Ministry of land: 7,661 pieces involving 31,000 acres of illegal land in first quarter

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Xinhua Beijing, May 4, the Ministry of Land and Resources law enforcement supervision Li Jianqin said today, the first quarter, land and resources illegal overall showed a downward trend, but the current land and resources illegal situation is still grim, the national land and resources system will be strictly standardized management, strengthening the law enforcement supervision of land and resources.  The Ministry of Land and Resources today held the "Ministry of Land and resources to oversee illegal cases and 2009 land routine Supervision Bulletin", Li Jianqin at the meeting on the 2010 first quarter of the land and resources of the illegal situation was notified. Li Jianqin said, in the first quarter, the total illegal land and resources is declining trend. The country has found that the illegal use of 7,661 pieces of land, involving 31,000 acres of farmland, of which 10,600 acres of arable land, the year-on-year decline of 13.99%, up 1.01%, down 24.62%, compared to the 2009 four quarter respectively 63.47%, 84.36%, 89.05% To investigate and punish the illegal use of land in the quarter of 2,705 cases, occupy an area of 6645.1 acres of arable land, the year-on-year decline of 19.83%, 8.74%, the case for the investigation of illegal cases of mineral resources 777, up 6.29%; a total of 51 responsible persons in the country were subject to administrative sanctions,  71 persons responsible are subject to disciplinary action and 44 persons liable are subject to criminal punishment. Li Jianqin pointed out that the current illegal situation of land and resources is still grim. First, the emergence of some need to be highly vigilant of the symptoms, tendencies. Statistical data show that the average land area of illegal land has increased, the area of illegal land is rising obviously in some areas, the phenomenon of the proposed and under construction in some areas has risen; from the Ministry of Land and Resources 12336 to receive reports and media reflects the situation, some provinces appear a large number of illegal land single cases of larger reports, Some are verified by initial verification. Second, the supervision of land and resources law enforcement is confronted with new problems and challenges.  Starting with the two quarter, most of the country into the construction season, speeding up the promotion of new rural construction and urbanization, has been approved more than 10 regional development planning into the implementation phase, the illegal rebound pressure to increase, the economic recovery led to higher mineral prices, interest-driven may induce undocumented mining, cross-border mining and other illegal activities. In order to maintain the land and resources management, the national land and resources system will be based on the requirements of "stable growth, adjustment structure, transfer mode", according to the deployment of "protect the development of Red Line project", active service, strict standard management, strengthen the supervision of land and resources law enforcement. First, earnestly carry out the 2009 annual Land Health Law enforcement inspection, strictly in accordance with the implementation of the 15th order of accountability. Second, to increase the 12336 master of the major illegal clues to check and supervise the strength. Third, a high degree of vigilance, the tendency of the problem, dare to adhering, resolutely not batch of "two high capital", overcapacity and duplication of construction projects such as land, serious investigation of illegal use of land, public exposure, listed overseeing major typical cases.
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