Jiayin 48 billion into the mainland's new richest man

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Hong Kong listed Evergrande's first day rose 34% although a number of mainland housing companies have started listing in Hong Kong since October, journalists have found that nearly 80% companies have "had a bad start". Evergrande Property, the hottest in the IPO, also traded on the Stock exchange on 5th.  According to the latest closing, Jiayin has assets of HK $48 billion, becoming the new richest man in the mainland.  Near the housing enterprise "bad" November 2, Xiamen, one of the three major developers of the real estate in the stock exchange of Hong Kong, the main board listing, but closed to HK $2.68, compared with the IPO price of 2.7 Hong Kong dollar low 0.74%. Also from Xiamen, Ming-fat group announced a delay in the listing, there is news that the company will decide to reduce the price of more than 30% of the sale, the specific time has not been finalized.  The outstanding real estate, which was scheduled to be listed on November 3 in H-Shares, was turned away as investors demanded a lower price at the last minute of the opening of Hong Kong's capital markets.  And the first listing of Bonhams real estate, South China city, Hengsheng Real Estate also "a bad day," a break, of which, South China city on the day of the IPO price fell 22.9%, the market is considered to be Hong Kong's first-ever listing of the worst performance of the new shares. Housing enterprises in Hong Kong cold, with the mainland property market all the way, the real price of high fever, the reality of singing Anti-tune. Some industry analysts said that a number of housing enterprises "Together" is a major reason, "in the mainland quality property is difficult to find, but in Hong Kong to invest in real estate new shares have a lot of choice, but people pick and choose." "Jiayin is worth more than Mr Wang, but Evergrande Real estate was officially listed on the Stock exchange of Hong Kong on 5th, with a stunning first-day break and a spectacular debut, with the closing of HK $4 and the close of HK $4.7, up to 34.29%, up to a record high of HK $4.8.  A total of 4.951 billion Hong Kong dollars a day, the exchange was very active, the influx of funds. Jiayin, chairman of the company's board, also surged. According to the current stock performance, Jiayin owned assets of HK $48 billion, and if the closing price of HK $4.7/share is calculated, Jiayin's net worth will reach HK $47.95 billion, totalling more than 42 billion yuan.  And Evergrande's wealthy shareholders are making a full pot. Mr Wang, who controls BYD, is the richest man in China at 39.6 billion yuan, according to the latest Forbes report on China's rich list of 2009. Therefore, Evergrande listed, Jiayin Wealth in a few hours than Wang, become the new richest man in the mainland.
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