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May 9, rain forest wind its development focus of 915 mobile phone network suddenly closed, domain name Jump 114la website. And the owner of the domain name quietly overlapping, transfer to the Guangzhou web game operator 91wan, and the domain name transaction amount to millions of dollars.

915 Mobile phone network is May 18, 2010 officially online, has just been on-line for one year. So hurriedly closed the station, and the domain name quietly transfer, can not help but feel the incomparable bleak. Obviously in the rain forest Wind heart, 915.com domain name can sell millions of dollars in order to be a good profit, not as the 10 publicity as the development focus of the launch. From this point of view the rain forest wind is not optimistic about this new business.

915 the core of mobile phone network is the web site of Business-to-consumer e-business. Determined to play a set Amoy number, information, mall in one of the "content + commodity" electronic mall. Designed to provide domestic mobile phone users with a full range of network information and business services. But now it seems that the 915 mobile phone network is far from meeting this standard. Back then Rai Park to this station confidence is full, can only say things get people, but also explain the rampant and severity of the electric quotient bubble.

Listing is a big pie

Macaulay, Dangdang, Youku's successive listings. Let the Internet people mistakenly think the electricity business situation is good, so all want to get involved in it, big fishing a pen. Unfortunately, many people in the industry have already said that China's e-commerce in the early days to have a large bubble. The field of electric business continuously launches round after round of "burning money" competition. In the pursuit of investment, e-commerce entrepreneurs. Group buying is the first. The rapid expansion of group buying Network "Hundred Regiment War" rapidly expanded to "thousand Regiment War", the big electricity business enterprise's crazy financing, accelerated the Internet electricity quotient bubble process. Industry insiders predict that this round of China's Internet concept bubble could be dashed after 8 fiscal seasons. "I can only say my own feeling, two years, the internet bubble will be shattered in two year," said Zhang, the portal's giant Sohu boss. ”

China's e-commerce situation presents a high cost, low profit, malicious enclosure, the current situation to smash money in many segments of the electrical business, homogeneity of the increasingly intensified, such as jewelry, home, group purchase and so on. Over the past 2010 years, a number of platform-type business enterprises have opened the price war, is a concentrated outbreak. 2011 is particularly much more regardless of the Beijing-east aggravating, when arrogant or excellent Amazon as cannon fodder, this book price war on the whole industry healthy development is harmful.

A loss to make a yell, can burn money to have the capital continue to play

"For the first time today, I have threatened my team," Liu said on Weibo. I told the Library and audiovisual Department: If you make a penny profit for the company in three years or a net profit of a penny in five years. I'm going to fire your entire department! ". It seems that there is no electricity in the field of the most to burn money, only more can burn money. Want to mix in the electric business field, you have to burn money, light burning still not, still want to burn flourishing. The more you burn, the more the wind will come to patronize you, and ask you to burn his money. Ah, it seems that burning money is also a learning ah.

For E-commerce insights, the boat may be analysis of some one-sided, if not into everyone's discernment, you will be all look at the field comedy. This article by www.173hz.com stationmaster Boat original, reprint please keep this link.

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