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As we all know, the development of new cloud computing technology, the impact of the IDC industry itself is very large, the traditional IDC to provide basic resources of the business will move to the cloud-oriented ability to operate an era, so we can be sure that cloud computing for the future of the IDC industry will have a huge impact.

Traditional IDC or will be superseded by

as the cluster, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13452.html > Distributed computing, Flexible computing, and other cloud computing emerging technologies are implanted, It makes IDC data center get rid of the traditional inefficient server hosting/leasing, realize dynamic allocation, reduce cost and many other functions. In the entire cloud industry chain, the first is the infrastructure, the data center.

It is understood that unlike traditional IDC data centers, the cloud data Center uses elastic computing technology to manage and distribute servers across multiple data centers. According to customer needs, in a few minutes to quickly increase or reduce the number of server configuration, greatly reducing the user's cost of use.

This flexible computing data center for cloud computing is also what is often said to be the IAAS layer of cloud computing (infrastructure as a service), just like the foundation of a high-rise building, which is the basis for future large-scale applications of cloud computing. In foreign countries, Amazon's flexible computing cloud services have been commercially available for many years and have been hugely successful. The

Data center can be said to be the foundation of cloud computing. More and more facts show that the future must be large data and even the era of huge data, the company's original data stored in the future will need to be placed in the cloud to store. As a result, the future of traditional data centers will be gradually replaced by efficient, low-power cloud.

IDC Clouds still need a lot of Go

The current IDC industry in China has a very large industry, annual income is more than 10 billion, the past, the main supplier of IDC industry is a number of basic operators, as well as independent IDC suppliers, in the introduction of new technology, Many internet companies are also joining in this area.

As a traditional telecommunications operator, in the past to provide IDC services, is the location of a room to leave, customers need services, is to put their machines in, the operator's space to provide them with the machine place. IDC now on the market a lot of users, we are concerned about the operators have venues, there is room, to ensure the safety of the machine, they are more to consider the resources of telecommunications operators.

and cloud computing seems to be a revolution. It is the idea of using IDC to service these customers, who need to buy expensive servers, have venues in their own venues, and no venues for operators. With the cloudSome services can be operator service. What are the other benefits of

than using cloud computing? Once the hardware resources are upgraded to cloud computing, operators can provide you with a lot of IaaS services. Customers will enjoy the convenience, cost savings and other advantages of cloud computing when the client's hosting service is involved in cloud computing. And for operators, because the user has a lot of benefits, so there will be more users to use such a system, the operator's income will naturally improve greatly.

In addition, when IDC operators upgrade to cloud computing systems, their software systems bring significant added value, which is the result of both sides of cloud computing.

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