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"TechWeb Report" September 12 News, application search platform Pea pod announced online video Search product official version, this product will provide Android mobile video users with search, download, subscribe and watch mobile video new experience. Pea pod Video Search officially released as the earliest application search platform in China, pea pods identified the strategy for content entry from the outset, and application distribution was only the first tactical step. The second step of pea pods starts with a video search after the 30 million-day distribution becomes the leading application distribution portal in the country. According to the China Internet Center (CNNIC), as of the end of June 2013, domestic mobile internet users have reached 464 million. Among them, through the mobile phone to watch or download video of the total number of users 160 million, and is expected to go beyond the hands of the end of the year to become the 8th largest mobile phone applications. Since July 2012, the number of independent users of Pea pod Video Search downloads has grown more than 1100%. In order to provide a better user experience, the pea pod will be a large revision of the video search: to 0 flow and tracking features, to provide users with one-stop video search services. Pea pod Video Search beta version since the online, has covered pea pod 200 million users, video search aggregation of resources has reached 580,000, the daily new index more than 3,000 episodes of video. Wang Junyu: Pea pods To do the first entrance of user lookup content in the current video service, users often need to open different video clients to find the content to be consumed, from the search to watch the process is more complex. In addition, mobile video consumption will be limited by the network, do not play its mobile properties. In the Pea pod survey of Android phone users, 48.9% of users chose not to watch the video without Wi-Fi. Visible, "Less traffic, high cost" is still the user consumption mobile Internet content a major obstacle. For video users who have a demand for a play, they often need to remember the update schedule of different episodes and download or play the episodes manually when they are connected to the Wi-Fi or PC. Cross-platform resources, reprehensible "play" all Pea pod Video Search aggregation of many regular video sites more than 580,000 sets of video resources, users do not need to find a video to open a different client. One-stop video search service, so that users can not only quickly find the video to see, video corresponding to the client application, can also be launched through the Pea pod or prompted to download. With the continuous enhancement of search technology, pea pods will also bring users more comprehensive video search resources. 0 Flow Download, save money constantly movie based on the "User flow pain point" of long-term attention and technology accumulation, pea pod Video Search is a good solution to this problem. Whether in a Wi-Fi or PC-connected environment, for mobile video so often more than 100M of large files, pea pod mobile phone, PC dual client can play a great advantage. In order to avoid the download in the network and the loss of traffic caused by the user, pea pod mechanism can judge the network environment, when the user mobile phone back to the G-net state, 豌The pod can automatically stop downloading, and at the end of the break, the continuity of the task is ensured. New tracking features, 0 flow of the play do not bother pea pod Video Search the official version of an important update is the introduction of a subscription-enabled tracking, the Android users with an innovative video consumption experience. "In the pursuit of this thing, the problem for most ordinary users is that when they want to watch a play, they forget to download it in advance, and when they have Wi-Fi, they don't have time to see it," said Liu Yaping, the pea-Pod product director. "Just pushing an update reminder is not going to solve the problem, from another perspective, There is a gap in the two scenes between downloading content and consuming content. "It takes only one step to catch up." Users simply click on the "Follow Me" button on a particular repertoire, and the Pea pod will automatically download the latest episode of the subscription in its Wi-Fi or PC-connected environment. Users no longer need to remember the scheduling, and do not require any active behavior, you can be the first time, do not omit to see the latest tracking video.
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