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0 bucks? This is not a dream, is not a word game, but the music bee nets http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/33446.html ">11.11 big promotion on the eve of the warm-up activities!" This activity le Bee net picks 20 international well-known brand single goods, as long as is the Lok Bee net user to have the free apply for the trial qualification. As of November 9 24 o'clock, the user just enter the Le Bee network big trial Area Select the right product click "I want to try", that is, the opportunity to receive the product free of charge. If you can share a social media platform such as micro-blogging and micro-credit, you can get an additional 20-dollar voucher.

(The picture is the big name trial activity partial product schematic diagram)

From the activity page can be seen in the 0 yuan with a large number of activities in the top of the international line of brand hot products, for example, every 8 seconds sold a bottle of butterflies DHC Olive Make-up remover oil, as well as well-known for the popular Chanel Coco Princess lipstick, Gucci flower Dance Light Perfume, Lancome new essence of the muscle bottom liquid, the red Pomegranate Day frost and so on more than 20 kinds , divided into make-up category, fragrance category, skin Care category, such as three trial zones, up to now tens of thousands of netizens have participated in the activities.

As a return of users and product promotion of a good way, product trial has been favored by merchants and users, in the bee to the standard community in the network also has a special trial channel. The event in order to give back to the user, in particular, to provide consumers favored by the international brand Word-of-mouth trial, so that ordinary consumers do not spend money to enjoy the international quality of the United States makeup experience, but also for the upcoming 11.11 major promotion of preheating pilotage.

With the November 11 approaching, the major electric platform has entered the countdown, a variety of activities, and strive to occupy the market during the carnival period. And as a pioneer of the beauty industry in the music Bee network as early as the end of October has entered a state of readiness, one into the November will be the launch of the Battle of the film, 0 yuan with big-name, male goddess of war, such as a series of preferential activities, in bringing benefits at the same time has been adhering to the 100% licensed genuine commitment to exempt consumers from worries.

According to the disclosure, in November, in addition to the big test, the major brand flagship store will launch different promotional activities, in the discount based on the superposition of cash coupons, with the brand's full reduction, full gift discount synchronization.

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