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In the past 2011, "cloud computing" is undoubtedly one of the most popular words in the global Internet. As technology matures, more and more cloud services have come to you and me. Whether you feel it or not, it is undeniable that mankind has entered the age of cloud. The concept of "cloud" is complex, which means that electronic applications, such as computers, mobile phones and televisions, can provide a range of resource sharing applications including cloud services, cloud space, cloud search, cloud browsing, cloud communities and cloud applications.

and cloud services is simply smart enough to be able to anticipate your needs in real time according to your location, time, preferences, etc. In this new mode, the search for information will be done for you, not for you. No matter what device you use, whatever on-demand service you need, you will have a consistent and consistent ultimate experience.

Cloud technology will aigocloud cloud services defined as "backup, synchronization, sharing, cross-platform operation," the four basic functions. As a pioneer in the cloud era, Aigo has been developing and launching the world's first cloud projection PT6316. It can be used to share, sync, backup and so on for a variety of aigocloud systems and terminals. The terminal of any system can access the Aigocloud without any obstacle, realize the perfect cross-platform operation. Even more fascinating is that aigocloud unique IPV6 technology to achieve interoperability between equipment and equipment, such as you can freely in Shanghai through the phone to delete or edit the Beijing home computer files, really very convenient.


in layman's terms, cloud projection is a computer with a system or a pad that supports application extensions. The use of cloud projector users do not need to carry storage equipment, computers and other office necessities, in the presence of business meetings, salon talks are no longer subject to the projector, as long as the cloud projector through WiFi connection to the network, you can at any time from the Internet to transfer their own presence of the network cloud storage data. Specially tailored for business people to help them in the market to make "cloud" driving fog.

Business negotiations need to understand the real needs of each other, and put forward a winning solution. Information or plan, need to show and explain to each other, if there is no projection, just by dictating or in the notebook small screen to explain to customers, not only the momentum is not enough, I am afraid it is difficult to understand each other in place to reach a consensus. Go out to negotiate, with the Patriot cloud projection, the data and plan projection on the wall, all at a glance, explain up also more vivid image, consultation, flexibility, and finally reached a consensus, cloud projection can be said to be a work. Stylish and portable, can be placed in Briefcase or pocket, at any time to share your wonderful ideas. The internal operating system of the fuselage, no need to connect the computer, directly demo Office files. Wireless WiFi module to achieve network data with the search, the Internet relaxed and free. At the same time, randomly presented 2 years 10G capacity cloud storage space, so that you no longer need to carry portable storage, directly from the cloud to take important information, from the winning, from the outside!

often travel, mobile hard disk, notebook computer, MP5 these digital products must be carried at any time, the cloud projection is essential. In order to contact the show, the original stranger, but to squeeze in a small notebook, often under the restraint of poor performance impact of cooperation. Now, with the Patriot cloud projection, it is not high office environment requirements, cafes, small offices, tea houses, hotels and other places can be engaged in the display of customers, so that the work become more spontaneous. At the same time, can serve as entertainment tools, can bring theater-level enjoyment, help people to resolve business trip boredom and depression.

In addition, small and medium-sized enterprise executives often make reports, often need to read the company's internal data, information to ensure that the report is reasonable, so have to take a laptop shuttle between the office and the Conference room. The Patriot Cloud is projected on a compact and portable basis, built-in Patriot cloud client, you can store and integrate a series of information about the company, in connection with WiFi, users need to directly log into their own cloud account can download data, no copy, can directly access a large amount of information, and then cumbersome work has become easy and simple.

Patriot Cloud Projection Portable, personalized, comprehensive, omnipotent, no matter what kind of occasions can help you hold live. Cloud era, for users, the use of cloud projection is not only a professional embodiment, but also a symbol of identity. A small cloud projection, greatly enriched the work and life of countless scenes, I believe that the Patriot cloud projection will be the business elite and other high-end crowd of pro-Lai, leading to a new era of projection.
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