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In recent years, the concept of cloud computing is a hot one. Cloud computing technology enables IT devices to make the most of it, and IT services are used as water. Cloud computing is used in various fields to promote the emergence of cloud storage products. For individual consumers, there is no need to care about the technology behind the product, and the product does change life.

The early days of the war

Cloud storage products can be custom into a network disk. Consumers can store some personal files, photos and other information in the "cloud", you can use different devices to access the data at any time, but also to prevent the computer hard disk damage caused file loss. Operation is also very simple, only need to register the relevant product account, and the relevant files to the cloud can be, when you want to use the time to download it.

With the rapid development of cloud storage, many network companies have introduced the network Disk service, some old network disk will provide relatively large storage space and faster upload and download speed, but these have been unable to meet the requirements of the network disk now. Now the internet is active relatively fire network disk, for example: Microsoft Windowsliveskydrive, Huawei Network disk Dbank, Jinshan fast, 115 network disk and so on.

These nets not only have traditional large storage space and fast up and down line synchronization speed, still in the continuous improvement of the icing on the cake more secure and stable, automatic synchronization of files, anytime, anywhere to view files, comprehensive online modification files, more powerful clients and so on, these guise improvements are the focus of the user experience, Make it easier for users to manage their own files just like the hard disk on their computer.

Although the network plate is good, choose a suitable for their own, so that their satisfaction is not easy. In the current domestic hottest several network disk, who has the strongest function, who user experience for good, in cloud network for everyone to do a detailed horizontal review. Including Microsoft Windowsliveskydrive, Huawei Dbank, Jinshan fast disk, 115 network disk, the four major cloud storage products, in the cloud network to try to select one of the most suitable for you network disk!

Four network disk to see who "magnanimous" the largest

Test Platform:

When it comes to "network Disk", the first thing to consider is the amount of storage. Storage capacity can be said to be the lifeblood of the network, even if other aspects do a good storage capacity too small will not have a foothold. The following small series for you to introduce the storage capacity of these several network disk and basic information.

Network disk basic Space test conditions:

Basic space: When the user registers the network disk, the system will automatically assign to the user a certain basic space.

Novice Task Rewards: After completing some novice tasks, reward the user with some extra space on the original basic space.

Novice Task bonus time: After adding space by completing a novice task, the extra Empty is limited in duration.

The Novice task rewards whether the fee is free by adding extra space by completing the novice task.

Whether there will be additional rewards in the future: In addition to basic space, the novice to reward space, and later on the network disk space for additional rewards.

Test results:

1, Microsoft Windowsliveskydrive after registering the basic space has 25GB free time limit space, but does not support the novice task to add extra space. However, have such a large basic space or the current domestic network is very rare, very good oh!

Microsoft Windowsliveskydrive 25GB Base Space

2, Huawei Dbank after registration only 5GB of the basic space is relatively small, you can complete the novice task to obtain additional bonus space to 8GB space. But the added bonus space is time-sensitive. After the user's advanced identity expires, it will revert to normal identity, and the underlying space will be reduced to the original 5GB space. Of course the file is not lost, but can not be used at will. You can restore 8GB space to an advanced user once you have completed the novice task again. And in the daily "check-in" link can also add a certain amount of capacity.

Huawei Dbank 5GB Basic Space

3, Jinshan fast disk after registration and Huawei Dbank just like the basic space of 5GB, but through a simple novice task can increase the storage capacity to 15GB this height. And bonus space is completely free and time-sensitive. And in the daily "check-in" link can also add a certain amount of capacity.

15G space of Jinshan fast disk

4, the new version of the 115 network disk basic space rose to 15GB, but after the revision will be the novice task to be removed. Only fixed 15GB permanent space. But you can increase the amount of space by inviting friends.

115 15GB storage space of the network disk

Documents are more expensive and safer

Security and stability

Microsoft Windowsliveskydrive provides AES and SSL encryption, as well as RSA authentication files, to ensure the security of users ' personal information. Rich user rights settings, and encrypted shared link options to ensure that users share the security of private content.

Huawei Network disk relies on Huawei's deep technical Foundation, to create a fully encrypted storage service for users, to ensure that the data in the transmission process will not be intercepted or cracked.

Jinshan fast to solve the "file will not be lost" and "file will not be seen by others" two major issues. Jinshan Fast disk Audit encryption scheme includes: first, in the data production and storage link high intensity encryption; second, set the key distribution system, even if the fast disk server is stolen, also need different engineers to follow the correct steps to enter the password to complete the server initialization; third, set up strict operation and maintenance mechanism, You can monitor who is using the information on the server at any time, and if it is not normal, ask for immediate processing.

115 Network Disk Current data provides more than 5 backups, even if the server failure can be quickly restored guarantee never lost. The uploaded data is encrypted, distributed, and can not be viewed even by staff without sharing and user authorization. User account has security issues, security password and other protection mechanisms, in case of user reasons caused by leakage or loss of password can be recovered password.

Single File Upload size contest

Comparison of the size of the four network disk single files and the external chain

The largest free space provided in the network is important, but if the volume of files allowed to upload every time is too small, it will not bring us a good experience, the largest free space on the net is also a fictitious system. So the four free network disk in the single file upload size performance how?

Test results:

From the above table you can see four products in this respect can be said to be the same as the following small series for everyone to sum up.

1, Microsoft Windowsliveskydrive in when a file upload has strict rules and restrictions, more than 100MB of files are not allowed to upload, which for some users of the use brought no small trouble. And the outside chain is not very loose with rules and regulations but very user-friendly, so that users at a glance. In the sharing aspects of the MSN into the aspect can be relaxed email to friends.

2, Huawei Dbank in a single file upload more provisions: such as ordinary users can upload only 100MB files, upgrade to advanced users can upload 200MB file; The external chain sharing is relatively easy to share the connection can be permanently saved.

3, Jinshan fast disk and Microsoft Windowsliveskydrive, Huawei Dbank the same in a single file upload Unified file Limited to 100MB, more than 100MB of documents are not allowed to upload a large limit of the scope of the network; in the area of the chain, the Jinshan fast disk is very loose, Shared connections can be saved permanently.

4, 115 network disk In this respect is more lenient, allow a single file upload 1GB any file below. However, in the outside side is more rigorous, after registration does not allow immediate generation of shared connections, need to complete a series of novice tasks before you can realize shared connection and shared connection has timeliness. If the publisher wants to keep the shared chain continuously, it needs to be renewed to complete the reservation.

You fight me to see who is the fastest

Upload and download speed comparison

For the network disk, different than with the ordinary hard disk or U disk, it is based on the network transmission of the hard disk, which not only brought unlimited convenience, but also brought a big problem, the bandwidth of the network is laborious? In the domestic network disk industry, most of the data are the server relay, Therefore, the entire data link will be uploaded to the server and then downloaded back by the server, in this one will greatly affect the overall speed. No matter how large the capacity, allow a single upload file how small, in the upload and download aspects do not good, so that users experience the same speed as the old ox-cart, there is no amount of advantage to no avail.

So in order to prove the upload and download capabilities of these four web disks, we will upload and download them in 8MB Bandwidth Telecom network environment using files of around 46MB, and see how they perform.

Test results:

Through the actual test, in addition to 115 network disk other than three network disk upload speed is relatively moderate, but also acceptable range. The most beneficial to the number 115 network disk, in this respect greatly shortened the user wait time. But when it comes to download speed, it is most beneficial to count Microsoft's SkyDrive.

In this evaluation, small series also found that 4 network disk products in the synchronization of the operation is quite to the force, can be said on the real-time completion of the synchronization work, generally in the first 10 seconds after synchronization can complete the synchronization work. It's a lightning-swift trend!

The new weapon turns into four network plates bright spot

In addition to the common characteristics of PC-side synchronization, the network tray manufacturers for their own products are integrated into their "bright spot function" to allow users to get a better use of experience. In which Microsoft windowsliveskydrive into the online modification Office documents, file and photo browsing, a variety of terminal free access, the perfect drag and drop upload function and MSN can complete synchronization and other functions; 115 Network disk and Huawei Dbank all use the concept of synchronization the most of its best, this allows you to keep the files on your computer at any time, for a rainy day; As for the Jinshan fast disk is held in the virtual hard disk, in addition to providing and traditional hard drive exactly the same operation experience, the virtual disk is another great advantage is to achieve local encryption, This provides additional protection for important data.

Microsoft Windowsliveskydrive's online creation and modification of Office document features

SkyDrive files are shared with friends and can automatically associate MSN friends

Microsoft Windowsliveskydrive free access to various terminals

Huawei Dbank the main "Love Sync" to assist client software

115 network Disk This main sync disk to assist client software

The unique virtual hard disk technology of Jinshan fast disk

Jinshan Fast disk unique cloud Bridge function

The final showdown between the four network plates

Through the display of these functions, we can see that four manufacturers in the fierce competition in the market have come up with their own skill, the user experience as the center, developed a series of functions are to enable users to interact with the Internet daily life seamless docking.

Microsoft Network Disk SkyDrive in this evaluation has excellent upload speed advantage, and SkyDrive for Office documents, similar to the local PC operating experience, in four products occupy an absolute advantage. However, its restrictions on uploading files, as well as 100MB of individual file upload restrictions, feel the product has to improve space. It is understood that the Microsoft Network disk in the recent introduction of Windows and Mac system PC-side applications, which also make up for its only web operations, the disadvantage of the way.

Jinshan fast disk has been adhering to the concept of virtual hard disk technology, its virtual hard disk convenient and concise to the user has brought a very good experience, and developed a unique cloud Bridge Control Panel function. But its performance in this test upload download speed can but let small series have to Khanyi for it!

Huawei Network Disk Dbank use it to develop the "love sync" to ensure that the upload download speed is very fast. The outer chain that it generates is permanently saved. For ordinary users, a single upload file is limited to 100M and upgraded to 200M after upgrading to an advanced user.

115 The biggest advantage of the network disk is to support a single upload file size of 1G, and upload speed, synchronization is very fast, 10 seconds to complete. But from the download speed, 115 network disk has no advantage. In addition, 115 network disk File outside the chain of timeliness, the need to deal with the delay can be retained outside the chain.

Overall, four network plate in today's Internet are the best, in the functional characteristics of each has autumn. So as a consumer of you, in the end look at that paragraph?

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