In the first half of 2014 alone, the market volume of business-to-business E-commerce has reached 4.5 trillion yuan.

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Can't stop--using a popular ad to describe Alibaba's latest move seems just right. Following the high-profile entry of the cat into the Amazon's official flagship store, One of the world's largest consumer goods companies, Procter and Gamble also quietly entered the Ali's business-to-business Web site, the company will take the Zhejiang region as a pilot, will be under its distributors and distributors under the jurisdiction of the retail business to develop into 16,880 of the offline channels and users.

Unlike Procter and Gamble, the official flagship store of the cat, the 16,880 sold by the Procter and Gamble is targeted at many of the offline retail outlets. According to people involved in the project, Procter and Gamble attaches great importance to the business, from the negotiations to the formal signing of the strategic Cooperation Agreement, within a few weeks to go through the entire process, or even the time to hold a press conference is not reserved.

According to public reports, in the first half of 2014 alone, the market volume of business-to-business E-commerce has reached 4.5 trillion yuan, the forecast shows that business-to-business E-commerce market volume will continue to expand. 1688 as the largest wholesale procurement platform, but also try to improve the traditional retail model by means of the various drawbacks, the retail pass project is one of them.

1688 industry operation expert Chen Di introduced, the retail pass has changed the offline retail industry original level distribution, the level price increment, the profit diminishing mode, promotes the retail link efficiency, gives the most terminal salesperson more profit space. "In simple terms, it is through the retail through the original we common type of retail store aggregation together to purchase, so that can get the original big customers can enjoy the purchase price." This system will eventually form a similar virtual chain of the industry, to the modern chain of convenience store procurement model transformation. ”

For a strong sales network of the company, for retail outlets such a crackdown on the profits of distributors, why dare to quickly test the water, and all of its products under the offline channel price release? Procter and Gamble stressed that on the one hand, Procter and Gamble on their own price system and market share has very strong confidence, on the other hand, Procter and Gamble using the 1688 platform for O2O attempt to gradually transfer the offline retail stores to online, collecting the traditional sales form can not collect data, especially the second, Three-tier City Terminal retail store data, such as frequency, product preferences, customer unit prices and other data, timely adjustment of product layout, improve market share.

Analysis of the industry, the P & G and 1688 cooperation is in fact what to do. Retail outlets for the brand to provide two models, one is directly from the brand to skip the channel link directly to the end of the retail store, a brand under the line of distribution system directly joined the retail service system, sharing sales force and logistics distribution. In other words, in addition to access to a variety of channels of data, but also to use their own distribution system for other brands of logistics and distribution, earn commissions to increase the new profit growth point. "This is Ali's platform advantage, in addition to a large number of Class B users, but also allows the enjoy to release their own channels of idle capacity, earn extra commission to make profits." If it is the Beijing-east such a self-built channel of electricity dealers, Procter and Gamble will be more afraid, because it is likely that the channel will be slowly assimilation or corrosion. "For 1688来, by introducing a brand with a strong channel, it can grow faster and serve offline retail sellers and expand market share," he said.

It is understood that there are many online distribution channels to improve the brand, has quietly settled in 1688 of the retail platform, such as Haier, Lenovo, Philips, Pentium, Omar, new Anlene and so on. Perhaps in the near future, you will see a scene of abnormal mixing, a brand of channel personnel, a one-time commodity, food and beverage, hardware and building materials are distributed to a retail store, and the boss only need to move the mouse online purchase orders. Who dares to say that the Internet has eliminated offline retailing?

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