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Now, billions of dollars has been used to translate information into valuable decision guidance for companies, but there is something more important than massive data--data analysis. About large data, not just valuable internal information, but the connection between big data and predictions-intelligent information.

An example: MRI scans see the best way to help doctors diagnose multiple sclerosis, brain tumours, ligament tears, strokes, and so on, MRI machine-generated data, and systematically analyze the most needed treatment for the human body.

What is big Data? On a very simple level, there are many people working as a team, a nurse managing a drug or contrast agent, an MRI technician operating a scanner, an attending physician identifying the imaging sequence to use and interpreting the images, then communicating the information to the nurse and finally taking the appropriate measures.


This is big data, but it doesn't make the information smarter. The intelligence of information requires the development of new connections, when "know" large data, can analyze and determine where the data should be used, and how to use.

If the MRI data is connected to a better program, the doctor can automatically receive a correct patient with an MRI image result, so it is now information to find the doctor rather than the doctor to find the information. In addition, when the doctor considers the MRI results to be correct, if further connections are made, these images can be automatically submitted to the patient's permanent medical records.

This proactive, secure use of large data methods may seem like a simple upgrade of the workflow, but it may actually represent what will be the most far-reaching integration of business and technology since the Industrial Revolution--at GE, which we call the industrial Internet, And much closer to our society than people think.

Beyond Big Data

The big data is the lifeblood of the industrial Internet and a new build of software and analytics that can extract ever more meaningful data on a machine. Computers connected to the Internet, through software, data generation and analysis, if these machines are now a cohesive intelligent network, and more importantly, the analysis results can be used to design automated critical information delivery security prediction performance issues.


This represents a savings of hundreds of millions of of billions of dollars of time and resources in major industries. Industrial Internet, which can be connected to the Internet to provide status updates and performance data. This way we can take pre-emptive action on a potential problem that will lead to millions of or billions of of dollars in corporate and customer time losses.

We often forget that we are still in the early days of the internet and that there are big data innovations in the early days. Every year in energy, transportation, health care and more, due to the time lag of information, so that hundreds of millions of of dollars wasted. In the next 100 years, we will also have to improve energy efficiency and continue to promote health care system reform.

To create a better future, we not only need to embrace large data, but also to improve the industrial Internet, so that large data for our work and life escort.

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