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Basic pension 6 consecutive years to improve the "Twelve-Five" to meet the needs of the elderly multi-level, diversified demand this reporter Pan Yue National Aging Office Director Wu Qiufeng recently said, "Eleven-Five" period is the history of the development of the best period of old-age security system constantly improve.  Since 2005, the state has been raising the basic pension level of the enterprise retirees for 6 consecutive years, and the current national monthly basic pension has reached more than 1300 yuan. The old-age security system keeps improving the new rural endowment Insurance data show that as of the end of 2010, the National Urban Basic Endowment Insurance insured number of 256.73 million people, than "XV" at the end of the increase of 82.29 million people.  Among them, the insured retired staff of 62.99 million people, than "XV" at the end of the increase of 19.37 million people. The new rural social Endowment insurance has been piloted since 2009, as at the end of 2010, there are 27 provinces and autonomous regions of 838 counties and 4 municipalities into the national New rural Endowment Insurance pilot,  The number of insured persons reached 103 million, of which about 28,630,060 years old and above rural elderly people enjoy the basic pension provided by the state finance, the system coverage reached 24%. Wu Autumn, China's elderly medical security system is initially established, the scope of coverage continues to expand. The basic medical insurance of urban residents is pushed away completely, and the new rural cooperative medical system is completely covered.  On the basis of the existing medical institution system, the Health and Health Service system adapted to China's rapid aging situation has been established through reform, transformation and improvement. For the old service facilities to build a faster-speed pension institutions in the five-year growth 62% "Eleven-Five" period, our country for the old service facilities construction continue to advance. The national various kinds of community service centers reach 175,000, the city convenience, the benefit service network 693,000, nearly half of the urban community and 80% rural villages and towns built for the old service facilities and places. The pension service beds increased significantly, the National Endowment Institutions 38,060, 2.662 million beds, compared to the end of the end of 62%, the adoption of the elderly nearly 2.109 million people, compared to "XV" the end of the period increased by 71%. Among them, the national officially registered private pension institutions have 4,141, accounting for the total number of national pension services 10.6%, 412,000 of the old-age service beds, accounting for all of the country's pension service bed 15%, the total number of elderly residents to 238,000, accounting for the total number of elderly adoptions more than 11%,  The utilization rate of bed was 57.8%. According to the introduction, in order to strengthen and standardize the construction of services infrastructure for the elderly, the Ministry of Housing and Urban and rural construction, the national Development and Reform Commission jointly approved the "Building standards for the Elderly Conservation Institute", "Community Elderly day care Center construction standards" for urban aging infrastructure planning, layout, location  The function facilities and so on have made the basic stipulation, has provided the important basis for strengthening and standardizing the elderly service infrastructure construction. Preferential measures have been issued to the elderly to see a doctor, ride, visit the preferential implementation of the "on strengthening the elderlyViews on the work of preferential treatment, 31 provinces (districts, municipalities) have promulgated the preferential policy measures for the elderly.  These preferential policy measures are mainly to the elderly medical registration, visits, public transport, visits to museums, art galleries, Science and Technology Museum, cultural centers, memorials and other public culture venues, as well as parks, tourist attractions, and so on, give full exemption or half-price concessions, so that the majority of the elderly get more affordable. According to reports, Hubei, Guangdong, Yunnan, Shanxi, Shenzhen and other land to break the preferential treatment of the policy object of household registration restrictions, so that preferential policies to benefit the elderly. Among them, Yunnan Province took the lead in the country to the elderly from the original 70 years old to 60 years of age, and added 26 preferential measures, the real improvement of the quality of life of the elderly.  BEIJING, Tianjin, Shanghai, Yunnan and Ningxia have set up the old age allowance system. "Eleven-Five" period, China's protection of the rights of the elderly has been further strengthened. The National 31 provinces (district, city) all promulgated the protection of the rights of the elderly local laws and regulations, so that the rights of the elderly to protect the law.  At present, the country has built up a total of 16,493 elderly Legal Aid Center, the Elderly Rights coordination organization 95,734. Wu Yucheng, deputy director of the National office for the elderly, "Twelve-Five" period, China will focus on the development of aging service system, cultivate and strengthen the elderly services and aging services industry, to meet the multi-level and diversified service needs of older people, to improve the elderly economic support system, and accelerate the development of social security system covering urban and The new rural endowment insurance should be promoted to solve the problem of social security of the elderly without income and extend the coverage.
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