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At the beginning of August, Phoenix Fast Bo began beta, Bo main "Fizi and Men Yuan music hut tot" in each blog to introduce a beautiful song, or comment on the music genre, or describe the music background, or to share the feelings of listening to songs, or to tell the past by the song Association. You can look at his words, listen to music quietly, and communicate with the author through comments.  Open Bo so far, "Fizi and Men Yuan music hut tot" wrote 29 posts, attracted more than 600 netizens subscribe to his blog. This is what light blogging is trying to bring to you--fine, sharing, empathy and intoxication.  Here, a little petty, a little literary. High end Boutique line in the light blog, you do not have to be like blogging because of the exhaustion of Evans and pain, do not have to worry about the number of micro-blog words more than 140 words to be deleted which words. You can freely use words, pictures, videos and other ways to launch an interesting topic, published on a field of hot events in the opinion. There's no limit to the number of words, and you don't get dumped by people because your blog is not time-sensitive.  Instead of paying attention to someone, subscribe to one of the blogs you're interested in, or work with your friends to maintain one of your blogs, and build your own circle based on a common interest. When the light blog was unveiled in China, it was not recognized by people and users in the industry. This May, in the 124th issue of it Longmen, Dot Dot Network CEO Xu Chang about what is a light blog when the audience confused.  Some analysts believe that in the cloud, the owner of the Internet as the leader of public opinion, micro-broad war is at the time, the position of light blog awkward, positioning is not clear, difficult to form a difference, at most can be regarded as a blog or Weibo "patch." "People's social needs are three-dimensional and multi-level, and different social products are satisfying people's different needs." "In response to these queries, Sougins, an analyst at Eric Consulting, is adamant that" light blogging is a social product based on user interests and hobbies, and its existence is valuable. "In Sougins's view, Weibo's media attributes are stronger, users will be on Weibo to search for the latest trends in a star, to find the latest developments in hot spots." But on the light blog, people are more concerned about the latest popular movies, music, books and a variety of beautiful pictures. The light blog takes the user's hobby as the cut-in point, lets the user share and the exchange based on the common interest. "Users of light blogs are mostly urban white-collar workers. Sougins that the light blog is the high-end and boutique route, its content more valuable, more exquisite pictures.  In contrast, Weibo is more popular. Wang Yulin, vice president of Phoenix New Media, said in an interview with the China Computer News reporter Although from the product form, the light blog and blog, microblogging is not the difference, but in fact it more emphasis on the display of valuable content, "blog content is more of the blogger's focus on the content of their areas of in-depth analysis." Compared with Weibo, these contents are more valuable for reading and collecting. In his view, while the content of the light blog is not as time-sensitive and fast as Twitter,More sharing and dissemination of value, "such as you go to a place after a trip to write the introduction, take photos, you can share to your SNS friends."  Or you can search for it when you need it. In April this year, China's first light blog site dot online line; May, Shanda Network integration games and literature resources, launched light blog products push him; May 27, Sina light Blog products Qing Online, July 20 Qing official test; July 21, Renren's "Everyone Station" began to test,  And in the recent formal on-line, early August, Phoenix Fast Bo began to test ...  In the shadow of blog and Weibo, the light blog grows tenaciously, and is showing a "spark can be a prairie fire" trend. Internet business enclosure Recently, the originator of the Light blog Tumblr among the top 25 of the U.S. website. In the domestic, online immediately after the network line to obtain from the United States and Sequoia Capital of the more than 10 million U.S. dollar venture capital, the number of users in four months to reach 3 million; Phoenix fast Bo just started inside, came to ask for the invitation code SNS enthusiasts and IT industry people have been a stream  Recently, the industry has also spread a grand push his round of financing negotiations has entered the real stage, financing size may be more than 10 million U.S. dollars news ...  Light blog has become after group buying, the Internet company is another battlefield of horse racing enclosure. Although Sina, Tencent and other internet giants are in the layout of the light blog market, but in Wang Yulin view, Phoenix at this time to enter a good time, because "users in the social network registration, communication between each other, this is a certain threshold, now the vast majority of Chinese netizens have crossed the threshold." From forums to blogs, microblogs, to light blogs, users are more adept at mastering and willing to use a variety of social products. "Internet products are characterized by a product fire, enterprises have to immediately cut into this area." If you wait for others have formed a certain scale you go to enter, catch up, it will be very difficult. Sougins explains why Internet companies have launched light blogging products. In her view, "as entrepreneurial enterprises, DOT net early user accumulation speed will be relatively slow, but the user characteristics are obvious, are higher income white-collar workers, the value of a large user." "Wang Yulin is more optimistic about the portal's light blog products, he believes that the portal's lightweight blog users to import faster, users accumulate quickly, and this is why Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo can be successful reasons."  In his view, the new social product of light blogging has a high degree of Phoenix with the original user base. But for the original users of the portal site can be converted into new products, Sougins reservations, she believes that users can be transferred to the light blog, the key to see whether it can solve the user's actual needs. "Light Blog is a similar SNS platform, can fire up to see popularity." Which platform is more fresh content, have friends to interact with you, then you will move to which platform. If the product is not popular, even if the portal itself has a large number of users, it is difficult to transfer to the new product. Addition, she believes that the portal launched a light blog is only the extension of the website service function, will not become its mainstream products, so the short-term difficult to the light blog market has a great impact. Talk about the profitability of the industry are very early on the profit issue, light blog does not have a clear route, the site is still in the exploration.  The current mainstream exploration model is advertising, boutique content ordering and E-commerce. In Sougins's view, the most need to solve the problem of Light blog is: "The site just started with a breakdown of users, their needs are concentrated in the segmentation area." However, when the number of users increased, how to retain the various segments of users, how to expand the user's problem is very important.  "She thinks the economic value of a user is" not very big "if it is focused on a narrow niche for a long time. "Over the next 4 years, the network plans to burn another 100 million dollars to nurture the user base and then consider the issue of profitability." "In Dot dot net Xu Chang view, only" do industry first have meat to eat.  Recently, Xu Chang began to silence, no longer accept various interviews to publicize the idea of light blog, but said that hope to do a low-key product-he began to feel the pressure of competition.  Wang Yulin said Phoenix Express is not anxious to profit, this is because "the Phoenix brand has a strong persuasive to advertisers, can be at any time to cash flow", on the other hand, he did not want to prematurely because of commercial damage to the fast Bo atmosphere. "Now is still the stage of accumulating users, talk about the profit model is indeed premature."  "Sougins think, now a lot of research on the profit model is a gimmick, not on the basis of objective reality to talk about profitability," the profit model may have a lot, but it needs to build a platform of light blog, and then see which profit model with your platform will be better combined. Group buying site a year between the blue Sea and the Red Sea, has now let a lot of investors deterred; after Sina micro broad hot, all kinds of related Internet enterprises have configured related products, the market competition quickly white-hot.  Will the future be the same as the light blog, which is far from profitable? "The Future Light blog will be and Weibo, blog coexistence." "Sougins does not think that the light blog will replace the existing SNS product form, because" they meet the different needs of users. She believes there will be a Big Mac-style Web site in the future and that other homes will compete in the vertical arena. Nevertheless, who will be the first in the field of light blogging? The battle will still be brutal.
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