On the development trend of the future automobile electric dealers from the "gossip" of the easy cars

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In the car and Jingdong "out of the Ark" Cooperation in the news of the sale of cars, from Jingdong Mall official news is the car network and Beijing-east work together, immediately starting to start the entire section of the electric car car full cooperation.

Reporters on this matter, the first time to interview the relevant departments in Beijing and east, they said for the "and easy to come out of the cabinet" message is not informed, said the current only with the vehicle network cooperation. I wanted to interview the CEO of Easy Car network, but his phone has been in the shutdown state. Contact the car network related responsible person, it is only the official introduction of the car network and the Beijing-East cooperation of the simple situation, and said "and the line and cherish" a few words.

A refusal to interview, a shutdown, a Dodge, the parties were cautious and seemed unwilling to talk too much. In response to this phenomenon, the reporter interviewed the industry's well-known experts Zhang teacher.

"Easy car Cooperation Jing Dong, is nothing but to hype" Zhang said, "Easy car platform itself is not small, but also has a rich channel resources, their own construction of electrical quotient relatively simple, such as cooperation between Beijing and East, reverse let things more complicated." But the current Beijing-east busy to the U.S. listing, needs a social hot topic. Another already listed in the U.S. Easy car, its recent performance is not too ideal, also need to talk about speculation, influence trend. Since both have hype demand, the emergence of easy car cooperation between the east of the rumors is not surprising. ”

The industry also has different views, the same is well-known commentators xiaohong teachers think: "More than easy car is in the hype, rather than easy car is in the strategic transformation." By themselves to establish the electric business model, to join hands with the Beijing-east, such as the transition to achieve strong alliances. One is last year easy car double 11 weeks is questioned speculation, there are a lot of false orders phenomenon, its independent construction of the electric business model is facing challenges, the second is from the analysis of vehicle network in the past year of cooperation Gome, Suning, Jingdong, and other exploration, we have formed a preliminary consensus, vertical car site alone is not to play the electricity business, only to complement each other, Powerful union, can build a complete car electric business model. ”

In view of Mr. Sun's viewpoint, the company has provided strategic consultation for Gome, and Dr. Zhou Yuqing, who works for Roland Berger, an internationally renowned strategic consultancy, added: "Not all powerful alliances can be used as electric dealers, and automobiles are no exception." The reason why Gome will select Car network last year, because the car network has its unique advantages, one is relatively professional vehicle network, there is to meet the real car reading needs of the core brand-demolition car, its import user flow purity or gold is very high. This is not available to other sites, and even easy car and auto, the second is the car network than easy car, auto volume slightly smaller, more flexible mechanism, cooperation forms can be diversified, easy and gome online to achieve the cooperative way of mutual win. Third, the vehicle itself is also in the strategic adjustment, clear to the expansion of the car, there is a strong desire to cooperate with the United States, while most other car sites are on the sidelines, and other easy cars and auto, such as under the traditional profit model, is not likely to devote themselves to the cause of the electric business In short, if the integration is difficult, strong self-awareness, the purchase of the user is not high purity of the car or auto, not only the efficiency of cooperation will be very low, and may not be able to achieve the desired results of cooperation. ”

During the interview, Dr. Zhou systematically introduced the views of the large international consulting firms such as Roland Berger on the current car mains, and considered that the strong and powerful alliances in the era of network electric power are the inevitable trend, but the key is to find a good balance of interests that can meet the cooperation of all parties, and to ensure that

Car Network is able to successfully cooperate with Suning, Gome, Jingdong three big electric business giants, perhaps it is to find the balance point of this cooperation, mutual respect, equally. If you switch to easy car, the possible result is that either Jingdong becomes a trading platform for easy cars, or the car becomes the traffic platform of Beijing-east. But no matter jingdong, or easy car, will not be willing to become the other side of the subsidiary.

In the reporter to the car network electric power business owner Mr. Li to interview its chairman and CEO Ziqi Lin, was told that it has gone to the United States. And in the electric Business circle circulated, because in China Channel construction blocked, under great pressure of the Tesla CEO Musk, is preparing to personally invite a group of domestic electric dealers to the United States to discuss. As for the car network CEO Ziqi and Matt Specific will discuss what, whether will involve the electric business cooperation, this reporter will further track the interview and interpretation.

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