NET buys electronic ticket to be put pigeon passenger sues East airline to get compensation 753 yuan

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The newspaper (Guying) Liang in the Eastern Airlines website spent 1590 yuan to buy the electronic ticket, to the airport check-in procedures were told did not buy tickets, had to spend more than 700 yuan to buy a ticket again. Afterwards, she sued the Eastern Airlines court.  Recently, the city of a Chinese court in the final judgment of the East Airlines compensation Liang loss of 753 yuan. On the evening of March 17, Liang's husband, Mr. Fang, through the official website of Oriental Airlines, booked a round-trip ticket from Beijing to Ningbo in April, with an opportunity for Liang and the use of construction bank cards to pay for the purchase. April 2 8 o'clock in the evening, Liang to the airport check-in, found no information about her purchase tickets, and was told that her ticket has been canceled because of the site. Liang had to buy a round-trip ticket from Beijing to Ningbo, which paid more than 2000 yuan for the purchase. April 21, the Eastern Airlines through the bank will be the original purchase of 1590 yuan in the form of consumption refund to Mr. Fang's account.  After many consultations without fruit, Liang will be the East Airlines court, compensation for loss of 1590 yuan. After investigation, the same day the construction Bank payment information real-time display system fault, failed to collect information timely feedback to Oriental Airlines, the eastern website in half an hour did not get Liang payment information, the system automatically canceled Liang flight reservation.  And Liang's husband click Payment, the system feedback information is blank page "Cannot connect", but he found that the money has been deducted from the bank card, think the success of the booking, there is no more calls to inquire order details. The court believes that Liang in the ticket booking within half an hour after the successful payment, so the two sides of the air transport contract has been effectively established, Eastern airlines have the obligation to liang out of the ticket. Eastern Airlines system did not receive payment information feedback, is due to the entrusted collection of construction Bank payment information feedback system caused by failure, can not be the reason for its exemption. Liang in the absence of information on the success of the booking, failure to fulfill the relevant obligations of care, the resulting expansion of the loss should also be responsible. In summary, the court at the discretion of the East Airlines 70%, compensation for Liang ticket price difference and communication costs, loss of lost money and so on amounted to 753 yuan.
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