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Morning News (reporter Han Yuanjia) internet giants are striding into the entertainment industry, not only can bring direct box office income, but also to enhance the impact of the film financial public to become a widely used model. Yesterday, Baidu Company and the Chinese shadow shares, Citic Trust and Beijing Heng Law firm jointly released the first film public consumption platform-"hundred", into the entertainment financial sector, the positive to Alibaba Entertainment treasure declared war.

It is reported that hundreds of a promising phase of the product selected by Tang, Feng Shao starring film "Golden Age." The minimum threshold is 10 yuan, the expected return rate is 8% to 16%. The user's equity return is closely linked to the movie box office, the higher the box office, the greater the potential equity returns. It is reported that according to the "Golden Age" movie box office situation, divided into less than 200 million yuan, 300 million yuan, 400 million yuan, 500 million yuan, 600 million yuan, more than 600 million yuan, six box office stalls, respectively, corresponding to the expected returns of equity 8%, 9%, 10%, 11%, 12%, 16%. Starting from September 22 10:30, users can login to Baidu Financial center or Baidu Wealth management app to buy the product. In addition, users have access to a number of film consumption privileges, such as star meeting, to participate in the celebration dinner, custom video, movie tickets.

This March, Alibaba launched the "Entertainment Treasure", the Netizen investment 100 yuan can invest in film and television drama works, the investment project docking Country Chinese life under the Guohua Huarui 1th lifetime Life Insurance A paragraph, estimated annual income is 7%, does not guarantee the guarantee not to be guaranteed. The first phase of the investment project includes 4 films and 1 games, including the popular film "Small Time 3", Fan Bingbing created the game "Magic Fan College", and so on, the total investment of 73 million yuan. After the launch of the entertainment treasure, it was fans sought after, April 3 17 o'clock, entertainment treasure down four investment projects sold out.

With Alibaba with the help of insurance products for the film to find investors, the hundred-FA has a chance to focus on the consumption side of the film. In terms of product design, the amount of investor's earnings is directly dependent on the movie box office, the higher the box office, the higher the yield. Senior Internet commentator end of the macro-bin, the Internet, film and television, finance, tripartite cooperation can form a film and television business closed loop, there are users, content, but also may have feedback, this design can directly push the film consumption.

In the face of the super high market share of the competitor Alipay, the Hundred-FA has the responsibility of increasing the market share. According to Baidu related to the person in charge, Baidu financing will be "Baidu wallet" as the hub, through Archie Art, PPS, large data, glutinous rice to form a closed loop.

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