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Recently, in 2013 CCTV Financial Forum, hosted by CCTV financial Channel, the 14th annual Chinese Economic Figures awards ceremony, Millet company chairman and CEO Lei in dispatch interview, said, now many companies began to learn millet, this is experienced three stages: the first stage is called despise. The second stage is called ignorance. The third stage is to learn not to. Despise is the first stage; don't understand is the second stage, such as Millet mobile phone is very powerful they found that do not understand, and he read and found that learning will not, this is a year ago we peer anxiety disorder. Although Lei is very humble in many ways, he is very confident about the company's core competencies. In this interview, Lei the company's business model of the complete elaboration. The following is a transcript of the interview: Dispatch: We know that the market response of Millet mobile phone and millet TV is very good, there are comments that we do not have some of the marketing of hunger, how do you think about this problem? Lei: This problem is always accompanied by the growing process of millet was scolded very miserable problem. I have explained it countless times, but I particularly want you to help me explain this problem today. First, the millet so far, the product released how long, we still have the concept? Our products were listed at the end of October the year before, and now this product has been listed only 26 months, 2 years 2 months. From the first month we sold a total of 10,000 units, this month is expected to more than 3 million mobile phones, doubled 300 times times, this month's turnover is expected to break through 5 billion yuan, one months. If 3 million mobile phones we still do not rob, we continue to work, but really is not our problem, that is, 10,000 units as a hunger marketing, there is hunger marketing to engage in 300多万只 more than 5 billion marketing amount? Millet has the opportunity to break through 30 billion this year, 99.99% of the grasp of the breakthrough 30 billion. I remember at the beginning of this year was forced by everyone, I said that, last year we did 7.29 million, and today I would like to swear to Chairman Mao I must do 15 million, is a person in the General Assembly when many people scold me, I said I promise to do 15 million, I think we have about 19 million this year, We 700多万只 last year, we said that at least one times this year, double at least 1400多万只 doubled, I assure them, I said I promise to do 15 million, I told Chairman Mao, on the steps of the Great Hall, I said I promise to do 15 million, This year's report card must soon be announced, perhaps 19 million up and down, this is my special talk to you. Millet growing faster than everyone can imagine, in fact, it is constantly breaking through the limits of the growth of enterprises, but the growth of enterprises is limited. You want 26 months time inside, from 10,000 to more than 3 million is what concept, it in the rapid growth, I think we give millet two years time, complain may be reduced. On the other hand, millet has been in the pursuit of doing the most top products, the most honest price, it may be a perpetual contradiction,We just made a mobile power supply for millet, was robbed crazy, we all Rob crazy, we say how both mobile power to queue, the demand is really more than everyone imagined, this I have no way to say, I strive for the first quarter to supply more than 10 million, is the mobile power this aspect. I think we should turn to the other way, with millet, domestic product quality greatly improved, the price down a large chunk, we are learning millet, the ultimate consumer is to benefit, you may not buy millet, but you buy other, the same good domestic products, the same cheap domestic products, this is not everyone's benefit. I believe that millet brought the internet to subvert the traditional industry model, should be in the mobile phone industry has been validated, and the entire mobile phone industry are learning millet, this year spent several wind learning millet. Dispatch: What do you think is your biggest challenge in the future? Because a lot of great companies end up with a bubble or something, you think the rapid growth and brilliance of millet now ... Lei: We have summed up as long as the persistence of three points can be sustained: first, always make users scream products, can not be done is that we become mediocre. Second, he bought after he would like to be willing to help Millet to recommend to friends, so millet rice is a nest of a nest, there is a rice noodles, can soon have 10 rice noodles, a spark can start a prairie fire, this is my original attempt Word-of-mouth marketing. I can convince consumers that consumers are willing to recommend to their friends willingly. I received a screenshot from a reporter yesterday. His friend said to him red rice good, good to incomparable degree, he said with 100 points to describe red meter is not enough, he said if 100 points, he said that red Rice to his feelings than 100 points still higher, this is his friend forwarded to me. My experience is the second, is not only sold to users for a moment to let users scream, more importantly, users feel good, willing to recommend, this is our second to insist. Third, adhere to entrepreneurial mentality, and then pay attention to restrain greed. Every time we talk about it, we repeatedly ask ourselves whether we must stick to it and whether we can not do it. So you say some of the great companies are mediocre today, even bankrupt, I think the core problem is not extreme enough, then do things too much, and then face the change when not follow. In fact this step mobile phone company's revolution is because the mobile internet has come, they have not followed, smartphones and mobile internet came, they did not keep up. Dispatch: You just said a lot of people imitate millet, we also know that there are really a lot of companies to imitate millet. Including the television field also has, we know that some companies are also the impact of a very large, but in the end seems to be silent, why did you learn millet or not up? Lei: Do not call imitation, they call to learn millet, also comment on a few learn millet pacesetter. A year ago also I saw in an article, we learn Millet is three stages: the first stage is called despise. The second stage is called ignorance. The third stage is to learn not to. It was last yearEveryone summed up the three stages, the beginning of everyone think that millet is nonsense, Hu toss, speculation. There are also two hats on our heads, just the two words we talked about, a hunger marketing, a futures, invented two words on our heads. Look down is the first stage, do not understand is the second stage, and so you are very powerful he can not understand the development, and so he read and found that learning will not, this is a year ago we peer anxiety disorder. I think the core of millet is difficult to learn is that the first thing is Internet thinking, is millet is using internet thinking to do traditional industries, his essence to learn is not millet, is the internet thought, to change the DNA, change the concept, in order to facilitate everyone to understand what is called Internet thinking, in fact, I began 5 years ago to speak seven words absolutely: focus, extreme, Word-of-mouth, quick. What do you mean, focus? I used to be a fan, I use more than 70 mobile phones, not to buy more than 70, is used over 70 mobile phones, each cell phone has been used for more than one months, I recall that day, a lot of models I can not remember, the name is English, there are numbers, first to engage in an English name, plus a number, English, and then add the number, really can't remember. I said I as a universal consumer, you buy this product you can not remember, I started from the iphone, we finally have self-confidence, because remember the model. Do not believe casually ask you a mobile phone, you can remember the model is really not much, you said you take the phone name, is the complete name, you may be difficult to remember to live. is not Samsung's Galaxy S4, hard to remember, very complicated name. Of course it has simplified the name, the original name is four digits, five digits of the record, this is really a test IQ and number of one thing. This is a traditional industry, not focus, do at least 50 a year, 100 models, you do so many models of ordinary people can not remember, this product just listed will be under the rack, all day Hu toss, I think millet came in to adhere to this principle, a year can not only send a paragraph, send a high-end millet mobile phone, send a rating cell phone, Is the Thousand Yuan machine--red rice, the end, it is called Red rice, we did not engage in a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, focus. Because big mobile phone companies do 50-100 mobile phones every year, big TV companies do 100 TV, we do a TV. Today, a CCTV host asked me, "Do you have a bigger TV than 47 inches?" I said our family didn't. He said when does your family make bigger TV? I said sorry, I don't do, no users. We only do 47 inches. Today we are not in the capacity of the time, we only do a crowd, is the rice noodles crowd. What is a typical rice noodle? is a typical 20-year-old-30-year-old, a tech man, a young man. Of course, it takes a leader's decision to buy a TV, so we do it in color, and what we do is to cater to the needs of our leaders, and their family leaders can support the purchase of Millet TV. So we have to describe the customer, after their purchasing capacity is how much their home, how big their bedrooms, living room has moreBig, we calculate, 47 inch is they bought is a very big TV, many people still tell me is not too big. I said when you saw the Millet TV, you will not feel big, because we use the super narrow edge, it is equivalent to the original 42 inches of volume, it just put in the original 42-inch TV cabinet, is suitable, because it is very narrow edge, this is my idea of design products. I don't want everyone to use mine. I also positioned, I can put the rice noodles need to get the ultimate, and only one model, more models, you think, the country so many warehouses, spare parts, maintenance, inventory, the most painful is inventory, you can not. We only have a TV, anyway, the national six central warehousing, directly to the user hand, the simplest, so we pursue extremely focused. The second is the ultimate, there may be a lot of the market on our criticism, no relationship, anyway I have done my ability to the extreme, I would like to admit that my ability is not, but I do not want to admit that my attitude is not, I have the pursuit of the ultimate attitude. The third word of mouth, this is also difficult to understand the traditional industry, this how to allow users to mouth the mouth, the results of the people have it vulgar into word-of-mouth marketing, or social media marketing, but it is not the essence of marketing. We think the best product is marketing, products can talk, a lot of learning millet marketing, how do not learn millet to do product attitude? The best product is marketing, in fact, you do not have to do marketing, you have done the product, everyone can give you spread out. The fourth is that you reflect faster. I've said this many times. I think the first thing to learn millet Internet thinking, the first thing to learn is not millet itself, is represented by millet, or the idea of advocating the internet to change the traditional industry, I think you just understand the Internet thinking, you learn the speed of millet will be much faster. Because the other is how to do the hardware well, how to do the software well, how to do a good job, we this as long as there is time, investment can be improved. But if you do not understand the Internet thinking, you learn a half-day is not easy to learn. Dispatch: I would like to ask, you buy a lot of such a large e-book platform, will be similar to the introduction of E-books products? Lei: I think more to look at advocacy on the Internet competition for reading, it is a book a book to do, like a real book, lined up beautifully. The price of a second book is in agreement with the author, the publisher, such a pattern should not be much, just beginning, I still believe that fine reading is a future direction, because the Internet spread a variety of pirated electronic version of the book, relative typesetting are messy, and the future of reading, because the book is now a map, printed very beautiful, If only words, actually read up also feel bad, so we are doing fine typesetting quality reading. Will do e-books, in fact, I like to use e-books, because it does not hurt the eyes, the question is whether consumers would like to bring a pad and then bring an ebook, I have no confidence in my heart. We can ask on the Internet, how many people would like to bring pad with the mobile phone, and then with pad, but also with a powerSophistic, I am. But the average person is not, too troublesome. I bring e-books mainly on the plane, travel time to read novels, because there are few things on the plane, but the average consumer, I feel willing to bring a few devices, he was all the mobile phone, pad replaced. Dispatch: Mainly in the quality of reading this piece, not necessarily the introduction of a similar ebook products, is it? Lei: I hesitate, basically there is no plan, because we emphasize to do less, is to do a few things, unless I firmly believe that there are 10 million people say millet you must do ebook, and then the ebook to us how much help, I think there are 10 million of users I will do. Original title: Xiao Mirejun: Millet mobile phone non-hunger marketing a lot of people learn is not to learn
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