Oracle ZFS storage devices ideal for modern cloud and virtual server environments

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BEIJING, July 7, 2014--Enhancements to the Oracle ZFS storage ZS3 series provide fast, efficient and new ways to accelerate virtual machine deployment and monitoring, ultimately helping customers reduce lead storms effectively. The midrange ZFS storage zs3-2 can launch 16,000 virtual machines in 7 minutes simultaneously, adding openstack cinder drivers to simplify cloud configuration and coordination, integrated restful management APIs enable customers to deploy public and private clouds and provide IT services in a common way. Oracle's ZFS storage device Oracle Public cloud and private cloud offerings provide more than petabytes of storage.   Oracle ZFS storage devices with Oracle ZFS Storage OS 8.2 are ideal for modern cloud and virtual server environments to help customers significantly simplify IT infrastructure, reduce capital and operational costs, and provide reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective cloud storage. Oracle ZFS Storage Zs3-2 can be extended from a single platform to support more than 16,000 virtual machines in 7 minutes. The entire system can easily handle unpredictable VM workloads that burst out of the NAS storage System and provide the perfect protection for the Enterprise to guide the storm. The new operating system is helping to create a new world record for Oracle ZFS Storage zs3-2.   with Oracle ZFS Storage OS 8.2, Oracle ZFS storage devices now support OpenStack Cinder and a full range of restful management APIs, making it easy for customers to leverage Oracle ZS3 Series Storage VM extensibility to deploy a private cloud environment and enjoy IT solutions.   Integration with Oracle ZFS storage devices can be combined with other Oracle hardware and software products with OpenStack support, including Oracle Solaris 11.2, Oracle Linux and Oracle VMS.   Oracle ZFS Storage Zs3-2 can now scale to 1.5 PB capacity and 1TB memory for each cluster, and can provide powerful, cost-effective portal access to the ZFS storage device family, dramatically improving performance and efficiency in a high-density VM environment, At the same time reduce capital expenditure and operating costs.   Through integrated deployment with virtual computing and Oracle software, the Oracle ZFS Memory ZS3 series delivers unique application-integrated storage capabilities that are not available from Third-party products, helping customers improve performance and enhance storage and management efficiencies.   Oracle ZFS storage devices can provide more than petabytes of public and private cloud storage within Oracle. OracleThe company is now the world's second largest cloud SaaS company. "Today's highly virtualized data centers need more efficient and high-performance storage to avoid performance problems and operational disruptions due to unpredictable VM workloads and boot storms," said Scott Tracy,   Oracle executive and related quotes   Oracle's storage software. The new capabilities of Oracle's ZS3 storage System provide customers with valuable architectural benefits and accurate analysis to support high-density virtualized environments that enable customers to keep their business operations running at full speed and to respond flexibly to valuable business opportunities. "M&r Print uses Oracle ZFS storage devices to carry out major consolidation and virtualization projects to support the 11g production and delivery/testing environment of Oracle databases," says Jason Coe, M&r's IT manager, one of the world's largest manufacturers of screen printing equipment. This project has been a great success and we have thus saved a lot of costs and achieved unparalleled scalability, flexibility and high performance in the IT environment. ”
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