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Oracle has announced a formal launch of Oracle's Big Data Machine, Oracle, appliance, which will help customers maximize the business value of large data.

Oracle Large Data machine is a hard, software integration System, integrating the Cloudera company's distribution including Apache Hadoop and Cloudera Manager, as well as an open source R.

The system employs an Oracle Linux operating system with Oracle NoSQL database Community versions and Oracle HotSpot Java virtual machines.

Oracle also announced the launch of the latest software PRODUCT Oracle Big Data connectors. This product can help customers easily consolidate data stored in Hadoop and Oracle NoSQL databases using Oracle Database 11g.

Oracle Exadata Database Cloud Server, Oracle Exalogic Middleware Cloud Server and Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence cloud Server with Oracle Big Data Connectors software Oracle Large data machines will be able to meet customers in the Enterprise data Center to obtain, organize and analyze all the requirements of large data.

Integrated systems specifically designed for large data requirements

The Oracle large data machine is designed to simplify the implementation and management of large data projects with 18 Oracle Sun Server full rack configurations with a total of:

864 GB main memory;

216 Nuclear CPU;

648 TB raw disk storage space;

Use GB/s InfiniBand connectivity between nodes and other Oracle integrated systems and

GB/s Ethernet Data Center connection.

This new integrated system product can be upgraded with multiple racks through the InfiniBand network, enabling it to capture, organize, and analyze super massive amounts of data.

Oracle Large data machines are equipped with the Cloudera company's distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH). The platform is the most comprehensive, stable, and widely deployed distribution of Hadoop tested in both commercial and non-commercial environments. (Please review the relevant press releases.) )

The Oracle Large data machine also includes the Cloudera Manager software. This software is the industry's first End-to-end management application for Apache Hadoop (CDH).

The Oracle NoSQL database that was launched earlier is a distributed Key-value database designed specifically for managing massive amounts of data. The database can be scaled horizontally to hundreds of high-availability nodes, and can provide predictable throughput and latency, and requires minimal administrative effort. Oracle NoSQL Database Community and Enterprise Editions can be run on Oracle large data machines.

Oracle Large data machines can help customers:

Quickly provide a scalable system with high availability for managing massive data;

Provides a platform to organize, process and analyze large data in Hadoop, and to analyze raw data sources using R;

Control it costs and improve the enterprise data Warehouse by integrating all the hard and soft components into a single large data solution.

Optimizing large data integration for enterprise Data Warehouse

Oracle Big Data connectors software can be used with other Apache Hadoop based systems, including:

Oracle Hadoop Loader (Oracle Loader for Hadoop) that can be efficiently processed using mapreduce while loading data to Oracle database 11g;

Oracle Data Integration Hadoop Application adapter (Oracle Integrator creator Adapter for Hadoop) enables users to make Oracle data integrators (Oracle Integrator) generate Hadoop MapReduce program;

Oracle Connector R enables R users to access the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce program framework efficiently;

Oracle Direct Connector for Hadoop Distributed File System (ODCH) enables the Oracle Database SQL engine to seamlessly access data in the Hadoop distributed filesystem.

Oracle Big Data Connectors and Oracle NoSQL databases are stand-alone software products that are not included in Oracle's large database computer (Oracle major, appliance).

Oracle Executive Introduction

"Oracle Large Data machines with Oracle Exadata Database cloud Server, Oracle exalytics Business Intelligence Cloud Server and Oracle," said Cetin Ozbutun, VP of Oracle's Data warehousing technology. The Exalogic Middleware cloud server together forms Oracle's broadest, highly integrated system portfolio that helps customers acquire and manage various types of data, analyze them with existing enterprise data, and gain new insights to make the most appropriate decisions with full access to information. ”

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