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This reporter Lin Jongwei 2013 mobile operating system market still maintain Google Android and Apple iOS two strong monopoly pattern, but the slight change is that the monopoly of Android is deepened, and Apple's market share has declined, This is mainly because Low-cost Andro are being welcomed by more and more users and Apple has failed to make a bigger breakthrough on the iphone. In the two strong, especially in the monopoly of Android, other niche operating systems, the survival of the situation is worrying, Microsoft WP market share has been maintained in single-digit digits. However, with Microsoft in 2013 to acquire the Nokia equipment and services sector and the unification of the three operating systems of the two major steps to pave and implement, 2014 this situation may be changed, WP is expected to grow rapidly, even in the further future to break the monopoly pattern. 2013 Mobile OS market: Android is up, iOS is down although Apple and Android are still the dominant in the mobile OS, there has been a subtle change between the two, and the monopoly of Android's operating system has deepened. Look at a group of data: In the first quarter of 2013, the market share of the two major mobile operating systems was Android 68.8%, IOS 18.8%, and in the third quarter the data were 81.3% and 13.4% respectively. The Android system has a deeper monopoly and low prices. The latest data from IDC, the market research firm, showed that global smartphone shipments rose 38.8% per cent in the third quarter, the highest quarterly shipments, with Low-cost Android smartphones becoming the main growth force. "Prices have dropped significantly because of the Low-cost Android solution," analyst Rien Reisse said. This makes China one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the world. "In the domestic, in addition to 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan of equipment, more and more people choose 1000 yuan below the smartphone." Apple's latest iOS 7 operating system, on the other hand, is mixed, as the Apple Global Developers Conference, held at the centre of the Knicks in San Francisco last June, can see the signs. Apple CEO Tim Cook said: "iOS 7 is the biggest change in iOS since the advent of the iphone." It contains a great deal of new features, as well as shocking new user interfaces. "However, the market response is not so good, some fans say that Apple has lost the spirit of innovation, flat design has always been an Android logo, Apple copied rival Google and Microsoft's design style." In fact, Apple's worries about the Chinese market have been running through the year. The iphone now accounts for about 5.8% of China's smartphone market, down 10% from the second quarter of 2012. Although the iphone 5S is hot, 5C sales are only half the 5S, pulling down the overall sales of the new iphone. As a result, it is inevitable that the current Apple iOS will not be able to make a bigger breakthrough on the iphone. The survival of minority systems under the two strong patterns the latest data show that 20In the third quarter of 13, Android accounted for as much as 81% in the global mobile operating system, a record high, and iOS down to 13.4%, meaning that they accounted for 94.4% of the share. While a large number of new entrants have been flocking to the market last year, and some have launched their own handsets, they have not been able to shake the duopoly of Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Samsung's self-developed Tizen system's first product was once a "dystocia". From the beginning of last February, the news of Samsung's launch of the Tizen system with Intel in the second half of the year was buzzing, but has not yet been released. Recently, the latest news that Samsung will be February 23 this year on the MWC on the launch of Tizen system mobile phones. However, some people in the mobile phone industry said that, unlike Android, Apple and Microsoft WP operating system, Tizen system is still not perfect, the entire operating system is not a big impact. In addition, last March, Mozilla finally officially launched the mobile operating system Firefox os;7 month, the development of nearly two years of Firefox OS mobile phones officially open. And so far Molliza Firefox system Smart Machine Market covers the World 13 countries, access to a number of mobile phone manufacturers support, and is hailed as the most capable of challenging mobile recruits. But it's easy to see that the Firefox OS's backers are at best a second tier in the Android camp, which is clearly not that optimistic for the Firefox OS. In addition to Samsung's Tizen system, Firefox OS, the market, such as Aliyun OS, Hammer OS, sailfish and other systems are not outdone. It can be said that the mobile operating system in the field of melee, but in terms of market share, these mobile phone operating systems are at best thunder the rain is small. Industry insiders said that in the short term, the small-format operating system is still difficult to shake the overall pattern, to gain a firm footing is difficult. 2014 WP is expected to grow rapidly to talk about 2013 years the biggest mobile phone system is Microsoft's Windows Phone. While the market share of Windows phone has remained in single-digit digits over the past year. However, with the groundwork and implementation of Microsoft's two initiatives, the 2014 situation may change. Microsoft announced its acquisition of Nokia Equipment and services in early September after defeating BlackBerry OS as the third-largest mobile operating system after Android and iOS early last March. The intention of this move is obvious, 2012 Microsoft proposed "Hardware + Service" New strategy has been towards this goal, the introduction of surface is one of the steps, and the acquisition further pave the way for software and hardware integration, accelerate its own in the mobile OS market expansion pace. In addition, Microsoft last year is accelerating the integration of its three major operating systems. Microsoft Equipment Director Zhu Li Larsen-Green (Julie LArson-green has strongly hinted that Microsoft will eventually merge Windows RT, Windows 8 and Windows Phone's three core systems, possibly with only one version of Windows in the future. The analysis believes that because WIN8 has a compatible feature on the mobile and PC side, if Windows can finally achieve independence, then Microsoft PC users will gradually migrate to the mobile end or make Windows Phone a duck in the steam, you know, the current Microsoft's operating system, especially windows The unclear location of RT leads to the lean phenomenon in the whole sales market. and the integration of operating system platform is Microsoft to diversify content and element exploration, this step in 2014 how will implement will be a very big aspect. With the current Android system being accused of getting into a bottleneck, and iOS becoming less innovative, a series of moves to consolidate Microsoft last year are expected to emerge this year, and Windows phone may be able to accelerate the break in Single-digit market share and even challenge Android and Apple further in the future.
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