New standard for Foreign trade platform services new pattern of cross-boundary electrical quotient system

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According to Nielsen data, 2013 Global cross-border Electricity business volume of 100 billion U.S. dollars, is expected to increase by 2018 to 300%, to 300 billion U.S. dollars. At present, the trend of cross-border shopping is strong, the Chinese market has significantly increased sea Amoy consumers. China's import and export trade amounted to $30 billion in 2013 and is expected to climb to $160 billion by 2018 to achieve 500% growth. Comparative data can be predicted that the cross-border electricity industry in the next few years will be in the global trend of rapid development, and China will play a key role in this process. Similar to Alibaba's fast-selling, in 2014 compared to the first two years in terms of commodity output and order quantity have achieved more than 600% of the leap-type growth. The future of Cross-border electricity, the entire channel model to occupy the lead, mobile phone mobile end, flat and PC end are latent unlimited business opportunities, development prospects can not be underestimated.

With the rapid growth of the Cross-border retail market, sellers are paying more attention to the demand of software services. As one of the earliest and most mature plates in the software service industry, ERP service is widely used in many aspects, such as the scarcity of service providers, the singleness of services and the low acceptance of sellers.

As Fujian's first cross-border electronic commerce software Technical service provider and even the national Cross-border electric power business domain leader, Shangtong concentrates for the brand enterprise and the small and medium network merchant to provide the electronic commerce omni-directional solution. 2014, Shun Asia technology into the business, strategic layout of the global Cross-border Electric Solutions, the introduction of Cross-border electrical business experience of the professional and technical team, more than 200 existing technical staff. Amazon is currently the company's QUIDSI companies all vertical E-commerce platform, the only technology, operations and service providers, with such a strong technical research and development and service team, Shangtong independent research and development of e-distribution, network smooth and other electric ERP software and supporting distribution mall system, etc. Has now helped the country's hundreds of brand enterprises to create online retail and distribution market.

Years of mature network distribution solution experience, so that the business has come from different categories, different areas of customer groups, the range of services from the domestic cat, Jingdong, Pat and other platforms to extend to foreign fast-selling, Dunhuang nets, EBay, Amazon and so on. Its ERP distribution software across the border version of a launch, that is, the current Cross-border electrical Business Enterprise's core choice.

How to protect customers ' payment security?

How to establish the position of advantage marketing?

How to do customer service and unified multi-platform management?

How to obtain a stable, efficient and economic international logistics system?

How to Ebay, Amazon, fast-selling, Dunhuang nets and other major foreign trade platform for the sale of goods?


How to solve the problem of cross-border electrical business operation? Shangtong e distribution software cross-border version from the overall start

As a new research and development product, Shangtong e distribution software provides technical support at all levels:

With synchronous access similar to Alibaba fast-selling, Amazon, ebay and other platforms operating advantages, can achieve a key shop, the real platform to achieve the efficient operation of business and convenience.

The product is unified management, from the product's basic information settings, product analysis control, Data View generation, such as accurate positioning.

Order Processing Center Clear classification, through the warehouse and the corresponding sales channel docking, to achieve inventory isolation.

Platform Direct exchange rate conversion, synchronous support for the U.S. dollar and other foreign currency exchange, the renminbi as a means of exchange, the financial balance is clear and convenient.

Provide a variety of foreign trade logistics options docking, shorten the time limit, and optimize logistics, save transportation costs, to facilitate the customer recognition of convenient services.

Back-end logistics service traceability system makes the whole transaction process more secure and transparent.

Background data unified to include, the formation of data warehouses, the later operation plays a vane role.

"The way of the informatization transformation of the new wave of cross-boundary electricity quotient"

Fujian New Time Ying Apparel industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is recognized by the industry's sexy fashion apparel, one of the world's major suppliers, the main erotic underwear, game uniforms and peripheral products, products in more than 140 countries and regions around the world sales, relying on E-commerce platform and Self-built website to create their own foreign trade world.

Predicament one: Many sets of information system data can not converge to the unified platform for the unified integration of the supply chain data to bring difficulties

Dilemma Two: The conflict between Business-to-business and Business-to-consumer business in the supply chain

Three: Foreign trade industry attaches great importance to the logistics cost is difficult to control

The dilemma: The redundant operation brought by the multi-store operation of foreign trade

As the largest electric ERP software enterprise in Fujian Province, Shangtong ( has a mature network distribution solution experience, and is committed to providing technical support to customers in all areas of the local industry. The speed of Shangtong, continuous promotion, Shangtong footprint, constantly spread. With the rise of cross-border electricity quotient wave, Shangtong's e-distribution software is also a special case in the first place, providing dedicated and professional full channel service for various foreign-related electric field.

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