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2013 E-commerce industry is thriving. Taobao cat "Double 11" a day of 35.019 billion yuan trading data, so that the industry and the eyes of the eyebrows. So that other electric companies envy the huge turnover data behind, is the Internet innovation driven by the industrial revolution. At the same time, the opening of the phone-side payment function also shows the high growth potential of the mobile Internet, which contains the concept of "social".

Compared to Alibaba's stable big brother position, Beijing-East push pop platform, let everyone see the profit hope; Suning not only brings business to the clouds, but also plays the fund, finance, and will open the bank; For the coming 2014, most people in the industry believe that the power companies will pay more attention to the benefits of the mobile end.

The mobile end gradually replaces the traditional electric quotient

The mobile end will replace the PC end as the user to contact the "home screen" of the electric business enterprise, already is one of the industry recognized trends. "Double 11" on the same day, Taobao mobile phone users 127 million times a day, the amount of transactions reached 5.35 billion yuan, compared with the 11 growth of 457.3%; According to Tencent, the data, November 11, all days, Xun micro-letter sales field to break through 80,000 single total Xun total station orders 13% In the Beijing-East Double 11 day 6.8 million orders, the mobile end of the order accounted for 15%, the daily introduction of orders reached 6.4 times times last year, the absolute value of the transaction volume of outstanding growth.

The layout of the mobile end of this year's big power companies is also booming. NetEase's "easy Letter" and Alibaba's "contacts" have to "free flow" to attract users. In August this year, the 5.0 new version of the micro-letter introduced the payment function, and with the Xun network full access to the full implementation of micro-letter orders, payment closed loop. "Double 11" on the day of the 1th shop, Xun and other electric dealers more than 10% of the next single quantity. Mobile IM has become an indispensable importer of mobile power.

Internet business commentator Kim Wrong Knife believes that the mobile Internet in the full depth of infiltration into our lives, we can almost use mobile phones to find any of the services we need. It is clear that mobile electricity dealers will eventually replace the traditional electric operators.

O2O new growth point of industry

With the development of the mobile internet market in 2013, the business model explored further, the O2O model matured and became the hottest growth point in the Internet industry in the 2013. From the development of the group buying website, the O2O model has proved that it can be accepted quickly by the consumers under the online payment purchase line and the mode of enjoying the service.

Baidu 160 million dollars to acquire glutinous rice NET, complete "map +lbs+ buy" closed loop, realize life service platform transformation. BEIJING-East Investment "Home Gourmet", low-key layout of local life services. In the 5.0, which was launched in August this year, it can quickly build a commercial micro-credit platform by virtue of the huge customer traffic paid by O2O application, thereby advancing its application in life service and value-added services. At the same time, the transaction cost as the main source of income of the profit model will gradually clear. At present, 80% of mobile payment is still concentrated on the long-distance mobile internet payment, the industry believes that the micro-letter 5.0 launched the payment application, it can be said coincides with the timing of the synchronous promotion of short-range and remote mobile payment will be in the O2O field leading a new trend.

In addition, this June, Suning announced the line with the same price, the full implementation of the O2O model. Su Ning will pass the two-dimensional code, the terminal realizes the commodity Exchange under the line on-line, the customer two-way drainage.

Legislation to promote the trend of industry norms

The amendments to the Consumer Protection Act (draft) were first submitted for consideration at the second meeting of the 12 NPC Standing Committee April 23, 2013. This is the first revision of the law after 20 years, the online purchase of goods within 7th of returns, large goods defective burden of proof inverted system and other content.

Following the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's March 2012 "E-commerce development" Twelve-Five "plan", the Ministry of Commerce issued on November 21, 2013, "Promoting the implementation of E-commerce applications," and the introduction of ten measures to promote the development of the electricity business. Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian, Hunan, Chengdu and so on, the provinces and cities have promulgated new policies to speed up the development of regional E-commerce.

According to the report, China's E-commerce market in recent years to maintain rapid growth at the same time, the number of complaints against online shopping increasingly, such as the prevalence of unfair competition, credit system, fake flooding and so on. According to public information, the first half of 2013 users nationwide e-commerce complaints about 410 million, online shopping complaints accounted for 45.4%, mobile E-commerce area complaints compared to the same period last year increased significantly, become a regulatory blind spot. Compared with foreign developed countries, the standardization of China's e-commerce industry is still relatively lagging behind, especially in the absence of relevant regulations and regulatory gaps, e-commerce legislation is ready. At the end of November, Minister of Commerce, Gao, said the Ministry of Commerce will actively promote the development of the "e-commerce law", not only the subject of E-commerce transactions to give legal constraints, but also to ensure consumer rights and interests, through the standardization of industry development, market order, promote the healthy and orderly development of E-commerce

2014 outlook

Mobile End Scramble for upgrades

CIC Consultant Industry research manager Guofan in an interview with New Express reporters that the domestic e-commerce has entered the stage of large-scale development, the offline entity business brought about by the changes and impact of expanding and deepening. Mobile Internet, internet finance, electric trader landing and so on will be the important development direction of E-commerce industry in the 2014. Online and offline integration, the rise of mobile internet, mobile payment in the field of competition will become the 2014 major electric dealers, entities, the main focus of business. In Internet finance, building mobile platform, attracting more customers and strengthening the infiltration of payment field will be the key point of the competition of the electric dealers in the 2014.

Day Cat, Jingdong, Xun and other mainstream users of the website to provide information shows that the current mobile-end turnover or orders accounted for the overall proportion of the site is more than 20%-30%, at the same time, the public comments and other parts of the offline business closely related to the O2O, mobile end usage accounted for over the PC end. Insiders have admitted that the "ticket" to the mobile internet has become the major electric dealers in the effort to complete the task.

In addition, in the industry's view, "Stop Loss" will also become the main target of 2014 years. Liu in the Beijing-East Partners Conference, outspoken open platform is the key to determine the survival of the capital, then, Su Ning will also be "three-free" posture expansion, including physical stores and the old and other third-party businesses. The open platform can help the electric trader to realize the profit is regarded as the most important point. Current data research shows that the open platform has increased the gross profit margin of Jingdong 0.5%, because the open platform is a commission model, its marginal cost is very low. In addition, logistics services are also one of the profit points of Taiwanese businessmen.

Events of the Year

2013 5 Alibaba spent 294 million U.S. dollars to invest in the map of high Germany, to 28% of the shareholding to become the first major shareholder of gold, the distribution of local life service electric business platform.

2013 7 announced open platform, Suning followed.

2013 8 Baidu 160 million yuan to acquire glutinous rice NET, complete "map +lbs+ buy" layout.

2013 8 Micro-Letter Online payment function, layout o2o.

2013 11 11 net to buy Carnival Alipay turnover exceeded 35 billion yuan, set an unprecedented record.


Lei, director of China e-Commerce Research Center: Goods can be replaced by electric dealers, but the traditional stores of restaurants, cinemas and other life services are not possible to be replaced, these need to be carried out through commercial real estate, the two will eventually use O2O in the channel more integration.

CIC Consultant Industry research manager Guofan: Online and offline integration, the rise of mobile internet, mobile payment in the field of competition will become the 2014 major electric dealers, entities, the main focus of business. In Internet finance, building mobile platform, attracting more customers and strengthening the infiltration of payment field will be the key point of the competition of the electric dealers in the 2014.

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