On one side is unprofitable rural postal side is the profit meager express enterprise 1 billion yuan not to pay (right headline)

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A few days ago, the state post office led the "Postal Universal Service Fund levy and use management interim measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "method") has been drafted. The Ministry of Finance, the State Post Office organization of Related Express Enterprises convened a symposium, "approach" into the request for comment stage.

This means that a new charge to finance the "unprofitable" postal services in the Midwest and rural areas may soon be in effect.

In accordance with the draft measures, the future of China's domestic enterprises operating express business should pay the Postal universal Service Fund. The standard for the territory with the City Express 0.1 yuan/piece, the territory of 0.2 yuan/pieces, Hong Kong, Macao 1 yuan/piece, international 2 yuan/piece. 20 employees below or annual revenue of less than 2 million yuan enterprises can be exempted.

The fund is calculated to exceed $1 billion per annum. The move was not only a protest by express companies, but also attracted the attention of consumers.

The original intention is "to help"

The collection of postal universal service funds originated in the European Union. In the 1997, the European Union's Universal Postal Service Fund was originally designed to subsidize loss-making operations such as letters with profitable businesses. Currently, European Union countries, Italy and Spain are still receiving the Postal universal Service Fund.

This time the state post office levy the money, the reporter learned, but also for the subsidy letter business considerations. Since communication is the basic right of people, the cost of sending messengers in remote areas is high, and universal service prices are far below cost.

The drafting of the draft statement said that the express enterprises mainly concentrated in the profitable cities and lines to carry out business, the vast rural, remote and underdeveloped areas of the postal service mainly by the postal enterprises, in order to embody the principle of fair competition, express enterprises should properly share the cost of universal postal services.

However, China Post does not seem to be bad money. China Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd. IPO prospectus, has disclosed such a group of figures: China Post Group 2011-year total revenue of 258.623 billion yuan, net profit of 20.936 billion yuan.

1 billion "dollar Money"

On the contrary, "the money" let the price of the Red Sea in the Express company complain. From the scope of charges, the postal fund is levied on "enterprises operating in China Express Business", "20 employees below or annual revenue of less than 2 million yuan enterprises can be exempted." This means that the current daily use of express delivery services are required to pay "elements of money."

According to the data released by the state Post Office, 2011, the Domestic Express business volume for the same city 820 million, off-site 2.73 billion, international and 130 million, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, in accordance with the clear standard calculation, the same year, the total Service fund should be paid for 758 million yuan (international and Hong Kong, Macao and Hong Kong

The 2012 figure was even bigger. It is understood that 2012 years ago 11 months, the national scale of more than express services business volume completed 5.03 billion, of which, with the city, off-site, international and Hong Kong, Macao Express business volume accounted for the total volume of 23.1%, 73.7% and 3.2%. Calculated, the collection of postal funds amounted to 1.18 billion yuan.

Compared to the high dollar, the price of the Express company in the Red Sea is meager. It is understood that at present, Jiangsu and Zhejiang region of large-scale private express enterprise profit in 0.5-0.6 yuan/pieces, and the Guangdong Private Express enterprise profit is only 0.3-0.4 yuan/piece.

Big negative impact

"The introduction of universal Service Fund, looks very small, but for already in the price of the Red Sea in the express companies, the impact is very large, equivalent to a 1/5 of their profits." "It is conceivable that companies are likely to pass on the increased costs to express business users and consumers," Liang, PhD in Economics, said in an interview with the International Finance journal.

Yan, a senior Shanghai lawyer, was also concerned about this in an interview with reporters. "This will undoubtedly aggravate the burden of small and medium-sized enterprises, not only will affect the express industry, E-commerce in the ascendant will also have a great negative impact." ”

Liang that the "method" for 20 employees below or annual revenue of less than 2 million Yuan Express enterprise spared, exempt from the Postal Universal Service Fund. From the perspective of risk aversion, do not rule out a lot of express companies will be small demolition, set up a subsidiary.

Song Songxing, a professor at the business School of Nanjing University, said that Universal postal services do require state funding, but it is questionable to levy funds for express companies that do not operate the business. This is a policy deficit that should be funded by the Treasury and not by consumers and businesses.

Song Songxing that the introduction of the fund, and the current reform of the general direction of fiscal and taxation system departure. First of all, it does not conform to the principle of structural tax reduction, which is levied on a piece of paper, in name of a fund, essentially a tax on corporate profits. Secondly, the current reform of the fiscal system is to pay heavy tax on the light, the government funds and charges based on the proportion of non-tax revenue is too high, it is not appropriate to levy new funds. "Once the fund is established, more funds may emerge in the future," he said.

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