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"Later, my business card looks like Mr. Huangmingtong, plus a cloud Monkey network chairman." "Step by step High business Group chairman Wang Fill in the recently held" 2014 Joint business Meeting "when the" material ", South reporters learned that this month 29th, step by step high will release a brand-new electric business platform ——— Cloud monkey nets. He said the Huangminggao end, is the CEO of the China region, but also the chief executive Director of the Flying Cattle network.

Retailing is not new to pushing online shopping malls, but whether it's a big run or a step high, it's not just about selling your stuff online. Their "animal department" Electric platform, has gone beyond the concept of traditional electrical business.

Retail industry electric shock upgrade

End of last year, step by step high electric shock, push online mall. "Step by step High mall is to solve the traditional retailers do not have the" problem, but 10 months to find, if only to add a sales tool, far from meeting the Internet under the tide of consumer demand. Wang said, it is precisely because of this, step by step high decided to his "electric dealer" upgrade.

According to his introduction, first of all, the platform from the enterprise within the closed platform into a fully open, free platform. Second, a large platform will be split into 5 relatively independent sub platforms, including large electric business platform, large logistics platform, a large platform for convenience, large membership platform and large payment platform.

More than a few months ahead of the pace, RT-Mart in the last year to invest in online shopping mall ——— flying cattle Network. "There are still a lot of friends asked us why to enter the electricity business, I think business operators to master the trend of the times to meet the needs of consumers, the current era is not the same as in the past, especially the invention of smart phone, completely changed our lifestyle and consumption habits." "Huangmingtong said, the first half of the domestic 50 large physical store growth is basically stagnant, but the growth of the electric business is 30% or 40%, very strong."

But as an online mall, the Flying Cattle network is only the consumer-owned mode of the whole category of integrated retail shopping site. Therefore, Huangmingtong revealed that the first half of this year, flying cattle network launched the O2O Thousand Township million museum plan. That is, the use of large-run store resources to the country's 300 large-run hair stores as the center for consumers in the region to provide one-stop service. Build community service Center, in more than 1000 townships, communities open more than 10,000 online shopping experience pavilion.

Build line down closed loop

Wang fill and Huangmingtong in introducing their own electric business platform, invariably referred to the word "closed loop".

"Cloud monkey, means a somersault from line to line, flexible through." Wang said that the goal of cloud monkeys is to build a complete life shopping based on line online closed-loop ——— from the collection of commodity information, to transactions, orders, logistics, delivery, payment. Wang said, step by step high July 1 this year, the integration of its own logistics resources into Third-party logistics companies ——— Huitong Logistics, the use of large stores, urban warehouses, can be to the convenience stores in various communities to provide public transit distribution. October 29, Changsha and Xiangtan in Hunan and other cities will have 3,000 convenience stores to become a step-by-step logistics network, every convenience store brand is called IBBG, meaning "my step High" or "Love Step by Step High", IBBG is also a smart community entrance.

Flying cattle net thousand township million hall plan, also be regarded as an extension line, complementary line items, "can be understood as ' closed-loop '", O2O project leader Shambin said. Flying cattle Network will eventually build such an organizational structure: the most superior is flying cattle network headquarters, under the jurisdiction of the National Branch Customer Service Center, self-built set of convenience, group purchase, online shopping experience in one of the cloud supermarkets, there is also divided into ABCD four levels of the Experience Hall area.

[Experts say]

Chung Yuan commercial head coach Marchiwa

E-commerce is the growth of frog jumping

Physical store online, do virtualization and digitization, these are very good exploration. Although the entity shop to do the electric business platform, until now has not seen very successful case. But this kind of positive and bold exploration is a good channel and measure for the reform of the physical retailing industry. Although many of the previous attempts failed, it does not mean that the latter will fail. Because the enterprise matures, the technical means is ripe, the consumer also is maturing. Undeniably, retail entity shop is still the main channel of sales, the current online sales accounted for the market share, but only two digits. But the electronic commerce is the frog jumps the growth, the retail entity shop development is slowing down, therefore this kind of exploration is beneficial.


Step by step high business Group chairman Wang Fill

From the warehouse to the convenience store, build the public transport logistics

Nan du: Can you introduce the platform of Cloud Monkey network, especially logistics and convenience store. The same is not need courier, then step by step high community experience shop with Shun Fung's Hey Inn What is the difference?

Wang fills in: Our logistics mode is from the central warehouse to the warehouse, the warehouse includes both the real logistics sense of the warehouse, but also include steps high in the city store after the warehouse. From the warehouse to the convenience store, all public transport logistics, like a bus, at least three times a day. After the convenience store, the clerk will give the customer the message, tell the thing, is to bring or convenience store staff to send. So I don't have a full-time courier. But unlike the hey guest, we are the real convenience store, the store sells in kind.

Nancy: What is the investment scale of cloud monkey net?

Wang fills in: the entire company sets up an independent team to operate this electric business platform. As for the investment, I do not want to be like the traditional electric dealer's practice, I do not want to go to burn the money this way. I think, like logistics, convenience, membership, pay this piece, can create value. For example, logistics, already in the outside of the single.

South: Pay, there are Alipay in the former, Cloud monkeys will do?

Wang Fill: We will launch the "Step Treasure", in fact, the local life of the payment scene we are the most complete, can make our payment become very active. For example, will be with the credit card points warehouse through, into the cloud monkey net points pool, to buy something high. Car wash, shopping, recharge charges can be. I expect that next year, our integration pool can be imported at a minimum of 300 million, of which the step-by-step loyalty rebate is more than 100 million. In this system, you can use Alipay, but you use the step Po, I will have a reward. Reporter Ishaoxia

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