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In a chat with a prominent financial media executive last week about the new relationship between media and brand makers, I don't think they will be satisfied with the relationship between advertising costs and the release of a version, a tradition and a simple mode of operation that will be broken in the first place. The media will strive to provide advertisers with more tailor-made value-added services in order to increase the stickiness of services and expand the profit margins of the media. If this is really the direction, the media business model will change subtly, they may not only need "> Advertising Company's cooperation, And more need to work with brand creative institutions like ours.

Here is a recent case to show that new partnerships between media and brand makers are emerging and that changes may be quicker than expected. Domestic media or enterprises need to seize the opportunity to gain a certain competitive advantage.

Sears (Sears, Roebuck & Company), a leading US retailer, recently launched a communications offensive named "reimagine you" to bring more vitality to the veteran retailer, in collaboration with Hearst Media Group.

Sears's recent business situation has been grim, especially as the recent subprime crisis has hit consumer confidence, while other US retailers are scrambling to increase marketing spending to compete for consumers, while Sears's marketing costs have been shrinking, and it has been the Sears ' focus on how to improve the efficiency of its marketing effort.

The campaign, called "reimagine you," covers value-added services ranging from clothing, home appliances, tools and other retail commodities to home repairs and kitchen renovation. The total cost is estimated at between 50 million and 75 million dollars, including television, flat, mail-order catalogs, terminals, e-mail, online video, blogs and web sites and other advertising models. According to a spokesman for the company, he was told to challenge the traditional thinking about the value of retailers. Another feature of this campaign is the desire to challenge the traditional marketing model of buying a version of advertising, so Sears and Hearst Media Group have worked together to develop a set of communication plans for Sears, For example, the Web site and 32 pages of the same name brochure, which was distributed with the distribution channels of 13 of Hearst's magazines and newspapers. Hearst's renowned living media include Cosmopolitan (, o:the Oprah Magazine (, Popular Mechanics ( and Redbook ( Hearst also has city newspapers in several big cities such as Houston and San Francisco.

This is a win-back outcome, on the one hand Hearst can maximize the advertising input from Sears by offering a full range of options. For Sears, for the current media fragmentation of the current situation, through concentrated firepower to build the depth of media cooperation to make their own advertising messages to obtain a unique and effective release.

                                                                                                                                                                                             (written in 2008-03-06)

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