"News Morning" Microsoft "reorganized" MSN will support more platforms

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1. Phoenix Technology

Entrepreneurship record Dialogue Liang Weiping


The internet is in a hurry, subversion and transformation of all industries, media, retail, taxi, communications, film and television entertainment, clothing, finance ..., any industry that has not been subverted by the Internet, there are huge opportunities, real estate is no exception.

In mid-July this year, Liang Weiping, the founder and CEO of the House, was a guest speaker at the Boao Real Estate Forum to discuss whether the Internet would subvert real estate, and other real estate entrepreneurs, such as Ren Zhiqiang, would not happen immediately.

2. Sina Science and Technology

Huawei inside "flies": 116 employees suspected of corruption


A senior in the communications industry to the "First financial daily" reporter revealed that large companies have some corruption problems normal, there must be some big cases, to Huawei's senior executives sounded the alarm. Huawei's terminal business has found hundreds of millions of cases of bribery this year, but not officially confirmed by Huawei, an insider.

At present, Huawei has three major plate business, including communication network equipment (operators), Enterprise network and consumer electronics. Among them, the consumer electronics business developed rapidly, Huawei mobile phone sales have jumped to the third place in the world, after Apple and Samsung.

3. NetEase Technology

Domestic mobile phone "sailing" second season: Who can find a new continent?


And a decade ago the domestic mobile phone group to sea similar, now in internal and internal turmoil survived a new generation of Chinese brand mobile phone manufacturers began the second wave of sea nuggets.

The difference is, in the domestic 3G smart phone market honed in China-made mobile phones, has been in technology research and development, product design, channel sales, brand marketing and so on have enough experience, the transition to a more competitive 4G era also seems to be a duck in the way.

In order to seek a broader space outside the local market, domestic mobile phones again to sea, they are no longer satisfied with the OEM sales, but the effort to promote their own brands. In these sea nuggets of mobile phone manufacturers, some benefit from the acquisition of overseas well-known brands, some backed by group advantages, and some simple groping forward ... In the vagaries of overseas mobile phone markets, who can resist the waves? Who can do it?

4. Tencent Technology

Zhang quit Microsoft to join Baidu: Red carpet era curtain


Everything seems predictable and unexpected. Microsoft Global Senior vice President, Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group chairman Zhang chose to leave at the Mid-Autumn festival, the Chinese Traditional reunion holiday, ended their 15-year career in Microsoft.

People familiar with the matter to Tencent Technology, Zhang will join Baidu as president, directly to Baidu CEO Robin Li report. Zhang to join not only means that Baidu adds a member general, also means that Baidu CEO position by Robin Li concurrently the history of the end.

Analysts believe that, as a professional manager with wide popularity and qualifications, Zhang and Robin Li have known each other for many years, but also Shanxi fellow, its joining not only let Baidu executives convinced, but also Cheng Liyan spokesperson, for Baidu recruit talent, responsible for new business.

5. Sohu it

Apple new product final Outlook iwatch into mystery


In the past, in the autumn of 9 ~ October, the new product release, Apple is generally updated ipod products, but it is obvious that now the protagonists will be the iphone and another mysterious product iwatch.

Current new lock on iphone 6 and brand new iwatch. This is the most focused product.

At the same time, IOS 8 and OS X 10.10 will be officially launched, which is certain.

In the second camp, the new size of the MacBook Air? Next-generation ipad Air? The imagination can be unlimited, but the focus should still be on the iphone 6 and iwatch.

6. Titanium Media

An interview with Guo: A product experiment that will standardize the youth


From 10 years ago, the youth in the mainstream, to the end of the birth, and then now 00 to reveal the sharp angle, Guo This "representative" name has always been with a generation of unruly, non-mainstream young people bundled together, and this "uninhibited" on the back is about "frivolous", "impetuous", "vulgar" controversy. But admittedly, he used 10 years of time to successfully build the same product, that is: eternal youth.

7. Sadie Net

Microsoft "REORGANIZE" MSN will support more platforms


September 9 News, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft is improving MSN's News service function to provide a new sense of vision, life-related tools, and equipment, the seamless synchronization between the platform.

Microsoft said it had changed its strategy to make mobile phones and internet based services the top priority for traditional business growth, such as the company's windows and desktop-installed Office software, as part of a strategy to improve MSN. At the same time, people are increasingly using only mobile phones and tablets to read news, thereby replacing desktop computers, which is one of the reasons for MSN improvement.

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