Obama's visit to China focuses on Sino-US relationship positioning and trade

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Xinhua Shanghai, November 15 (15th), U.S. President Barack Obama on the "Air Force" plane arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, began a 4-day state visit to China.  Shanghai, the city that has witnessed former U.S. President Richard Nixon's "ice-breaking" trip to China, has once again ushered in an important moment: This is President Obama's first visit to China and the first visit of the U.S. president in less than a year. Obama's much-watched visit will continue until 18th. Visit Shanghai, Beijing, political activities, cultural exchange activities are intertwined, the agenda is close.  The biggest concern is undoubtedly the upcoming political talks between President Hu Jintao and Obama. Both China and the United States are in the process of preparing for the visit. During the APEC Series meeting in Singapore, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also interviewed specifically. "President Hu Jintao will have a broad and in-depth exchange of views with President Obama on China-US relations and major issues of common concern," he said. China would like to "take a new starting point for President Obama's visit to Huawei, seize the opportunity, grasp the overall situation, strengthen dialogue, exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote the 21st century positive and cooperative all-round relations between China and the United States continue to advance."  Hillary Clinton said Obama's visit was "a landmark" for the U.S.-China relationship.  Since Obama took office, the Sino-US relations have achieved a smooth transition, the two heads of State made clear the joint efforts to build the 21st century positive and cooperative comprehensive Sino-US relations new positioning, the establishment of the Sino-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue mechanism and the successful holding of the first round of dialogue for the long-term healthy and stable development Before and during his trip to Asia, Mr. Obama spoke many times about his views on Sino-US relations, and suggested that China is both an "important partner" and a "competitor". The key is to ensure friendly competition ...  He also said "will not curb China." "The rise of a strong and prosperous China will be a source of strength for the international community."  He made such a declaration to the media the day before he arrived in Shanghai. Obama's stance has a stark foundation of reality. Under the impact of the financial tsunami, the common interests of China and the United States have increased. Both sides need each other on issues such as coping with the crisis, achieving economic recovery, tackling climate change and dealing with international hot issues. However, both China and the United States, as well as those who are concerned about the development of Sino-US relations are deeply aware of the complexity of Sino-US relations.  At present, China and the United States still have to resolve a number of trade frictions, including the tire insurance case, the two sides in a number of sensitive areas of disagreement still exist.  Chinese people also expressed concern about the Obama visit, a survey showed that the focus of attention on the visit is focused on the political positioning of Sino-US relations, economic and trade frictions between the two countries, deepening military exchanges and strengthening youth exchanges and other issues. "These Chinese people are different in their occupations and education, but the questions raised reflect the hot spots and difficulties of Sino-US relations, which embodies the high concern of China and even the world on Sino-US relations, as well as the twoThe comprehensiveness and complexity of the blending of interests between great powers.  Pan, professor of international Studies at the Shanghai Institute of Social Sciences. Referring to the future, the two countries should take further measures to implement the results of the high-level exchanges between the two countries and prevent the continuous fermentation of differences and frictions and adversely affect the relations between the two countries. Professor Shen Dingli, director of the Center for American Studies at Fudan University, commented on Obama's upcoming visit.
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