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All people are anchors, everything can be live streaming

The new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic disrupted our lives. Offline stores, restaurants, and entertainment activities all seemed to press the "pause button", and "live streaming" helped us open the window of communication with the outside world, as if overnight. All the people are anchors, and everything can be live streaming.

1. "Live +" mode helps enterprises to resume "cloud"

During the epidemic, the retail and service industries that rely on offline customers were helpless and had to change their minds to save themselves. For example, Intime Department Store allows shopping guides to open Taobao live streaming at home, with vivid language and physical display, which brings both a sense of engagement and affinity, making people seem to be immersive. At the same time, consumers can ask questions at any time, the anchor can answer their questions in real time, interact with them, and bring consumers an interesting and warm consumer experience.

Online live streaming not only changed the sales channel, but also allowed the entire enterprise to act, and the company president came to the front line. This not only helps the company to manage and boost confidence, but also narrows the distance between the company and customers, enhances customer trust, improves brand influence, and gathers consumer sentiment.

On the one hand, the retail industry "cloud selling" is hot, and on the other hand, the service industry "cloud business" is also lively.

For example, in the catering industry, Xibei, Xiaolongkan, and Meizhou Dongpo launched the "Chef Live Streaming", interacting with netizens while cooking, and preparing meals suitable for consumers' tastes. Xiaolongkan livestreamed for about ten minutes and sold tens of thousands of self-heating hot pots, with sales up 1200% year-on-year.

Online live streaming has also become a window for the service industry to connect consumers, allowing consumers to witness the restaurant's back kitchen, and to show consumers a detailed and thoughtful service process, making them more at ease.

Moreover, online live streaming has surpassed the purpose of direct "carrying goods", it can be combined with education, news, entertainment and other industry scenes, and integrate into all aspects of our lives.

During the epidemic, a professional doctor will explain to you how to protect yourself. Journalists will broadcast the latest epidemic situation to you in real time to ease the tension and anxiety during the epidemic. Fitness coaches and chefs teach you to master more life skills, stimulate everyone's love for life, and make our life more fulfilling and interesting.

Since February, more than 100 occupations have appeared on Taobao Live. "Cloud work" such as cloud selling houses, cloud selling cars, cloud supermarkets, cloud museums, etc. are gradually becoming popular.

Although it cannot fully cover all the business losses of the enterprise, it also promotes "cloud popularity", helps the enterprise target customers, and converts these audiences into users through multi-channel sales paths, alleviating the business pressure of the enterprise.

The most important thing is that the live streaming makes us static life activities, let the rigid picture come alive, adding a different color and fun to our lives.

2. Live broadcast platform competes for 100 billion market

At the same time as the "national live broadcast" is hot, the competition on the live broadcast platform is also fiercer. During the epidemic, live broadcast platforms such as Taobao live broadcast, JD live broadcast, Douyin, Kuaishou, Huya, and Tencent applets fell in love with each other and were very lively.

On March 21st, Taobao launched its first live shopping festival for 7 consecutive days. This is the "Double 11" exclusive Taobao live broadcast. According to data released by Taobao, the number of new live broadcast businesses on the platform increased by 719% in February this year, and about 30,000 new live streaming businesses are stationed every day.

Taobao live broadcast relies on Ali's innate e-commerce ecosystem. The platform itself has a large number of commodities, powerful content resources, and has a natural advantage in live broadcasts. In addition to perfect business infrastructure and multiple fan operation methods, Taobao is Currently the fastest growing e-commerce live broadcast platform.

According to the data of AiMedia Consulting, the top five live broadcast platform rankings commonly used by respondents were Taobao,, Douyin, Xiaohongshu and Kuaishou, with the ratios of 48.18%, 47.45%, 32.85% and 22.63% respectively. And 18.98%.

Statistics of TOP5, a popular live streaming platform for Chinese live streaming e-commerce users in 2019-2020

According to this data, head e-commerce companies such as Taobao are still the mainstream platforms for live broadcast e-commerce, while live broadcast platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou also occupy a place in the live broadcast e-commerce market. Among them, Kuaishou held nearly 200 epidemic live streaming at the early stage of the epidemic, which was watched by more than 1 billion people.

Douyin and Kuaishou mainly realize the live streaming e-commerce through the content traffic distribution mode. Quickly dig into the sinking market, pay more attention to maintaining private domain traffic, and realize the live streaming of goods through the economic value of fans. Douyin mainly obtains revenue through merchants advertising rather than directly bringing goods.

But they all face a common problem, and they need to rely on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao,, Pinduoduo, etc. to build their own monetization closed loop.

However, fast-handed and vibrato with short videos as the main hit, the boundaries of their live broadcasts are being continuously expanded, not only live broadcast e-commerce, but also live streaming teaching, live broadcast fitness, eating broadcast, etc. have become mainstream trends.

The traffic and duration acquired through multiple content forms make Douyin and Kuaishou live broadcasts quickly “out of the circle”. At present, the live broadcast services of Douyin and Kuaishou have occupied nearly half of the market share of the live broadcast industry.

And this epidemic has made more people see the market opportunities in the live broadcast industry, and this industry has huge market space. According to data from iMedia Consulting, the number of users in China's online live streaming industry reached 504 million in 2019, with a growth rate of 10.6%. It is expected that the number of users in 2020 will reach 526 million, a year-on-year increase of 4.38%.

The total scale of China's live broadcast e-commerce industry reached 433.8 billion yuan in 2019, and the market size is expected to exceed 900 billion yuan in 2020. The market volume of nearly trillions, and the market potential released by current opportunities, will definitely attract more live broadcast platforms to accelerate the layout.

Statistics and growth forecast of users in China's online live streaming industry from 2016 to 2020

2017-2020 China Live E-commerce Industry Market Scale Statistics and Growth Forecast

3. Can the "live broadcast +" new model become mainstream

However, as the epidemic is effectively controlled, life must always return to the right track, the mall still has to welcome guests to the door, and restaurants still have dine-in demand. So, the live broadcast in the epidemic will become the mainstream trend in the future, or will it be a flash in the pan?

It is true that the boom of this live broadcast craze has a lot of accidental ingredients, but it also makes companies realize the importance and advantages of online live streaming. On the one hand, in the Internet era, with the improvement of technology and the transformation of user behavior, digital transformation such as online live broadcast is bound to be the future trend. The epidemic is just a catalyst, allowing the potential demand in the market to break out in advance.

On the other hand, the advantages of low cost and high efficiency of online live broadcast marketing have indeed given the company a sweet spot. In the past, online customer service was all one-to-one, and it can achieve one-to-many, saving a lot of labor costs.

At the same time, through lively, interesting and interactive online marketing mode, it enhances his trust, enhances customer stickiness, and locks in target customers, and realizes diversion and drainage for offline physical stores, which greatly improves the promotion efficiency. And, through online interactive communication, consumers have a preliminary understanding of the product, thereby improving sales efficiency.

In addition, through this epidemic, people will know more about the live broadcast industry. Its unique experience and deeper popularity will make people trust and depend on it, and it may gradually become a consumption habit and lifestyle.

The live broadcast of "what you see is what you get", through online detonation, leads to diversion, and then generates impulsive consumption through barrage and two-way interaction. Regardless of whether the live broadcast will continue after the epidemic, this digital marketing method can still be tried and explored.

4. Reshape the e-commerce model and integrate live broadcasting into various business activities

With the development of the industry and the blessing of technology, live broadcast is constantly breaking the existing communication mode, constantly iterating and evolving, breaking circles and crossing borders. Live broadcast is being given new connotations and creating new commercial value.

On the one hand, it is to subvert and reshape the traditional e-commerce model. For example, the e-commerce platform of Taobao has not changed fundamentally in the consumption scene in the past 20 years.

With the help of the epidemic, the prosperity of the live broadcast + e-commerce model has brought the sales of more enterprises in the industry into the live broadcast ecosystem.

In the future, the business model of the e-commerce platform will change with the consumption scenario, and its focus will shift, and the e-commerce ecosystem will inevitably produce more chemical reaction results.

On the other hand, it is the evolution and evolution of the live broadcast industry. In the past, pan-entertainment, that is, the content of the industry mainly based on entertainment, games and other live broadcasts, will be further upgraded and expanded to incorporate more commercial activities.

The emergence of these activities in the live broadcast room will not only reshape the live broadcast scene and content of the live broadcast industry, but will also change the user base and growth model of the existing live broadcast industry. For the entire live broadcast industry ecosystem, it is no less than a fundamental transformation upgrade.

On the whole, as richer content and diversified forms continue to realize the evolution and breakthrough of its value, the future "live broadcast" may explode with greater power.
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