Anhui province Huaibei will usher in the 50 anniversary of the construction of the city.  Half a century, Huaibei cumulative production of more than 700 million tons of raw coal, to become one of the national billion-ton-class coal-based base, with "East China Power township," said. There are hidden dangers behind the brilliance. At present, Huaibei Coal resources Mining has entered the middle and late period, there are 4 large state-owned mines, 10 to the local small coal mine closed pit.  It is expected that by 2015, the existing 11 of the state-owned large and medium-sized coal mine will be in exhaustion of 9 of the mine, resource bottlenecks are emerging. "Speeding up transformation has become the inevitable requirement for further development of Huaibei." Huaibei Municipal Party committee secretary Bimei told reporters, Huaibei established to industrial development as the engine, to help push the overall transformation of the city's development ideas.  The city is striving to build an important national coal char electric base, the yellow-Huaihai plain food industry Highland, Anhui important to undertake industrial transfer test area and northern Anhui and even yellow-huai Hai region of the most pleasant landscape ecological cities, out of a "relying on coal, extension of coal, beyond coal," the scientific development. The development of circular economy extends the development of industrial chain, Huaibei is still looking for a breakthrough from the most familiar coal.  Based on the development of coal resources, the extension of industrial chain, the realization of coal "in situ transformation" to become Huaibei's first choice. In Huaibei Lin Huan Industrial park, Lin Huan Coking Co., Ltd., an annual output of 80,000 tons of benzene hydrofining project construction is advancing in an orderly manner. After the project is completed next year, high purity benzene, toluene and xylene will be produced by the hydrogenation extraction process, with the by-product of crude benzene and methanol degassing as raw materials in existing production. "The company general manager Zhou Zu Festival First," The construction of this project marks our deep processing direction of coal and took a gratifying step. "Benzene hydrofining project belongs to the coal-salt integration project, is Huaibei break through the original single coal production industry structure of the finishing touch of the pen." To Lin Huan Char electricity project and nanping Fine Chemical Industry Park as the focus, Huaibei efforts to build an important coal chemical base in China.  According to the economic development route, here will develop the fine chemical industry with methanol, coal tar as raw material, and strive to 2013 Yucheng City annual output of 4.4 million tons of coke, 1 million tons of methanol production scale, annual output of 300,000 tons of tar, 80,000 tons of crude benzene refining processing capacity. Extending the industrial chain is an effective way to enhance the product value-added and industrial competitiveness.  According to the current market price, 10 million tons of coal can sell 3 billion yuan, and after intensive processing, 10 million tons of coal generated a variety of income at least 7 billion yuan. In the process of developing a new type of coal chemical industry, Huaibei has been adhering to a "resource development, deep processing, efficient utilization and circular development" as the road of circular economy. In Huaibei Lin Huan Coking Co., Ltd., the reporter heard a story: there is a delegation to visit the factory, put forward to see the flames of coke and freshly splashed sparks of coke, in order to feel "fiery" the scene atmosphere. However, they turned the whole plant, see only criss-crossed pipes, neat arrangement of the furnace body, slightly disappointed, not byTo this set of "closed circulation, eat dry and squeeze the net" the process of thumbs up. "Water, electricity, heat and other resources have been fair recycling." For example, the residual heat from the coking plant can be transported to the power plant for reuse, the drainage of the power plant is first to coking the coking plant, and then to the coal washery; The comprehensive utilization of large slime gangue power plant and preparation plant, coking plant matching, the power plant fuel can be directly from the coal washery through the belt conveyor corridor to the power plant, the power plant is downstream of calcium carbide, methanol , caustic soda and other high energy-consuming products to provide electricity.  "Zhou Zu Festival First, only the circulation of steam, according to 140 tons per hour of gas supply calculation, industrial park can reduce energy input more than 200 million yuan per year." In the Lin Huan Industrial park, from coal mining, washing processing, coking, coal gangue power generation, salt chemical, to fly ash, electric lime Comprehensive utilization, the resources are continuously converted into value-added.  Coal slime, coal gangue, slag, fly ash, the waste produced in the process of coal processing, not only did not pollute the environment, but also brought economic benefits. "Of course, more important than economic benefits is environmental benefits."  "Zhou Zuzhei said. Huaibei has put the development of recycling economy into the city's economic and social "Eleven-Five" development planning outline, has formulated a number of ideas on speeding up the development of circular economy, circular economy demonstration projects to identify governance measures and circular economy guide funds management methods, and strengthen the relevant scientific and technological research, Focus on promoting scientific and technological innovation and application of technology, support the development of the common and key technology of circular economy.  In addition to coal-salt integration project, there are also the northern Anhui coal-electric group Qidong coal Mine Investment and construction annual output of 2 million tons of coal gangue power plant, coal gangue brick factory, Anhui Province, the first gas power plant, such as a number of circular economic projects started and run successively.  Build the industrial base to build the trade platform in the coal industry chain continues to extend in depth at the same time, Huaibei also carefully build coal mine machinery manufacturing industry, further expand the "coal" character of the extension of the article. Huaibei Economic Information Committee director of economic operations Liu Minjie use "vast market, huge potential" to summarize the vision of Huaibei coal machine manufacturing. "Huaibei is located in the junction of four provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, there are Yanzhou, Xuzhou, Huaibei, Huainan 4 large coalfield, 10 large mining areas and hundreds of large coal mines, within a radius of 200 kilometers gathered in Shandong Zaozhuang, Jiangsu Xuzhou, Anhui Huaibei, the north of Henan Province Coal and fire, such as more than 20 mining groups. According to estimates, Huaibei local and peripheral annual ore machine turnover can reach more than 50 billion yuan.  "Liu Minjie said. In recent years, Huaibei coal machine industry in scale, technology and so on has already possessed certain strength. In the mountains and rivers intelligent, Anhui electromechanical and other leading enterprises under the guidance of a group of good growth, high technology content of enterprises gradually bigger and stronger. At present, Huaibei has been built in Anhui Province, the only coal machine industrial Park Duji Development zone.  The coal machine manufacturing industry gradually developed into one of the pillar industries of Huaibei, and increased by 45% per annum. In speeding up the cultivation of coal machine manufacturing industry base, in order to build China Mining Equipment Expo City as the starting point, Huaibei ancestors one step actively buildCoal Machinery trading platform to build trade platform. In Huaibei Duji District's East Lake Avenue, stands a building of blue tile red wall, that is China Mining equipment Expo City.  According to first, as the largest and only in the domestic mining equipment professional market, Expo City covers an area of 730 acres, the plan is completed in 5 period, the total investment of the project is about 1 billion yuan. "Our merchants from all over the country, the first phase of the market has been stationed in more than 200 merchants, the actual occupancy rate of 86%, two period of market investment has been successfully completed." "Expo City Investment Group company chairman Chen Jinpeo told reporters," more than 80,000 square meters of three market, 9000 square meters modern exhibition center will be completed next January and put into use, the market scale effect and polymerization effect will be further amplified. "To the professional market as a leader, to industrial clusters as the support, to science and technology, information as a corollary to market demand, Huaibei Mining industry cluster and the role of radiation more and more strong." Since 2006, Huaibei has held four consecutive sessions of the Coal Machine Negotiation chamber, and has achieved good results. In October this year held in 2009 China (HUAIBEI) coal mine Machinery exhibition, from 21 provinces and cities and domestic and foreign 710 enterprises gathered in Huaibei, the staff reached more than 3,000 people.  After the coal machine exhibition and investment trade negotiations, a total of 57 trade contracts and intentions, trade turnover of 1.732 billion yuan, the last increase of 12.5%, a total of 45 investment projects signed, the total investment of 5.327 billion yuan, compared to the last increase of 44.4%. Relying on the advantages of agricultural resources to develop food industry December 1, the reporter came to the Huaibei Phoenix Mountain Food Industry Development Zone in Xiangshan District, everywhere are visible tension construction scene. We from the development zone work staff's mouth to many familiar enterprises: Jiangsu Yurun, Hunan is Rainbow, Tianjin Biodroga, Shandong Lu Wang ...  According to first, Huaibei has introduced more than 10 national and provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, formed a echelon follow-up food and industrial project construction format.  In the past two years, Huaibei in the industrial structure adjustment, speeding up the process of urban transformation, relying on agricultural industrialization, accelerate the rise of food industry, put forward to build the yellow-Huaihai region food industry Highland Development strategy. Huaibei is located in the center of the big granary of Huang Huai Hai, with abundant agricultural resources.  The city is the national Agricultural Comprehensive Development Project City and the national commodity grain base, the high-quality wheat, the high protein soybean and so on all include in the national and the Anhui Province upwind agricultural product key producing area. "Many enterprises into the food park, the fancy is Huaibei and the surrounding good agricultural base." "Phoenix Mountain Food Industry Development Zone CMC deputy secretary Kengqingming told reporters," such as our production here weak gluten wheat, very suitable for making biscuits special powder. Hong Kong Kam Tai Investment trading Company saw the advantages of the raw materials here, investment in the construction of the Si Lang Food (Huaibei) Co., Ltd., the project is expected to produce 45,000 tons of biscuits and other food products. "Huaibei Agriculture Committee Huang said," The introduction of key leading enterprises, strengthen industrial chain construction, highlight the standardThe effective implementation of a series of measures such as quasi-production has promoted the transformation from traditional planting and planting to modern agriculture in Huaibei agriculture. "At present, Huaibei has a total sales revenue of more than 5 million food enterprises 50, more than 2002 increase of 40, annual sales revenue over billion enterprises 8, more than 2002 6." Provincial and municipal agricultural industrialization leading Enterprises 68, of which 12 provincial leading enterprises. The promotion of agricultural industrialization has led to the adjustment of planting and breeding structure and further optimization of agricultural structure.  Now Huaibei, in the south of Suixi built 1.4 million mu of high-quality wheat, 1 million mu of high protein soybean, 600,000 mu of high-quality forage corn, 150,000 acres of high-quality cotton base, in the suburbs and industrial areas of the three areas built 300,000 acres of high-quality fruit and vegetable base. According to statistics, since 2009, the Huaibei food industry has provided more than 600 million yuan in tax revenue, and nearly 20,000 workers in food enterprises. In the first half of 2009, Huaibei food industry to achieve an increase of 870 million yuan, an increase of 47.8%, as the city's response to the international financial crisis, driving economic growth of the strong engine. "By 2012, the city's food industry output will achieve sales revenue of 20 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of all industries will reach 25%." It is expected that this year the proportion of the food industry in all industries will reach 12.5%, becoming the second largest industry after coal. "Huaibei Transformation Office director Liu said.
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