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The 2013 Spring Festival has opened the curtain, and the hundreds of millions of population migration is once again staged between China's mainland and the coast. Forever separated is the family, will never forget is the hometown. For this reason, countless wanderer set foot on the long journey home, although a ticket difficult to find, although thousands of miles, still without hesitation. Do you have a "exclusive memory" of your own spring festival trip? Want to say goodbye to the awkward way no longer embarrassed, proud Zhang browser has coup! Cloud synchronization, cloud sharing, stream mode, reading mode, and read-ahead mode make your journey no longer lonely.

Proud Zhang Sync let your homepage collection carry

Oppressed shaking the car, time is inevitable lonely tight, young people should be how to kill time? Take out the phone to open the past chasing novels to solve boredom. How do I find the URLs you see on your PC? How do I get a Web collection to carry around? Proud Zhang Browser allows you to easily achieve.

▲ Proud Zhang Browser official download: http://www.maxthon.com/

2005, the world's first online collection service browser. All along, Proud tour "online collection" service is widely loved by users. After several years of fine carving, AO Tour online service is no longer a simple collection synchronization, but upgraded to build on cloud computing technology based on a comprehensive cloud services. Just have a proud tour account, proud to help you to the collection, settings, history, intelligent filling, address bar, such as a series of user data to "fly up in the clouds." Realize all the data of the user in the cloud, you can use your own browser on any device that can be networked.

"Cloud sharing" allows you to share the best moments of your trip

What's wonderful about the novel? Claw Machine Party How do you operate it, proud Zhang browser so that you do not need to complex paste, no Bluetooth data cable can be easily handled.

▲ Proud Zhang Push

Now just select the content you want to share, and choose "Cloud push"-"share to friends". Now you only need to select the content to be shared, input TA's contact information, whether it is mobile phone number, proud tour account or mailbox, sharing is so simple! At the same time in sharing, you can also give TA no more than 30 words of the PostScript Oh.

Proud Zhang Browser "flow mode" so that you beautiful, micro-bo Brush non-stop

Some studies have shown that narrow space stimulates the rapid secretion of hormones, which can greatly affect the concept of human time. Want in the long journey to see the pictures of the sister to spare time, but don't be too careless use up all the traffic that is Knave. Meng sister is good, but do not biting oh ~

▲ Flow Mode

And proud Zhang browser can be very good to avoid this, open the flow mode, whether you are looking at Meng Sister pictures, brush a micro-blog or something less than other browsers; proud of the mobile phone browser flow mode in the Menu Settings button, easy to switch www, WAP page open way, speed and experience two not mistaken.

Proud Zhang Browser "Reading mode" to keep your fiction news at any time

Art is long, and it's great to take a trip to see news and novels. Proud Zhang Browser "Reading mode" function, not only to simulate the actual effect of the book, so that the essence of the content presented. Also will be the most important user needs in the bottom of the floating button, in addition to the font magnification, reduce the basic control, you can also set the page width and daytime night mode, so that users customize the most suitable for their own reading habits of the page effect.

▲ Reading Mode

Proud to read the model is very intelligent, it will automatically identify the site. Proud Zhang Browser "Reading Mode" is at the lower end of the toolbar in the middle of you to open.

Proud Zhang Browser "smart pre-read" to help you automatically load the next page

What is the most frightening thing about mobile phone watching news novels during the journey? Is the time when the break is not to force speed AH! Now just use the proud Zhang browser to open the "read mode", users can view the current page automatically in the background to read the next page of content, eliminating the user clicks on the "next page" after the wait time.

▲ Intelligent Pre-read

In order to allow users to improve the efficiency of the Internet, especially in reading novels and long news to reduce the waiting time, AO Mobile browser also on the page "next chapter", "Next page" and other keywords for intelligent pre-read. By connecting to the network to obtain content, the use of read-ahead technology, users read the next page before the download of good content, the reading experience more fluent.

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