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Wine consumer Platform Network Wine network recently announced the introduction of wine "customized" products, according to the specific needs of customers, customized with the exclusive style of high-end red wine. As a vertical liquor dealer, net Wine network in the building of a customized, interactive, demand for the new vertical electric business model. In today's vertical electric operators are facing most of the plight of the background, network wine network initiatives or will trigger the vertical electric dealers in the future of how to attack the new thinking.

Innovative service mode of Net Wine network

Network wine to start the wine-making project, but also the domestic wine manufacturers first set foot in the customized services. Previously, net wine network to investigate domestic consumer demand for wine, launched a two-month "Best for Chinese Wine Survey" activities, a total of more than 30 provinces, municipalities, more than 200,000 people participated in the vote. This has laid a solid foundation for the network Wine network to carry out the "guest-made" project.

The so-called wine customization, that is, according to the specific needs of customers, from the quality and image design to set up for customers with a strong personal style of wine, is a "one-to-one" type of high-quality services. Compared with the general use of wine, custom wine has branded the user's style, with more personality elements and commemorative significance.

NET Wine network launched the custom project, not only can realize the interaction with consumers, but also can always understand and meet the needs of consumers, so that not only can improve the stickiness of customers, but also conducive to the establishment of brand image. In addition, through the pre-sale mode, can also obtain cash flow support. More importantly, the customization is to put the supply and demand on the same, not only to change the efficiency of the circulation of commodities, but also penetrate into the production of goods, in turn, to promote more personalized goods born. So as to avoid the waste of production to the maximum, speed up the commercial operation speed, improve the efficiency.

It is understood that, in addition to the national general public consumers to create customized products, net Wine network will rely on music as a holding film and television, star and perfect industrial layout gradually increase, widen the scope of consumer customization.

The vertical electric trader faces the survival predicament

NET Wine network model reform, can be said to be in the cold winter period of the vertical electric business. Once hit of the vertical electric Trader's encounter let the industry begin to reflect the industry's way out where.

In the current vertical electric business circle, the leading electric dealers in order to occupy a larger market share constantly burning money to fight the scale, a large amount of capital demand makes the less money of the electricity dealers increasingly play. In the face of more and more flat purses, electric business managers began to cut spending. The first is to reduce promotional costs or even stop advertising, advertising reduced or stopped, the flow will be a linear decline. In the face of such a situation, the vertical electric operators can only continue to slim to survive, most of the electric operators are to pay employees or even layoffs. But this has not only been a blow to corporate morale, but it is even harder to achieve a rebound in performance.

On the other hand, the pressure of the vertical electric dealer also comes from the big platform electricity trader increases in the vertical field input. Days of cats, Jing Dong and other increased investment efforts, suning easy to buy and Gome Bowser also have to pull the cage vertical electric quotient, platform-type electric dealers diverted a part of the passenger flow, making the vertical electric business day more sad.

Compared to platform-type electric dealers, vertical electric operators can say that they have their own traditional sources of supply channel advantages and brand effects. But the past 2012, the days of the cat, the Beijing-east and other leading electric operators of the open platform strategy for the vertical power of the traditional channels of the formation of the potential, platform-like electric dealers in all areas of vertical electrical business touch and in-depth to make vertical electric operators feel pressure. In addition, the vertical electric dealer's brand effect mainly originates from own specialization, but the enterprise should rely on the existence specialization and the personalized service in the whole impetuous atmosphere gradually fades. The vertical electric trader is struggling under the double pressure of scale and flow.

Improve the professional level or solve the dilemma

The initial choice to do vertical electric business when the positioning is ambiguous, or for entrepreneurs today's difficulties buried foreshadowing. At first, most people chose to imitate, and they wanted to make the vertical electric quotient bigger in the field and then made a platform. They think that can sell books, clothes, nature can also sell 3 C, department stores. But the practice is not that simple. Once upon a time, the vertical electric dealer by virtue of its more professional advantages than platform electric power scenery Unlimited, but to obtain more users and traffic for the purpose of blind category expansion, but also make it overwhelmed.

For the vertical electric business, if blindly stick to the existing model, can only be dead, and with the large platform to spell the flow, the price, is to find death. Therefore, the vertical electric dealer must change. Le bee nets and only the success of the product will be the breakthrough of the comprehensive Electric Dealer encirclement and suppression of an excellent example.

Vertical electric business to survive, in the horizontal expansion of the space has been basically blocked in the case, can only take the path of the vertical mining industry chain. In the service and products on the relatively personalized, to provide such a large sales place Jingdong can not provide professional, personalized products and services, improve the platform to enter the threshold of electricity, or to enhance competitiveness, thereby reducing the possibility of substitution.

Network Wine Network of customized services, will be able to better integrate line under the lines, in the maintenance line under the online merchandise, prices and promotions on the basis of synchronization, through the line under the two channels to maximize the user experience to achieve the price, the user experience online under the effective synergy to ensure the integrity and consistency of the user's shopping experience, This has become the net wine network and other vertical electric operators relative to the platform of the maximum value of electricity.

As the net Wine Network CEO Rui said, net wine network efforts to create customized, interactive, demand for the new model of vertical electric quotient, will be the direction of the future development of vertical electric.

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