Lei in the World Internet conference that Millet is the world's third-largest expert machine manufacturers

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Absrtact: Lei in the World Internet conference said that Millet is the world's third-largest expert machine manufacturers, after 5-10 years of organic will become the world's first. In yesterday's keynote report, Lei said: "At present, the entire platform of Millet has 70 million active

Lei in the World Internet conference that Millet is already the world's third-largest expert machine manufacturers, after 5-10 years, the organic will become the world's first.

In yesterday's keynote report, Lei said:

At present, the entire platform of Millet has 70 million active users, a year later will exceed 200 million of the user volume. In the past year, we have opened up 6 markets, the recent India is our main market, I believe, with such a model after 5-10 years, Millet Organic will become the world's first smartphone company. If this day comes, perhaps we will have a bigger platform on the global scale.

What's the bigger platform for millet? Lei once said to be around the millet mobile phone and millet users to rebuild 100 millet, in the past more than a year of millet has been invested in 25 companies intelligent hardware Company. Lei hope that the future of the Millet user group will become more and more viscous, value-added services on the above will be more and more. He again summed up the millet model is to sell hardware at close cost, and then earn money through the Internet value-added services.

"It's always easy to say," said Bruce Sewell, Apple's SVP and chief legal adviser at the world's Internet conference, after Lei released "5-10 years as the world's first satellite". "Always cheek lei at the scene but immediately launched a counterattack:" Ma Yun said a word, in case of realization? ”

Lei impossible to put hope in "in case of realization."

Millet is ready to sacrifice the butcher's knife again. IC industry analyst Pan on Weibo said upstream generation factory has begun to bid for Millet and Huawei's 399-yuan 4G smartphone, and the target shipments are staggering. For millet production mobile power and smart hand ring of the Zhuo wing technology is not involved in the new millet 399 Yuan 4G smartphone business bidding. But this stance also confirms the existence of 399 yuan Millet & Red Rice mobile phone from the side.

This cell phone and the red meter 4G mobile phone difference is not only in price, but a new, by millet control software and hardware of the ultra low-end mobile phone.

This phone uses SDR1860 hardware platform (28nm process, 6 core A7 2G Hz). November 7 Datang Electronic issued a notice, the flag of the core technology developed and owned by the SDR1860 platform technology to 103 million yuan price license authorized to Beijing Pine Cone Electronics Co. Pine Cone Electronics is a company by Millet Holdings, the future of millet will and the core development of Low-cost 4G mobile phone chips.

The phone's software platform is the Firefox OS system, but the interface was adjusted to resemble MIUI style by millet and named Mios. Millet has been working on other operating systems experience, millet router OpenWrt to retain the MIUI system elements, Hong Feng once to 36 Krypton said, "Users feel is the same, and do not care if it is not Android."

Just this May, the Millet global vice President Hugo Barra also publicly denied that Millet has no plans to develop Firefox OS or Ubuntu system handsets, but this did not affect the subsequent contact with Mozilla. In September this year, Mozilla global marketing director John Bernard said on Twitter that Millet is the world's fifth-largest handset maker, with three of the world's top 9 handset makers already working with the Firefox OS. In addition to millet, the other two are ZTE and TCL.

Isn't that the style of millet? I don't care what I said!

Smart hardware outside the phone, millet and Google have parted ways. The latest Android Auto, Android Wear and Android TV three systems have significantly tightened access to third parties, and developers cannot modify the UI to replace Google's cloud services. and Millet is responsible for intelligent hardware Investment Peng said optimistic about the use of Linux in this field, millet current products do not have a use of Android Auto, wear or TV system.

Google has no official position on the issue yet, but wants to know what they think is easy. Hugo Barra last month complimented old club Android one as a great product, and Millet is willing to join, but Google still excludes millet. And Millet's rival Lenovo is in it. In the Indian market, the price and configuration of red rice is more competitive than Android One, which is an embarrassing fact for Google.

So before Google's official bright attitude, millet should prepare for the worst.

From the time, the millet and the Firefox OS after cooperation began to work with the core production of hardware and start 399 Yuan smartphone plan, behind should be clear plan and quick decision. Firefox is still a niche ecosystem, not a future without opportunities, in the vast Indian and African markets, the Firefox system can take advantage of low-end hardware to achieve a smooth basic mobile Internet experience.

Another variable is the refinement of the HTML 5 ecosystem, and if web development is becoming mainstream, a fully web-based Firefox OS is expected to shrink the gap between Android and iOS.

To step back, even if the "good things didn't happen", +firefox, also a good plan B. The world's first mobile phone manufacturers always have Plan B, do not believe you ask Samsung. There are Tizen before the Bada. At a recent Samsung developer conference, they said the system would be geared toward a lower-end market than Android.

At this point, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers Samsung and aspire to become the largest manufacturers of millet is really thought together.

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