NetEase 2014-year strategy-level products, no binding 3D fantasy online games "Oracle"

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This tasting will be the "Oracle" producer "Uncle Bird" Hu Tianlei and the main strategy of the United States to explain the game's creative ideas and product features, and announced that the game will be the first test on April 24. (>> enter NetEase Card issuing center to reserve "Oracle" first Test activation code).


A seamless world of oriental fantasy winds


Breathing Scene "Oracle" seamless World video display

"Oracle" by the popular novel writer Jiangnan to do the world architect, but also the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts professors to join, will be in the first test for the player to bring a equivalent to the reality of the 20 Aegean fantasy game world. Small series also learned in the interview, the current test version, the player in flight status after the "Oracle" map also need nearly one hours.

New tactics herding concept brings a straightforward battle experience

In this tasting, the "Oracle" chief of the Feng mentioned a concept —— "new tactics Pastoral." Based on traditional MMO positioning, the "Oracle" of the profession will adhere to the similar tactics of the "team" of the iron triangle, so that each occupation is valuable, and will not appear the current mainstream action game equipped with a person to crush a copy of the boring. But at the same time, the "Oracle" into a lot of action elements of the setting, so that the player to fight more readily.

The skill set with instant skills will make the overall fighting rhythm faster; the addition of merit, the addition of displacement skills, the integration of control and anti-control skills will make the players more flexible in their battle position. This is the "Oracle" to bring players "new tactics Shepherd."

Adhere to the end of the fine route to do an attitude game

In the "Oracle" media tasting meeting site, NetEase Vice President Wang Yi and the "Oracle" development team invited all media and player representatives to witness the "Oracle" of the commencement ceremony of the plan. Press conference Wang Yi said: "NetEase game has been committed to its own product line of continuous improvement and improvement, adhere to the quality of the end of the route, this year's" Oracle "will be NetEase 2014-year key end products. "You can see that netease this year in the layout of the hands of the tour at the same time, still in the end of the field to maintain a considerable investment."

As for Pangu Development Group, why spend a lot of human and financial resources to achieve a "seamless world", to study the "New Way of herding" this risky new play? "Oracle" producer, also is Pangu Game Studio Director Hu Tianlei in the product"We want to make an attitude game, and we want to be able to resonate with the player and let the technology serve the player, not simply to show off the technology," the panel said. The

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