Lenovo Major adjustment: Zhang Hui replacement Feng Jue the helm Midh business unit

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Absrtact: Lenovo Group has already completed an adjustment for Lenovo MID H, which involves almost all of Midh's senior executives, including a group of core elders, such as Feng Jue, Zeng, and Chen Wenhui. At the same time, a group of rich sales

Lenovo Group

An adjustment for Lenovo MID H has been completed, and the adjustment involves almost all of Midh's top executives, including a group of core elders, such as Feng Jue, Zeng, and Chen Wenhui. At the same time, a group of rich sales experience of the GAN to join the department.

Founded in 2011, Midh is the mobile internet and digital family business group, a strategic move for Lenovo's early drop mobile interconnection, which covers smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. With the rapid development of smartphone business, Midh's position in Lenovo Group has also soared.

The following is Sohu's exclusive access to the personnel adjustment message:

1, Feng Jue transferred cloud services group Zhang Hui successor

Former Lenovo Group vice president, Midh China Business Department general manager Feng Jue Transfer Cloud services business unit, the business unit is responsible for He Zhiqiang. In Lenovo Group has the rotation of the corporate culture, so the simple evaluation of this adjustment is meaningless.

Zhang Hui become Lenovo Midh Department of the new master, successor Feng Jue, its main job is the front-end sales work. Zhang Hui's resume is a bit complicated, in the early days of Lenovo vice president, after entrepreneurship, and then return to Lenovo, and responsible for the music phone business, and then transferred to the company's CEO Lenovo Ren Bao.

2, Chen Wenhui resigned Shaotao successor

Former Lenovo Group vice president, Mobile Terminal division of Research and Development general manager Chen Wenhui for personal reasons to leave. The last time I saw Chen Wenhui was in Vibe X's press conference, the mobile Internet business owner does not like to use micro-letter, is a doer. Chen Wenhui's position was replaced by Shaotao.

Vice President Shaotao successor Chen Wenhui, mainly responsible for Lenovo Midh products. This is a work similar to the backend. Shaotao worked in Midh for many years and was regarded as a midh old man.

3, Zeng to Flat Panel business unit

Former Lenovo Group executives, Lenovo's open market leader Zeng adjusted to Lenovo Group in China, responsible for the flat plate business, and Lenovo Group senior vice president, Lenovo China's president Chen Xudong report.

There are other changes in the staff, not to repeat. For the above adjustment, the author thinks, Lenovo has always been the senior executives round hillock culture. For example, Lenovo Group senior vice president, Lenovo China President Chen Xudong has more than 10 jobs at home and abroad, which makes Chen Xudong has an international perspective, can look at the problem from a number of perspectives.

In addition, the adjustment of Midh is related to the structure adjustment of the whole Lenovo Group. 2014, Lenovo divided the entire company into four business groups, respectively, 1, the PC business group. 2. Mobile business groups (including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs). 3. Enterprise business group (including server and storage). 4, Lenovo Cloud services group. One cloud services group concept is newer, this part of the business of the main product is Lok store, Lok Security products, and these products before and Zeng work have intersection.

About Zhang Hui in charge of Midh also easy to understand, Zhang Hui is a sales-oriented talent, and Liu June responsible for the mobile interconnection strategy in the past year launched a number of radical goals, such as 2013 Intelligent Terminal Sales 100 million, 2015 Lenovo + motorcycle smartphone sales of 100 million. To accomplish these goals, Liu June needs a sales-oriented talent assistant.

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