Migrating to the clouds, software is reorganizing the world

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Absrtact: Marc Andreessen has predicted that software will devour the world, more and more traditional industries have been involved in the digital revolution, our way of life, social structure has undergone profound changes. Wired columnist Balaji Srinivasan published the article that software is weighing

Marc Andreessen has predicted that "software will devour the world", and more and more traditional industries have been involved in the digital revolution, and our lifestyles and social structure have undergone profound changes. Wired columnist Balaji Srinivasan published the article that software is reorganizing the world we live in and has a profound impact on the social formation.

Migrating to the Clouds

Balaji Srinivasan said in the article, historically, many Europeans faced life's dilemma and chose to emigrate to the Americas. But today, every corner of the globe has been sworn in and no one can repeat history.

As a result, more and more people began to "migrate to the Clouds," which is not just a metaphor, but a real thing. Many people work online every day, entertain, chat, and chat with friends thousands of miles away through High-definition video.

A typical feature of this migration is the separation of geographical boundaries and social radii, where many people can find like-minded people on the internet, but do not know their neighbors.

In fact, new technology is driving this process, machine translation will eliminate language barriers; immersion helmets, implantable devices, and remote robots break the boundaries of time and space, allowing us to communicate with people on the other side of the globe anytime, anywhere. In a way, the future of science and technology should not be based on geographical applications, but to make the position become completely unimportant.

But can everything be movable and portable? How to solve these basic necessities?

First look at the clothes and food, not the future, now people can always use mobile phones to buy these things. By ordering online, restaurants can prepare food accurately without wasting money.

For infrastructure such as housing, it is rumored that a Google-owned subsidiary, Vannevar, is developing a planning tool for professional designers and engineers, as well as advanced analysis and simulation tools. It is believed that in the future, through the public-raised way, people can complete from the community cover maintenance to bridge construction and other projects.

The transportation industry also will face the profound change, in some developed countries, the car ownership growth rate has already begun to slow down, Uber, Lyft and so on namely need to use the car rental way to rise suddenly. With the computerization of aviation infrastructure, the future flight will be more low-carbon, safe, unmanned aerial vehicles will be more and more widely used.

On the whole, if the goods themselves are not electronically, the way we deal with them will be electronic.

The formation of cloud communities

With the advent of the mobile Internet era, migration to the cloud presents a new trend, that is, people are not only in the network communication, from online to offline communication more and more, the idea of the network gathered more and more influence on the real world, and even lead to the reorganization of social organism. For example, dating sites take several years to get two people together, the incubator will take months to prop up a 100-person start-up, and Occupy Wall Street has brought together thousands of people in just one months, and after the Arab Spring, tens of thousands of people have gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square for a short time due to the power of social networking.

Nothing can stop people from converging on the web, someday, we may see a small town in the clouds, a city in the clouds, or even a cloud without a single inch of land. The idea of such a thought is incredible, maybe the Internet can really form a online community, but will it really develop into a new city or a new country?

The reverse migration of cloud communities

When people connect in the cloud community, it's easy to meet online and create a new phenomenon: reverse migration. The people who connect online, their mental models are different from traditional forms, and the communities they build at home and abroad will change the existing system.

Of course, the establishment of the new community will be time-consuming, from the establishment of the first North American stronghold to the formal establishment of the United States for 170 years. In the internet age, it is much quicker to build communities through reverse migration, but it still takes time.

There are different guesses about the shape of this community. Marc Andreessen that there will be a new set of countries in the future; Larry Page believes that a region can be drawn up as a test area through global negotiations; Peter Thiel that a floating city could be built on the high seas; Elon Musk launched a plan to summon volunteers to Mars.

We still don't know what the future will look like, but what we can be sure of is that as the cloud community becomes more solid and more sustainable, it will be more feasible to build a new immigrant country.

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