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These years, with the Internet café chain operation and the booming of the online gaming industry, the demand for the online server has also increased rapidly. In order to ensure operating efficiency, users in the "> Design Network Game solution, the first consideration is the game server." Indeed, today's Internet cafes can not provide a good online gaming environment, will undoubtedly face the situation of a failure or eliminated. So in order to operate a smooth network game, to buy a high price of the game server is a very sensible choice.

To buy a network game server, users first consider how many people can assume the online server needs what kind of configuration. In the server forum, you will see the word "Want to buy a SF, support 200 people, how to configure?" "Now, like such a lot of stars. The author discovers an interesting phenomenon, this kind of problem finally is organising to the processor discussion. One obvious factor, now that the server processor is in the midst of a replacement, is that many users are confused by the types of processors in both the Intel and AMD camps, and do not know how to choose.

We do not consider the network bandwidth problem, the light involved in the capacity of the network server. So how many people can support the online server needs what kind of configuration? The author has made a survey of the actual operation of the network game server's basic configuration is listed as a table.

Support Online number of processor memory 100-200 People single p4512mb300-500 xeon512mb-1g600-700 human double nocona/two opteron2g1000-1500 people dual-machine load 1g/station

Before the launch of Nocona, a single server to assume 600 people online is already the limit. The concept of a single 1000-person online is now fully credited to the strong computing power of the dual-nocona/dual Opteron. But also do not rule out some users limited to double Xeon double Hao long cost or actual application load more than thousands of people, and the use of dual-machine load. For example, the use of c4-3.0g/512*2 DDR400 plus p4-3.0eg/512*2 DDR400 implementation of two machine load, such a configuration can support about 1500 people at the same time online. If only a single P4 with 200 people is enough, many people will doubt it. In fact, to build a network game operating environment, in addition to a stable and reliable server, consider the actual use of bandwidth is the most important. In legend, for example, a player, although only occupy 8K of bandwidth, 2M of optical fiber can only accommodate 250 players, more than this number of operating users do not consider the ordinary 2M ADSL, compared to the application of 10M optical fiber directly to the computer room managed the actual point.

Through the above simple understanding, the following author introduces some of the more mainstream network games/network game platform/server/Internet cafes to facilitate user reference.

First, high-performance online gaming server-the main model

1, Pao 3 Series 64-bit PT6310

Pao 3 Series 32/64-bit fully compliant server PT6310 is a workgroup-level dual server that incorporates Intel's latest Xeon processor, chipset technology, and SATA hard drive hot-swappable technology. The user can choose to run 32-bit or 64-bit operating system according to the application; for begging to try double nocona large Internet café users, Bao de PT6310 high speed swallowing, easy management, high cost performance characteristics are undoubtedly very suitable for large-scale online games of high-performance network applications.

Host performance

Cpunocona 2.8GHz 800FSB (up to double Cpu,3.60ghz) level two cache 1024KB cache chipset Intel E7320 chip memory standard 512M ddr226/ 333, support 16G memory capacity storage expansion board integrated dual-channel SATA controller Support SATA RAID0 1, dual-channel IDE controller storage 80GB SATA disk expansion support for a 5-bit/3-bit hot-swappable group, maximum support for 8 non-hot-swappable Extender network adapter integration Gigabit 1000 Gigabit Adaptive NIC display ati Rage xl8m PCI

Extended Performance

Expansion Slot 2 64-bit 66MHz PCI

2 32-bit 33MHz PCI

1 PCI X4 Internal Device Interface 2 SATA interface/2 IDE interface/1 Floppy Interface Department device Interface 1 serial port/1 ports/2 USB ports

The market mainstream double Nocona standard for the net swims the user to say all is sky-high price, many cases are wronged the reduction one step uses 32 for the Xeon. But Pao PT6310 not only performance superior, but also show a strong price advantage, this model market pricing in ¥:14000 yuan. Although this is a good value for money, the consistent style, but this configuration to achieve a very high price, I think it is very rare.

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