Hundreds of billions of "cloud markets" need to develop enterprises to participate in the lack of sincerity

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Cloud full of always become raindrops fell to the ground, using the cloud for the rain to describe 2013 years of domestic "> Cloud industry is the most suitable." Not only is domestic enterprises to rob cloud industry, international It giants are also "driving cloud" to come, to divide the Chinese cloud computing hundreds of millions of yuan market opportunity, we all hope that through the cloud computing a great benefit to achieve innovative development.

At the beginning of the last five China cloud computing conference, cloud computing was really hot. The 20-game forum was almost full, and some people even stood up to hear the experts speak. God also does not forget to mix in this cloud computing feast, has foreseen the cloud for the rain for the next week, which is a domestic cloud industry landed a practice bar.

It is undeniable that the 2013 was known as the cloud computing year, and cloud computing has begun to be applied in key industries such as transportation, telecommunications, medical care, smarter cities and other public services. In the current cloud computing conference, the new products and solutions are also closer to the user needs, the demand for the concept of enterprise has changed, the attitude towards the cloud more positive.

In the past few years, China's cloud computing infrastructure has been relatively rapid development. At present, the cloud industry chain has a prototype, a number of cloud computing projects into the implementation phase, the key industry applications began to start.

Some people say that the cloud computing market and the development of mobile Internet, like the law, who first occupy the market, who will seize more opportunities. Although the virtualization of the "cloud cake" is large, but for now, how to let cloud computing smooth landing is the key. After all, the application of the king is the consensus of the cloud industry.

However, cloud computing in China has always been a surprise, the enthusiasts are not just those well-known it giants, venture capitalists, local governments have also played cloud computing signs to build High-tech development zones, and to absorb cloud computing industry groups stationed. So it seems that cloud computing has become the local economy of the "new Engine", where the cloud computing planning so frequent, whether it is long-term investment or speculation concept? Still is?

In fact, real cloud computing is not about how many industrial parks are built, how many servers are equipped, the core meaning is to use the least resources to meet the greatest demand, and should not be made into the cloud computing industry Park, which is obviously a stealthily, playing the concept of means, in the end can only be a empty.

When we are actively developing cloud computing industry, we need to think calmly, avoid wasteful investment, duplicate construction, so-called government behavior and other similar problems. While these factors are real, cloud computing can help companies really reduce costs and provide efficiencies.

By continuously optimizing the cloud computing infrastructure, integrating the existing resources, strengthening the layout of the cloud computing data center, avoiding the blind construction of the data center, speeding up the optimization of the network infrastructure, promoting the open sharing of information resources and the cooperation of the business, the public and even the enterprises ' understanding of cloud computing is becoming clearer Cloud computing will slowly enter the tens of thousands of households, into people's lives, the real fruits and blossoms.

Cloud landing, need to come up with true sincerity.

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