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Reading notes, not the contents of the book to do a complete excerpt and invoke, I want to read the content, through their own understanding summed up to share the discussion.
How to understand mobile devices

Mobile devices are relative to non removable devices, and the non mobile devices mentioned here refer not only to computer devices, but also to consoles and even ordinary televisions. There will be a handheld game or a mobile TV, of course, the important thing is that we are all talking about mobile Internet applications can do multi-functional mobile phones.
It also includes a broader range of mobile devices, such as:

1 wearable equipment, the equipment may also be used in military and medical aspects, such as fighter pilots wear interactive information air helmets, such as special forces of digital helmets. Is there any civilian wearable equipment near our life? You can provide me with information. Of course, I'm more confident that Apple will make a civilian entertainment product in this area.

2. The human body inserts the equipment, is also for the research stage, or uses in the medical treatment. Electronic devices will be implanted into the human body, and even connected to the human nerves, can assist people to complete work or memory.

3 RFID, can be understood as a variety of objects to add a can be uniquely identified, can be positioned and send and receive processing of simple data chips. Of course, this is the foundation of the Internet of things.

4 The mobile devices in the vehicle, such as the navigation equipment in the car, because they are placed in the mobile vehicle, so he should also have the characteristics of mobile devices.
In addition, I personally do not agree to put the laptop device to the mobile device, because this device more features do not highlight the features used in mobile.

Therefore, there is a special mobile device interaction design as the research direction, natural mobile devices in the use of human-computer interaction has its characteristics, such as mobile devices more interactive operation is carried out in the mobile, or some inconvenient hands to operate, not very focused on the use of, or some side to do other things to operate, Or some harsh outdoor environment.

In short, as a laptop such devices, its "mobile" is only the location of the device itself movement, in most cases, in the use of the time to put in a fixed position to operate. And now the notebook computer itself has all the characteristics and characteristics of desktop computers.

Now that we're studying the interactive design of mobile devices, to be able to produce interactive mobile devices as the main object of study, the so-called can generate interaction must refer to the human and machine data (or other forms of "data") input, synchronous or asynchronous machine to people have data (or other forms of "data") output, The operational details of this input and output are called interactions, and the interaction is designed primarily to make these devices easier to use and better used.

Interactive design characteristics of mobile devices

The product design of mobile devices also follows the basic features of other interactive products, namely:useful–> usable–> desirable (via choral)

1, usefulness, if a product to the user's value is large enough, then the product itself experience and details can be secondary.

2, usability, can be normal, rapid response, at the same time can adapt to the surrounding environment, coordination of other resources to work.

The book mentions the four basic principles of Norman and Ben Shneiderman eight golden rules, which I understand as follows:

1 high visibility, provide feedback, through the dialogue prompts the task completes, I thought these three have the mutual connection, the high visibility needs to give the user certain feedback and the prompt, informs the user the current system the state and is operable and can operate the scope, but through the dialogue prompts the task completes also belongs to the feedback part.

2 provides a good conceptual model that allows users to quickly reflect in the brain a complete and clear system of the various functions of the organization and the previous relationship. Read "Creating an understandable world"-smelly fish.

3 good mapping and consistency, in addition to the function, design and even the consistency of the text, if it can be consistent with people's living habits or common sense can provide a better experience, such as the iphone touch screen magnification and reduce finger operation (tactile interface), For example, we go to the Shanghai World Expo each national pavilion will get different medals, Foursquare is also designed. Via Sina Weibo. Good mapping refers to the resulting behavior (manipulation) that can be predicted by the psychological or daily knowledge of everyday life (feedback). For example, the auditory interface used in mobile interaction design, tactile interface and attitude interface can provide good mapping for human.

4 provide shortcut keys or define shortcut keys to facilitate the user in the mobile device of this "small and compact" system, quickly exhaled using a function.

5 prevent misoperation and error prompts.

6 provides the ability to undo or terminate a task so that the system responds quickly.

7 Reduce user memory burden, avoid the user memory complex numbers or commands.

3. User Experience

Follow the usability principles for design, product form itself is easy to understand, the process is simple, there will be a good user experience, such as mobile devices in the product (application) of the model-sms short message. In addition to meeting the useful, usable, the logic of this application is very simple, through the way of writing to keep in touch with others, and the price is low, with privacy, while the text expression more than direct language expression has more rich expressive.

In general, the user experience is the subjective feeling that people use a useful and usable product throughout the process, and that products that can be used and developed in a sustainable way will have a good user experience.

Third, technology-centric or user-centric

Whether it's a desktop product or a product in a mobile device, we have all along used or advocated the use of user-centric approach to design products, that is, starting with the user, and the technology-centric approach is to take advantage of new technologies to bring users a new experience and fun, can not meet the needs of the beginning, But this new technology can be found to meet the needs of some users, and return to the user-centric path. For example, touch screen technology, such as gravitational induction technology, the discovery of these new technologies may not be due to the user-centric drive to promote product progress, may be the product of other disciplines research, the beginning is not applied to mobile devices. But we can finally find that with touch-screen technology, you can get rid of the blunt physical buttons and can be more accurate and flexible to operate the opponent. With gravitational induction, more new applications and games can be developed that conform to the consistency of life.
So technology-centric and user-centric are not the two opposite directions.

Iv. migrating from desktop to palm

For products that are already mature on the desktop or have a sticky user relationship, migrating to the mobile device side is a continuation of a cross terminal and a way to further expand the product market, whether it's a WAP site over the past few years or, in recent years, extending its desktop-side products through a variety of platform clients, Will follow these principles:

1, compression

The screen size is clearly the biggest difference, and typically, a 3.5-inch screen is large enough for a handheld device, but still less than the screen size of a 10-inch netbook. (For the ipad, you do not have to strictly adhere to the handheld device interaction design principles, as long as the touch screen to consider some of the characteristics of interactive design can be.) Via Sina Weibo

1 review current on the desktop side of the product, remove all unnecessary, you can remove the products do not affect the core functions and processes of controls.

2 Shorten copy, such as menu commands, and text that can be replaced by symbols, such as "&" instead of "and"

3 Reduce the pop-up window, especially the pop-up above and then pop that on the desktop side is very bad experience.

4 The main menu in one interface is reduced to 1, the menu item is reduced to I not more than 8, to reduce the memory burden.

2, the use of mobile equipment their own standards and norms

Replace the desktop side with mobile device standard components and controls for better design adaptability and performance compatibility, such as the iphone's cocoa touch, while Android and Symbian even MTK have standard controls that provide this interface level.

3, user-friendly in the "mobile" use

1 All operations must be able to complete a single hand.

2 different cues can be changed through different environments, such as vibration and screen flicker.

3 The location of the delete operation is usually the last one in the menu item, or there is a special separation and hint to prevent misoperation.

4 in a process interface, there are about 2 soft keys, you can go to the menu, or return, or undo the operation, or allow users to customize the function.

To be continued, but I do not know when I will have time to continue. Thank you

Oh, finally forgot to introduce this book, see: http://book.douban.com/subject/3021037/

Source: http://pcuseman.com/?p=162

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