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Less than a week before the 51 Golden Week, a new wave of home appliance sales season is coming. To the days of cats, Jingdong, gome electrical appliances, suning appliances for the representative of the electric business platform, offline home appliances stores are gearing up, eager to get a piece in the sales season.

However, about the sales competition, perhaps from the beginning of the line of the store has lost. Because the current electric business platform, especially jingdong such as the proprietary platform, is no longer like before just a sales channel, now it is more like a "online home appliances Store" and "service Center" for consumers to provide pre-sale, sale, after-sale full-service, in short, offline home appliances stores, electric business platform have, Offline appliance stores do not have, the electric business platform has also.

The electricity merchant penetrates the service, to the value transformation

Peak elder brother has always believed that the electric business platform needs to do the commodity service, through penetrates the service to increase oneself to the commodity control power, thus can provide the core value for the user. And services are offline home appliances stores the biggest criticism, if you want to compete with offline home appliances stores, tapping its core weaknesses may be more than 1000 of the damage 800 and can not continue the price war more effective.

At the same time, limited by stores, household electrical appliances, and many other reasons, often a lot of home appliances business services can not keep pace with the layout of the store, and even some home appliances chain stores themselves are not able to keep pace with the layout of their own stores, but also may be to save costs intentionally. However, this will lead to service and sales can not be coordinated, disjointed, the next maintenance, return and replacement cycle will become extremely long.

Because the store needs to send the problem of goods to the "Maintenance center" of the city to carry out problems identified, feedback can be given to consumers to serve, often such a cycle will take two weeks to one months. What is more, there may be no shop insurance services, can only rely on home appliance enterprises own after-sales service outlets, direct sales outlets, said, even if the kind of joining, but also to the consumer, which is extremely inconvenient for consumers.

So the electric business enterprise really must do is promotes the value, but does not blindly reduce the price, the final inevitable loss, also ended up a cheap market infamy. And now the services that need to be upgraded there are many points of value, from pre-sales customer consultation, merchandise display, to the sale of logistics, prices, and then to after-sale services, basic everywhere to be upgraded, if the first to do these, even if the price is expensive, consumers are willing to pay for it.

Behind the transition to value competition

Turning to the value of the competition behind the change is a healthy, benign development of the industry, whether for users, home appliances enterprises, or electric business industry is a good thing, after all, price war is unhealthy.

For the user, the service is more important than the experience. In the great Internet era, users need is simple, fast, pleasant, user-friendly shopping experience, and price is just icing on the cake, not the main reason for the impact of consumer decisions. Believe that no one is willing to use the "dimensionality reduction" thinking to treat shopping, but no one is willing to buy at a low price without a sale, but it seems that the user experience very good merchandise, which is also a lot of people in the purchase of home appliances products do not choose the reason for the electricity business.

For the household appliances industry, the integration of the electric business is the general trend. On the one hand, electrical appliances enterprises rely on the platform to accurately control the user needs, provide valuable data guidance and support, or even reverse customization products. On the other hand, home appliances enterprises can also optimize the cost structure through the electric business platform, form the real competitiveness, this is why millet give up the line under the "Big market", only select the reason of online channels.

For the electric business industry, it is a matter of course to shift from price to value. On the one hand, only in the service so that consumers "satisfaction", "trust" of the electric business platform, can precipitate and active users, become the first choice for consumers to become the brand, the premise of cooperation. On the other hand, if you look at any industry, you will find that the competition between them is often in the "price", "value" reciprocating. When everyone's price is consistent, the user will make decisions through "value" (including shopping experience, after-sale service, consumption value added, affective factors, etc.). But when the value difference is not big, the user will make the decision through the price. In short, is that the same competitive logic, "people have no I have, people have my gifted, people gifted me new."


The future of competition can not only be based on price war, because the price is not enough to keep users, the root is also the quality of the product itself, services.

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