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Sina Weibo has reportedly introduced new features that allow overseas users to log on to Weibo via their Facebook account. In addition to registering and landing, users can log on by clicking on the Facebook icon when they login via the Taiwan version of Sina Weibo or the Hong Kong version.

Users who log on through their Facebook account directly enter a message page that will be displayed on Facebook's timeline to inform Facebook friends that the user is using Sina Weibo. In addition, an article in the Taiwanese version of Sina Weibo shows that users can also share Facebook with the updated status and audio and video content on Sina Weibo, via Sina's graphical API.

The service is currently limited to users in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but Sina expects to be able to extend it to other regions in the future.

In the Taiwan version of the Sina Weibo report, Sina Weibo will optimize its functions on a regular basis, and the integration of Facebook features will simplify the login process and broaden the share of Sina Weibo, while also demonstrating that the platform has taken a big step in the path to international markets, said Sujani, general manager of the international market.

Currently, this feature does not apply to users in mainland China.

The move by Sina Weibo symbolizes a wonderful decision to make as a mature platform. With Alibaba investing in Sina Weibo, the social platform has recently been optimizing its mobile and social e-commerce services. Its past internationalization has been a bit lukewarm, making the platform only aimed at the mainland market. Earlier this year, Sina Weibo launched a preliminary English user interface, but it was not officially launched.

As a result, industry insiders rarely expect the platform to become an international social network. But even so, Sina Weibo is still able to become a social tool for the Chinese world. In Hong Kong, Facebook is the most-traffic social network, with Sina Weibo ranking 14th. In Taiwan, Facebook is the second-largest social network, while Sina Weibo is ranked 44th. Sina Weibo, which increases the Facebook account login feature, will allow more users to use the social platform.

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