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MongoDB and Cloudera, respectively, are heavyweight companies in the NoSQL and Hadoop markets. Recently, two companies have proposed to share marketing and sales channels, claiming that there is only one purpose: to provide customers with large data solutions to eliminate customer concerns.

MongoDB is a successful database supplier in the NoSQL market, and Cloudera is also a leading company in the Hadoop market, and two companies recognize that customers are still confused about big data, and if they can remove these concerns and provide customers with a holistic solution, For the future development of two companies are extremely advantageous.

The two companies announced alliances in Tuesday, they are committed to building deeper partnerships, as part of a partnership, MongoDB and Cloudera will integrate their products into marketing and sales, creating complementary effects on large data technologies, simply MongoDB will be positioned as an operational database for highly scalable applications, and Cloudera Enterprise data center based on Hadoop will be used as an analysis platform.

MATT,MONGODB Vice President, responsible for MongoDB market, business development and corporate strategy. In a telephone interview, he told us: "At last year's strata meeting, I said that the MongoDB database and the Hadoop platform should be combined, and I realized that MongoDB needed to make some strategic changes." At the time, many people didn't understand that MongoDB and Hadoop were rivals. ”

"You may find it easy to distinguish between NoSQL and Hadoop, and those who do not know how to use NoSQL and Hadoop properly should do more research, but in fact," said Yuri Bukhan,cloudera, head of the ISV Alliance project. There are really a lot of gray areas between these two platforms, such as: HBase, in fact HBase is the NoSQL database in Hadoop, but HBase is better suited to a very large but relatively simple use case, and MongoDB supports more complex data modeling. ”

Bukhan Quotes Online Behavioral analysis to compare the different roles played by HBase and MongoDB and the different roles they play. "For example, when you're studying a simple user click or conversation, HBase can provide very fast random reads and writes, you can search for users based on specific key values, and MongoDB can provide you with a richer model that allows you to track the behavior of users throughout the online application. ”

Currently, MongoDB and Cloudera already have two-way data connections, but from Asay and Bukhan, two companies are preparing to integrate MongoDB and Hadoop better, This real-time operational data utilizes MongoDB to create snapshots in the Couldera data Center for parallel analysis. Such analysis is close to real time, passed back to MongoDB through the shark Framework or Impala, and then triggers the presentation of personalized content or produces a most appropriate product based on Hadoop analysis.

The integrated product, which is expected to be exhibited in MongoDB World in New York in June, will run on yarn, with Hadoop 2.0 introduced into the new resource management layer. It was hard to imagine that MongoDB and Cloudera would run on the same server cluster, when many people feared MongoDB and Cloudera and conflict.

Now that MongoDB and Cloudera have established partnerships, many problems can be resolved, and two successful companies will draw up a large data market map "NoSQL applies to operational databases, Hadoop applies to analytics". Some people will ask: why Choose Cloudera instead of the entire Hadoop community?

"This is one of the benefits of open source, where technology is constantly being updated and evolving, and many of our technologies are highly adaptable and open, so other Hadoop vendors can use these technologies," Asay said. ”

Other NoSQL suppliers, such as DataStax, failed to draw a clear line between NoSQL and Hadoop. For example, DataStax's software release, which includes both Cassandra's NoSQL database and Hadoop, runs together on the same cluster, and DataStax and other highly scalable database vendors have been busy strengthening and peddling their database analysis and query performance.

According to Asay, MongoDB and Cloudera jointly sell software, and they combine their sales capabilities to provide the best and the most consistent support for their products. After a while, the situation in the big data market may become more complicated than it is now, but with the infusion of large risk capital, MongoDB and Cloudera are confident of conquering the big data market in the future.

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