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The past 2013 New Year for Microsoft is a annual, innovative strategy is increasingly clear, more exciting products, solutions and services released in succession, and began to enter the Chinese market.

1 16.89 symbiotic co-prosperity with partners

Li Shuyan: Microsoft's 2012 financial year earnings show its performance is above the global average. How do you evaluate the overall performance of Microsoft fiscal year 2012?

Shenwey: The overall performance of Microsoft's fiscal year 2012 is really excellent, and the advantages of marketing and strategic expansion are also very prominent. Microsoft Windows Server, for example, is moving quickly across the market, especially virtualization, which has a lot to do with Microsoft's private cloud architecture and the launch of a new generation of Windows Server and system management software.

Li Shuyan: Microsoft has been closely following China's IT development in recent years. It is said that Microsoft in China to create 1 yuan per income, Microsoft's Cooperative enterprises will create a total of 16.89 yuan revenue. After entering the cloud computing age, will this number change?

Shenwey: Indeed, in China, Microsoft each income 1 yuan, the partner can earn more than 16 yuan. And we are looking forward to the upcoming 2013 fiscal year, when many innovative products and services, including smartphone Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 operating system, more online services, Office365 and Windows Azure cloud operating platform landing in China market , our partners and even the entire ecosystem are in for greater opportunities.

As an example of application development, our Windows Phone has launched the app Mall, and in February we began to promote the mall on the Windows 8 operating system. This is very beneficial to the partners who are doing application development or operation.

First, in terms of paid downloads, Microsoft and its partners are split apart from the traditional 37, Microsoft has added a rule-when the number of applications downloaded or its impact to a certain extent, the proportion will become 28 open, partners profit more.

In addition, we are actively promoting more applications, such as we have just released Windows Phone 8 to support mobile payments based on NFC standards. Microsoft has also launched its own electronic wallet wallet Hub, and will open its interface to allow third parties to apply access.

Support for mobile payment is very important, because players need to buy applications in the application mall, online games with virtual money equipment or upgrades, and so on, the payment link to get through to the developer is a very important guarantee of profitability.

Microsoft supports a variety of third-party payment methods on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to ensure that application developers are not only able to make profits through paid downloads, but also more profitably through advertising.

Li Shuyan: The advent of Windows 8 platforms may provide a platform for partners to bring more opportunities and create greater value.

Shenwey: Yes. Actually, I've been working at Microsoft for 18 years. The reason why I can work in a company for so long is the value of Microsoft's values--Microsoft not only does the technological innovation, but also the new technology to the society, thus driving the whole IT industry to upgrade.

Cloud computing must focus on application

Li Shuyan: Microsoft's strategy is the focus of attention, Microsoft's cloud strategy, what is the difference between Microsoft cloud strategy and other manufacturers?

Shenwey: Microsoft is making a strategic update. We used to think of Microsoft as a software company, and the latest strategy we put forward is that Microsoft is going to be a service provider, providing services and content to end customers, including consumers or enterprise-level users, through clients. On the one hand, Microsoft will be more focused on the software, including tablets, smartphones and other client devices to achieve the ultimate, on the other hand, Microsoft will allow more and better online content and services on the client to vividly show.

When it comes to Microsoft's entire cloud computing program, we do differ from other vendors.

First, Microsoft for cloud computing is not to say not to do, but to do, on the one hand, in the concept, on the one hand, also attaches great importance to practice. In cloud practice, Microsoft has been a cloud service provider for more than more than 10 years and has launched a number of cloud services for consumers, such as Bing Search (Bing), Office365, etc. The cloud is supported by more than 100 global data centers that Microsoft built on its own software platform. The experience of more than 10 years of practice is a good way to integrate Microsoft's online products and services.

In the enterprise customer side, in addition to the concept, we have a number of specific products and cases, such as the Chengdu Software Park on the Microsoft Private cloud Platform for pork quality monitoring and traceability management, and Siemens to build Dynamic Data center, efficient integration of Siemens distributed in the software and hardware resources, Secure its intranet business platform stable operation. At the private cloud Products conference held in May this year, we just released two very important products, one for system management software Systems Center 2012 and the other for SQL Server database 2012.

Whether it's a public cloud or a private cloud, one of Microsoft's strengths is its own practice, and the accumulation of these experiences is important.

Second, Microsoft has emphasized that cloud computing should be applied at its core. There are many voices in the industry saying that cloud computing is virtualization, making it possible to build large data centers that provide cloud services. In fact, Microsoft has been emphasizing the importance of applications from the outset.

Whether it is based on the Microsoft private Cloud Chengdu pork traceability or based on the Microsoft Public Cloud of Hong Kong TVB Island beauty pageant, we are talking about cloud applications.

In the case of virtualization technology, for example, the virtualization technology of different vendors is the same, but most important, Microsoft's virtualization is not just across the physical and virtual machine management, not only across the operating system management, but also across the application management. For CIOs, much of IT investment is used for management, upgrades, and patching of applications. and Microsoft this aspect management ability is very outstanding, is to apply as the core.

Third, Microsoft stresses that cloud is not cloud, private cloud or public cloud? Ultimately, it is up to the customer to decide.

We did a simple research, the results show that there are several types of customer requirements: small and medium enterprises are more likely to be public cloud because of their low it capabilities, and large enterprises may be more likely to be private, because IT systems are already powerful and require high levels of customer data or information management.

Even in companies of the same size, the needs of different businesses are different, such as e-mail is more likely to apply to the public cloud, while the internal core of business applications are not suitable for the public cloud, an enterprise may have both public and public cloud. Microsoft has long proposed a hybrid cloud model. In short, all by the customer, Microsoft will give customers more choices.

Moreover, with the trend of it consumerism, the boundaries between consumer applications and business applications are becoming more and more blurred, and cloud computing can largely adapt to this trend and solve the problems.

Li Shuyan: In fact, over the years, many users are still grappling with a problem-why must it be cloud? We see that the pace of cloud computing in China is also accelerating, and even in remote areas there are cloud computing centers springing up. But these cloud-computing centers are no different from traditional data centers. And Microsoft is completely thinking about it from another angle, Microsoft did not emphasize that must be the cloud, but only to say what the customer needs, what kind of application and what kind of technology and product solutions to solve the problem, if the need for cloud cloud, do not need the cloud is not cloud, the problem becomes very simple.

Shenwey: Yes, all problems need to start from the application, see the actual application scenario needs. In fact, the development of local economy, not a city to establish a data center represents High-tech, but also from the perspective of the cloud economy, analysis of its scale economic effects. After calculation, you may find that you have to reach 100,000 servers in order to really in the electricity, hardware purchase, human resources needs and so on to achieve the scale effect, and through a large number of automation to reduce this, so as to achieve higher economic benefits.

If the whole of China needs more than 100 data centers, then it is not necessarily every province, each city has built its own data center, but should have a standardized planning deployment, where the data center should be built, and then use the public cloud services to promote other provinces and cities, so that more focus on application development, Instead of building a data center, you need to actually apply these resources.

In addition, the creation of a data center does not necessarily lead to a lot of job opportunities. In a Microsoft data center, for example, it has a football field, which has about fifty or sixty containers, each container has 500 servers, in such a large data center, there are no more than 6 real full-time responsible people. So big data centers don't necessarily bring a lot of jobs to a city or a province.

But if you look at the application, the situation is very different. Cloud based applications, if expanded, set up an application service ecosystem, application developers, operators, content providers, defenders ... Jobs will flood.

Li Shuyan: With the strong support of the national and local governments, our infrastructure construction has reached a high level and laid the foundation for cloud computing development. But for many business users, they are thinking about how far away cloud computing is in the end? Isn't it expensive?

Shenwey: I actually think cloud computing is everywhere. Take Microsoft's cloud storage SkyDrive as an example, the applicant each has free 7GB cloud space to do documents, photos and so on storage, I use every day. In addition, video telephony, e-mail these are already cloud services, cloud services are everywhere.

Li Shuyan: Cloud is a big industrial chain, need a very good, very large ecological environment, no one enterprise completely own, Microsoft in cloud computing and partner strategic layout is what?

Shenwey: I think it's multi-faceted. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft's 1:16 ecological chain effect will continue to be maintained, and the way the partnership will be more diversified. For example, in our "Client + Service" strategy behind, in the client Microsoft has a lot of strategic partners, Huawei is we just released the Windows Phone 8 of the earliest cooperation hardware manufacturers. Microsoft has a lot of hardware partners in the design of the entire desktop or tablet computer.

In addition to the hardware partners, we also have application software partners and online service partners, the circle of partners will become larger and bigger. For example, Oriental Airlines was Microsoft's client, but when it started making online bookings and other business, it became Microsoft's application partner.

We have a number of solution partners, especially in new areas, such as private cloud, automation of data center management, and so on, we need a lot of solution partners to better deploy and operation.

In addition, telecom operators are also our partners, because we have to through the telecommunications network to push online services to more consumers and business operations.

Our partner ecosystem is expanding. Referring to ISVs, we call our new partners CSV, a cloud service provider, which includes traditional ISVs, such as Ufida, Kingdee, and new types of CSV, such as Oriental Airlines, China Mobile and other partners. Microsoft's strategy will not change, but more in the partner eco-chain to do more input, training, win-win situation.

Windows 8 Innovation does not follow

Li Shuyan: About Microsoft's mobile strategy, many people are very optimistic about Microsoft, because Microsoft "cloud + End" Both are relatively strong. Windows 8 will soon be released, please introduce Microsoft's strategy and initiatives in the mobile area.

Shenwey: I think in this respect, there are a few core, from the hardware diversification, user experience consistency, the diversity of human-computer interaction will be in Microsoft's "end" has a great effect.

First, from the end point of view, Microsoft advocates the concept of terminal diversity. According to user needs, each person for the end of the demand is different, from smartphones to tablets to desktop PCs to other large-screen terminals, Microsoft will and more partners to do more hardware innovation, to provide users with different options.

Second, Microsoft has to ensure the consistency of user experience on different hardware. Microsoft, when making smartphones, contacted a lot of hardware vendors, asking for screen resolution, camera standards, and so on, to better protect the user's good application experience.

Finally, make more innovations on the interactive interface. For example, the Kinect, it is not the importance of the game to achieve a higher altitude, but the human-computer interaction to achieve a certain degree of nature. The value of Kinect is not only in games, but also in education, health care and so on.

Li Shuyan: Soon after Windows 8 was released, would Microsoft be able to integrate all the products? What are the big strategies for Microsoft?

Shenwey: In recent times, Microsoft News is indeed more, but the big strategy will be attributed to the "client + cloud" above, some traditional products will be released in succession. Let me sum up a little:

First, the Windows desktop operating system is Microsoft's very large product line, and Windows 8 is our major update. Second, our server operating system, Windows Server and online application platform, will play a decisive role in improving the overall infrastructure architecture and online application development. Third, our Office product line, mainly the next generation of Office products plus OFFICE365 products will be landing in China market.

This three-piece product fully embodies Microsoft's "cloud + End" strategy and is looking forward to a series of very heavy products to the Chinese market.

Li Shuyan: Microsoft out of its own tablet computer surface, and the other recent moves have been highly valued, and now many people are very optimistic about Microsoft, and may even challenge Apple, how do you see this?

Shenwey: Microsoft's surface is a combination of work and entertainment, is creative plus consumer products. Microsoft has always been a keen competitor because there is competition for benign industrial innovation. Instead of following the trend, Microsoft wants to stand out. The Metro interface of Windows 8 is a good embodiment, we do not imitate others, instead, we through the concept of "dynamic magnetic paste", without clicking on the application can be displayed in front of the content.

Li Shuyan: Thank you for sharing, and finally, a few words to look forward to Microsoft's new fiscal year.

Shenwey: In the next 12-18 months, Microsoft will have Windows 8, Office365, as well as some online services and online operating platform, such as the Chinese market. We are looking forward to the next fiscal year a lot of innovative products will be able to enter the Chinese market, Microsoft will work with partners, customer service, active market, drive the whole industry development.

Reporter NOTES: the next Microsoft

Some people are very optimistic about Windows 8, because it is the combination of work and entertainment, the convergence of consumer and enterprise-class applications, Metro interface, dynamic magnetic paste, no longer is the application of engineers to the interactive operation, but the old and young, working life two not mistaken, think about it, in the original Windows strong user base, Windows 8 will "explode" into what it looks like.

And just one months ago, Microsoft Global CEO Ballmer the next five technology trends, including machine learning, multiple-form products/user interfaces, core platforms, cloud computing and application innovation. The core platform is windows.

However, at this time Windows is not the previous Windows, and now Microsoft is not Microsoft. Bill Gates has retired, but that does not affect Microsoft's reinvention.

But innovation has always been difficult, especially for the giant companies such as Microsoft, the right strategy, appropriate strategy, firm executive power and timing is indispensable.

Surface, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, believe that in Microsoft's "disorderly flower gradually want to charming eyes" behind the action is a firm innovation and transformation of the heart.

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