Microsoft expands data Center for $130 million

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February 24 News, according to foreign "> Media reports, Microsoft is investing 130 million of dollars to expand its data center in Dublin and is expected to hire 50 to 70 employees in the next 12 months, providing 400 jobs.

Previously, Microsoft had invested 500 million of dollars in building the Dublin data Center. The data center has been operational since July, providing computing capabilities for European, Middle Eastern and African users. The investment will add 112,000 square feet of 4th generation equipment. The data center fully utilizes wind-cooling equipment throughout the year to reduce energy consumption and reduce Microsoft's carbon footprint. The average power supply efficiency Pue is 1.25 per year during peak energy consumption.

According to Microsoft, the residual energy consumption of equipment 99% will be recycled, and water consumption is equal to 1% of the energy consumption of the same size data center water. Peter Klein, chief financial officer of Microsoft's business sector, said that "the investment will be 50% higher than the traditional data center energy utilization, showing Microsoft's vision for the future." As users reach cloud services such as Office 365, Windows Live, Xbox Live and Bing, Microsoft invests in a regional cloud infrastructure to meet user needs. ”

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said "Ireland will regain its international status with international investment and commerce, and Microsoft has chosen Ireland as the data center to let the Irish Employment Action Plan" be filled with hope. We are acutely aware that cloud computing can transform the government's public sector and promote economic growth. We welcome Microsoft's contribution to Ireland. ”

Barry O ' Leary, chief executive of Ida, also expressed a welcome to Microsoft, saying that "in the past 10 years, Ireland has become a major destination for ICT investment, and I am happy to see Microsoft's long-term economic cooperation with Ireland, and Microsoft's large investment has expressed recognition of Ireland's talented and fruitful business environment." "Recently, Microsoft has once again been rated as the four-year Irish employment best enterprise."

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