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Advances in technology and changes in market demand are always the most important two aspects of the development of an industry, these two aspects are mutual influence and mutual action, security technology progress is obvious to all, the image of High-definition, transmission network, storage cloud, the application of intelligent platform. The market has also quietly changed, traditional public security services are no longer the focus of security video surveillance market, industry-specific video surveillance network and rapid development of family security services will soon become the next market focus, with the shift of the market center of gravity, in order to adapt to new market features and needs, Technology and programs are also quietly changing.

Along with the security video surveillance system technology progress and the scale growth to the storage request also to have the profound change, to the storage system capacity, the expansibility, the price-performance, the function, the management, the stability and so on all proposed the new request, the traditional storage way already cannot satisfy the request.

In order to meet the new requirements of security video surveillance, to solve the problem of storage and retrieval of massive video data in the city, the scalable Distributed File System (SDFS), which is focused on video, image file storage and management, is proposed for the large scale data-intensive applications.

Working mechanism of SDFS

SDFs it combines the common PC, universal server and various storage devices in the network through the distributed cluster architecture, and provides the massive data storage, management and access service to the users through the special data interface. Deployment is supported for full network decentralized deployments or centrally deployed in the data center. Storage media supports common hard drives and common storage devices. SDFs deployed on a common PC or common server cluster can achieve NAS redundancy and reliability while providing high throughput and strong level scalability that NAS cannot achieve.

SDFs through metadata and storage data separation, control flow and data flow separation, through load balancing and data concurrency access strategy, under ordinary hardware conditions to obtain efficient transmission rate and PB-level storage capacity, SDFs for audio and video files for special optimization, Support the query and location of audio and video file frame level under distributed cluster architecture. For security video surveillance to achieve intelligent analysis, intelligent search to lay the foundation.

SDFs Technical Features

Multi-server Simultaneous external service

SDFs performance, support high concurrency, bandwidth saturation utilization. The cloud storage system separates the control flow from the data stream, while the data is accessed by multiple storage servers and provides high concurrent access. The load is automatically balanced to equalize the access load of different clients to different storage servers. The system performance increases linearly with the increase of node size. The larger the scale of the system, the more obvious the advantages of the cloud storage system and no performance bottleneck. It is advantageous to the formation of super large-scale city-level monitoring network.

Redundancy in most block replicas

Highly reliable, using multiple data block replicas to achieve redundancy and reliable, data on different storage nodes have more than one block copy, any node failure, the system will automatically copy the data block copy to the new storage node, the data is not lost, the implementation of data integrity and reliability, and to support the way through the codec algorithm to achieve high reliability, Any damage to multiple storage nodes at the same time, the data can be automatically recovered by decoding algorithm. This feature can be applied to a very high level of data security, at the same time, compared to the reliability of replica redundancy to achieve a significant increase in disk space utilization, less than 40% of disk redundancy can be achieved at any time to damage three storage nodes without losing data.

The Metadata management node uses the high availability of multiple-machine synchronous hot backup to fault tolerance, any server failure, seamless automatic switching to another server, uninterrupted service. The whole system has no single point of failure, automatic hardware fault shielding.

Dynamically increase or decrease storage nodes

SDFs (Sky Distributed File System) all management of cloud storage systems is done by the cloud storage System Management Monitoring Center, and users can easily manage the entire system without any expertise. Through the professional distributed cluster monitoring subsystem to SDFS all nodes to monitor, the user through the interface can clearly understand the operation of each node.

Online scaling, you can, without stopping the service, dynamic addition of new storage nodes, only simple operation, can realize the system capacity from TB level to PB smooth expansion, can also pick up any node, the system automatically reduces the size without losing data, and automatically the picked up the data on the node to other nodes, Ensure that the redundancy of the whole system data is unchanged. and improve read-write and network performance synchronously.

Reduce construction and operating costs

Reduce construction and operating costs, as the foundation layer of the entire platform, file systems and data warehouses with Low-cost high storage PC or single board to replace the previous small machines, combined to provide very high computing power and very low storage costs! Using distributed computing and storage, combined with optimized hardware, through clustering operation and maintenance management system, to realize calculation, Storage, network and other resources dynamic allocation and deployment, greatly improve the utilization rate of resources.

Cloud storage will drive the security video surveillance system toward a unified platform for communication, computing, storage and application, rather than a redundant it subsystem in the overall system.

Security application Advantages of cloud storage

Facilitate the formation of new business models

Cloud storage in the security video surveillance industry applications, bringing a series of value promotion, will effectively promote the formation of a new business model. The growing demand for home security video surveillance services and the development of the "Telecom Cloud" and "Global Eye" will make it as easy for people to buy a security service as a phone bill. People can use their own mobile phones or car thin terminals to achieve a family member or important location of the All-weather real-time monitoring, enjoy this convenient security services.

Accelerate system integration, multi-platform resource sharing

Cloud storage development is conducive to promoting a variety of video monitoring resources in the cloud integration, in the field of security, video surveillance can not be a stand-alone system independent of other security measures, it should and police supervision system, 110 alarm system, road monitoring system, vehicle management system, population inspection system, GPS visualization system and so on a variety of security protection system linkage, and eventually become a set of mature security protection system. If these systems are truly fused, resource sharing cannot be separated from cloud storage.

The second China Intelligent City Technology and application Products Expo opened in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracted more than 300 exhibitors, while there are many such as Microsoft, IBM and other international big-name, for security video surveillance industry with the HD technology and scale after the construction of the storage and massive video application problems, As well as the application features of different customers, CSST shows the video surveillance storage solution based on the city-level massive video cloud storage System----SDFS (Sky distributed File System) cloud storage System, and HD intelligent analysis technology. The practical platform of intelligent public security emphasizes platform integration, video sharing and application promotion.

The technical program at the exhibition is only a miniature of the current industry technology development, but we can not only feel the great opportunity and development potential of the security video surveillance industry, but also can perceive the current development direction of the security video surveillance industry from it. It can be foreseen that in the future security video surveillance, High-definition will be the mainstream, CIF and D1 will gradually exit the market. At the same time, in order to meet the transmission, storage high-definition video surveillance, the entire IT architecture is also facing new challenges, the original analog video monitoring will be replaced by IP network video surveillance; M Ethernet is also difficult to meet the mass of video data, 1000base-t,1000base-sx/tx,3g, EPON , PTN and other high-speed transmission is bound to be a large number of applications, data storage will be from the traditional distributed DVR to Nvr/ip-san/nas architecture and then to intensive cloud storage direction.

Promote image intelligent retrieval and analysis application

Intelligent applications based on intelligent image retrieval and intelligent analysis are inseparable from cloud storage. The birth of Network Monitor solves the problem of traditional monitoring effect, changed the traditional connection way, simpler and more convenient, but at the same time derived a larger storage requirements and higher bandwidth satisfaction, with the current most basic 720P effect, for example, each video compression to the lower bit rate of 3G capacity requirements, one-month surveillance video will 2TB about the capacity, then imagine, if you need hundreds of thousand road such high-definition monitoring, such a large video file, like a tidal impact of the storage system, not only storage equipment capacity, read and write performance, reliable put forward higher requirements. Whether playback can support such a large amount of information is also a problem. At the same time, storage of high-definition video security requirements are high. How to retrieve and call images for image analysis is one of the challenges from the large amount of HD video saved. If the stored mass of images cannot be invoked effectively, the image store becomes meaningless.

In short, the birth of cloud storage effectively solve the security video surveillance in the development of a large number of video storage and based on image Intelligent application of a series of problems, and create a new business model. Cloud storage is the security of video surveillance industry in the future development of the impact, and will become the next step in the development of the foundation and technology of one of the core.

Introduced by city-level mass storage requirements

The mass video storage of the large scale system of city level or urban agglomeration is inseparable from cloud storage, with the development of Safe city, intelligent city and video monitoring, the traditional disk array storage mode has gradually appeared its insufficiency, has been unable to meet the needs of intelligent urban construction in the massive high concurrent real-time video data access. Traditional disk array storage method not only has high cost, but also has difficulty in managing and maintaining the network bandwidth and memory I/O resources and data sharing across platforms. The emergence of cloud storage, break through the traditional storage mode of performance and capacity bottlenecks, cloud storage can connect the management network of a large number of different types of storage devices to form an unusually strong storage capabilities, to achieve a linear expansion of performance and capacity, so that the storage of massive data is possible.

Centralized storage is a fundamental concept of networked storage, but for the video surveillance system, especially the larger city monitoring, blindly pursuit of centralized storage will increase the pressure of urban backbone network and bring inconvenience to use, and the centralized management of cloud storage, small range of centralization, a wide range of decentralized deployment methods more suitable for a large range of urban video surveillance applications.

To sum up, video surveillance of specific application patterns and development direction, so that the requirements of the storage system and the general storage system has a relatively large difference, so for video surveillance to choose the right storage network solution and storage equipment, first of all, we must consider the technology maturity of storage network program, whether compatible with the existing mainstream monitoring equipment, Operating system and application environment, and total cost of ownership of the scenario. Second, to estimate storage capacity requirements, choose the storage network architecture for the highest cost-effective, scalable, more applicability, high reliability of storage solutions, storage products.

The large capacity video surveillance solution based on cloud storage system, as well as the innovative city-level mass video cloud storage System and HD Image Intelligent analysis and retrieval technology, will be the best choice to support the future security monitoring and even other large capacity storage and image processing applications. It will be a good solution to the current massive video data storage encountered in almost all problems and bottlenecks. Fully meet the six technical requirements required for future monitoring storage.

· Can meet the telecom level data monitoring of the mass storage requirements;

· To meet the high concurrent real-time video reading and writing ability and strong data transmission capability;

· Must have good extended performance, to cope with the rapid increase in data volume of storage space needs;

· With the expansion of the network size, storage space, read and write capabilities, network performance can also be linear upgrade;

· A larger cache ensures that more data is stuck in the cache, waiting to be rewritten to disk space;

· Good stability, safety and low cost;

SDFs for the peaceful city, Digital City, Intelligent City, intelligent public security solutions for the unstructured mass of audio and video data files, image files storage, management and access. Facilitate the implementation of data mining and commercial applications, improve security video surveillance of their own value.

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