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Le visual network homemade drama "Pmam" still the development of the network homemade drama, from the past to resist the lethal impact of high copyright prices to take the "clever" a trick, evolved to support the different video site development and brand positioning of the important force. With the more and more extensive selection of the theme of Internet drama, the more and more the broadcast, the unique network broadcast mode and broadcast way gradually become the path of its development. Correspondingly, the network of homemade drama packaging also needs all-round and three-dimensional. Large data analysis is undoubtedly one of the most prominent advantages of the internet, almost all video sites have conducted a network of homemade drama research data and user analysis, which with the introduction of the "Lok-vision lunch-making theater" the most features and advantages. It is updated every Monday to Friday noon 12:00, the use of lunch debris time, fully meet the needs of white-collar people's midday drama. Since I was pregnant with your child, the industry's peak data, which broke through 360 million in total playback, was successfully completed at the "le-video lunch-making theatre", le Visual network of a number of homemade dramas such as "My Name Kang Congming", "The Tang Dynasty Good Man", as well as the hit "Across the sea drama" "Pmam" and so on landed the theater, and achieved good results. "In addition to the present similar to the" music as the midday homemade theater "and other high-end white-collar-oriented differentiated forms, Le Vision Network will also be launched more around the network of homemade drama content launched by the comprehensive arts columns, and strive to make more all-round and three-dimensional drama packaging. "郝舫, the chief producer of the Music network, said," Le Vision Network will not only invite stars to participate in the later publicity, but also through the company's internal resources, a number of departments in full cooperation, the use of micro-bo, micro-letter, APP, APK and other interactive tools, to achieve social media explosion-like publicity, but also binding cloud platform, Gradually create a new set of promotional mode. "Taking the hit of Pmam," for example, le Video network not only in the online press conference invited to the Director, is also Taiwan's famous variety show "Kangxi came" the producer B2 elder brother and actor "hold Live elder sister" Sheilin for the film "endorsement", but also in the late use of the official micro-blog launched a voice interactive game- Answer hold live elder sister ask 5 questions, have opportunity to obtain "Pmam" signature poster. Because of the low threshold of participation in such activities, it is expected that the overall level of participation and dissemination will also be higher. As the homemade drama packaging more all-round and three-dimensional, like the network of homemade drama friends can not only regularly watch such as "music as the midday homemade theater" and other fixed-time exclusive content, but also through phone or pad to receive the latest homemade drama recommended. More domineering, is through such as music TV Super TV, such as intelligent living room terminal, enjoy the great screen to bring the ultimate experience. We have reason to believe that, along with the content and technology innovation, in the near future, video site of the network of homemade drama will bring users a subversive breakthrough.
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