IPhone 6 Plus experience: Embarrassing for big screen Android phones

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Donews November 7 (reporter Shifei) after receiving the iphone 6 in half a month, Donews reporter also uses the iphone 6 Plus one week time. As one of the biggest updates Apple has ever made, if you are a consumer who has been using a big-screen mobile phone, it would be handy to believe that iphone 6 Plus will work.

With the iphone 6 in detail, the 6 Plus is primarily experiential, and it's unique compared to the iphone 6 and rival Android flagship, 6 Plus.

Donews Reporter that the IPhone 6 Plus is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Dim light products, in fact, Samsung is also under pressure, after all, Apple changed the previous biggest disadvantage, screen size of the short board.

The IPhone 6 Plus fuselage size can be said to be about the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, with a single grip thumb that can touch the screen to a range of about 75%.

Apple has a single hand optimized operating mode for the iphone 6 Plus, double click on the Home button, which is the position of the two touch TouchID, and the iphone 6 Plus goes into "easy access" mode, and the icon will be pulled down to only three floors. That is to provide users with a single hand touch to the first three rows of application opportunities.

In terms of display, the IPhone 6 Plus has two points worth saying:

One is the horizontal screen mode, and the ipad Air and the ipad Mini, the horizontal screen after the icon will rotate 90 degrees, so that the use of horizontal hands, but the disadvantage is that the previous iphone did not adopt this approach, so more awkward, donews reporters directly off the screen of the vertical switch.

The second is the choice of big icons, which are also available on the iphone 6, and Apple's move is the best way to attract older and financially powerful consumers, and that is to make them see more clearly.

The IPhone 6 Plus uses a 5.5-inch 1920*1080 pixel screen, up to 401ppi, and the screen is named Retina HD, which Apple says uses "optical orientation" to control the position of the LCD in the screen using ultraviolet light to create screens based on sRGB standards, And the new dual-domain pixel technology can present deeper black and higher contrast.

On hardware performance, 1GB RAM is not significantly elevated compared with the 64-bit 1.4GHz dual-core A8 processor and M8 motion coprocessor, but it still feels like a great gaming experience.

Donews Reporter thinks the iphone 6 Plus, consumers will pay for quality games, of course, if you want to save a fee, then iOS 8, "Family sharing function" must be used.

At the same time, the IPhone 6 Plus on the film and battery-endurance performance is admirable.

First of all, the iphone has always been proud of the shooting function, although not so eye-catching pixel, the iphone 6 Plus still configured 8 million pixel lens, but in the focus mode, the first use of focusing pixels to make the focus faster.

At the same time the stability of the image, the optical stabilization system adjusts the physical displacement of the hand shaking by the coordination processor, the gyroscope and the M8 motion coprocessor to keep the image stable. This feature is only available on the iphone 6 Plus, and the iphone 6 uses the same automatic image-stabilization as the iphone 5s.

On the iphone 6 Plus, face recognition is optimized to recognize multiple faces more quickly, and to optimize the recognition of blinking and smiley faces in continuous self-portrait mode, automatically taking the best photos. Although there is no Android on the so-called "beauty", but the actual sample of the proofs I think still have a similar effect.

In "Panorama mode," IPhone 6 Plus can take a 43 million-pixel sample, and the camera can automatically adjust the exposure, so that the panoramic photo effect better.

While the iphone 6 Plus battery is 2915 MA, it's almost one times the size of the iphone 5s 1560 Ma, but the 6 Plus screen is also relatively power-hungry.

Overall use, Donews Reporter can obviously feel the iphone 6 Plus standby time longer, and in the charge of the proposal consumers can use the ipad 5V 2.1A charger, can get faster charging speed.

There are also some unpleasant points in use, such as negative news on the web that will worry you, and your grip will drop after the iphone 6 Plus is in the protective gear.

In the latest iOS 8.1 system, although the stability has been significantly increased, but there will be a flash or third-party application of the perfect fit problem.

For example, and the size of the system font, commonly used in social software microblogging, micro-letters and other fonts will be significantly larger, picture imprinted, the latest version of the micro-letter changed the issue, but the new problem is to change the font is the default in any case.

And in the case of replacing the ipad Mini, Donews reporters don't think it's conclusive, the iphone 6 Plus users don't have to pack an ipad mini in their schoolbags every day, but like reading, comics and other specific uses, the iphone 6 Plus is a lot worse than the ipad mini experience.

All in all, the IPhone 6 Plus gives donews the impression that it will make big screen Android phones, especially rival Samsung Galaxy Note 4, even sadder. and buying the iphone 6 Plus will also slow down the frequency of future iphone replacement.

Apple's current iphone 6 Plus delivery time is still 3-4 weeks after the payment, but the recent example of capacity growth can be clearly felt that the original November 1-15th receipt of the consumer is basically 7-15 days before the arrival of the goods. Finish)

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