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At the end of the year, is always the most busy clothing companies, in addition to summing up the last year's operating conditions, marketing strategy is also indispensable to the success of a large part of the previous year's marketing plan has reached the expected effect, but also very important.

Now, with the development of new media, smart phones and related electronic equipment, large-scale application and popularization, such as micro-credit platform, micro-blog, such as the use of social media has become the standard of brand marketing, and with the Watercress group from the literary and artistic youth gathered in the altar slowly grassroots, micro-film Hot, And to the clothing company brought more diversified marketing environment, in addition to print media, television and other traditional sense of advertising media investment, clothing brand shaping can also do some of the efforts, consumer participation will make buying more fun?

Henry Blodget, chief executive of Business Insider, a technology blogger, made it clear in a recent report, "2013: The Future of the digital industry," that "new media" is a triumph over "old media". Television, the Internet, radio, printing and other media forms, showing a continuous decline or in the state of step. There is no doubt that the new media has been catching up with the traditional media and become an advertising force that cannot be ignored. According to the data, in 2013, the 10 major channels for marketing to reduce attention, newspapers, consumer magazines and the top three radio, and the three major areas of increased concern: mobile media, social media, marketing automation.

Choose what kind of media and mode as their own brand marketing and shaping the export of product image, with the apparel brand positioning of the crowd inseparable. The new media is able to win more and more clothing brand's favor, in the audience's subdivision has undoubtedly given the old media a hard fist-many times, the new media focus on the initiative, rather than passive indoctrination. Early in the 2012, the international famous watch brand Rolex in the "watercress" home, set up a small station, watercress in its inception on the establishment of a fresh, literary image, is a lot of that year's "little fresh" active position, now with the watercress grew up in the crowd has also become a mainstay in its work, Have a certain ability to buy luxury goods. Rolex chose to settle down here, did not give its sales of how rapid growth, but in recent years, the Rolex is the "nouveau riche" representative of the criticism also really let the brand scratching their heads, although not fatal pain, but also in the face of how many some can not pass. and choose to enter watercress station such a path, can be said to the brand on a layer of "fresh" gold, although the activities in the station is not hot, but also to people from the concept of the Rolex change played a very crucial role.

Why is new media marketing so popular? New Media marketing is based on the network of New media, digital New media, mobile new media, such as the integration of new media marketing. It and the traditional marketing is the biggest difference is to achieve a simple publicity to the involvement of the change, the traditional marketing pursuit of coverage, transmission path is one-way, it is difficult to detect the audience to see the response after the advertisement. With the help of new media, audiences receive extensive and in-depth information release, which can get the audience involved in the specific marketing activities of advertisers.

Brand Image display more diversified

Today, in addition to the use of social media tools, the brand image of the use of micro-movies more frequently, the expression is increasingly diversified. Although the micro-film is specially built for the product or the brand, but the product and the brand must take the natural, does not leave the trace way to carry on the implantation, cannot destroy the micro-movie plot, otherwise will cause the audience's antipathy. A successful micro-film to find a balance between art and business, in the film gripping good stories, but also to enable the Enterprise's brand to be effectively displayed.

Earlier this year, by the casual apparel brand Jeanswest production, Kai and Yang Zixian starred in the micro-film "I in the memory waiting for you" online, quickly detonated the network, by people in pursuit. According to incomplete statistics, the cumulative amount of playback reached 4.8 million, commented more than 7,000. In fact, this is not the first time jeanswest in the form of micro-film brand marketing. In the spring of 2012, Jeanswest launched a youth micro-film--"Born alone, youth handwriting", to the unique youthful imprint annotation Jeanswest Cowboy concept, achieved good marketing results. With the last experience, this operation is more comfortable.

However, not all brands are suitable for the use of micro-films for brand communication. The key depends on the brand's target audience. If the target audience of the brand and the audience of the micro-film are obviously different, it is no doubt that this kind of enterprise use micro-film to reach the goal of communication. Take Jeanswest as an example, the core customer of Jeanswest is 18~25岁 young people, this part of the consumer is young, fashionable, have vigor, have a strong curiosity to new thing. At present, the mainstream group to watch the micro-film is also 85, the group, the two groups have a high degree of agreement, with a large audience to do the basis, so that the spread of the effect of a multiplier.

Like Rolex, micro-films are also used in big-name clothing. In January of this year 1, Italy's luxury clothing brand Salvatore Ferragamo (Ferragamo) joined hands with the famous Italian director Luca Dagnino (Luc Aguadagnino), who directed "Melissa P" and "I Am Love", bringing the brand's first micro-film "Walkingstories", the whole film is exquisite and with a trace of surrealism, for people told a romantic love comedy: A trip enough to change the fate, full of surprising coincidence, unexpected revelation and Lucky encounter-a love journey around the world.

In addition, Sen Ma hand South Korean idol star Min created series of micro-film is a fan of many fans poured; and the micro-film "Maple Street 33rd", which was planned for the 15 anniversary, appears to be more expressive of the frustration experienced by the brand's growth and can resonate better with the age and struggle of the target consumer.

Mastering data to deal with the future

With the development of new screens such as Google glasses and wearable smart watches, the 2014 will be the era of multiple-screen interactive marketing-a trend that is another carrier of new media marketing, according to Millward Brown, a market research firm, which recently released the 2014 digital and media forecast. Therefore, the main challenge for corporate brand marketers is to better understand how consumers behave when using a variety of devices and to adjust their investments accordingly.

Marketers need to gain insight into audience planning to see when, where and how different consumers use different devices to view content on the most accessible screen. They also need research tools to assess the spread of each screen, which helps them understand how different screens play a part in the purchase process.

As Rupert Murdoch, the US News Corp, has said, "readers and viewers are young and vibrant, extremely sensitive to new technologies, and in the face of such a complex media world they know how to get whatever information they want, anytime, anywhere, and at any time they like." "In the context of this new era, it is time for the enterprise to study the marketing strategy well."

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