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Platform Computing announced that it will further strengthen its investment in cloud computing, dig deeper into customer needs and innovate technologies and products to help customers achieve cloud computing in a more relaxed manner, delivering IT services more quickly and dramatically reducing it costs.

Cloud computing, as a new computing model, fundamentally changes the traditional it delivery model. By deploying the cloud, IT organizations can fully leverage resource sharing, maximizing the utilization of resources such as enterprise computing, networking, and storage, delivering faster and more efficient delivery of IT services, shortening product line time, and minimizing it investment and operational costs. At present, the industry has developed a broad consensus: cloud computing will be the next generation of computing models in the direction of evolution.

As a pioneer in cloud computing, platform provides cloud management platform and cloud middleware in two major areas. The award-winning platform ISF Cloud infrastructure management platform enables centralized management of heterogeneous virtual and physical resources and provides a resource management and scheduling platform for rapid deployment, dynamic resource scheduling, and resilient computing for the various applications running on it. Platform clogic Suite Cloud Intermediate suite includes Platform LSF, Platform Symphony, Platform MapReduce, and a range of products that can dramatically reduce the complexity of cloud application development, Delivers superior mobility, scalability, and dynamic deployment capabilities for cloud application development.

A perfect partner ecosystem is an important cornerstone of cloud computing success. As a provider of cloud management platform and cloud middleware, platform always insists on working with the broadest partners in a positive and open manner to bring the real value of cloud computing to our customers. At present, IBM, HP, Oracle, MSC, Apple, Dell, Novell and many other global partners, the platform cloud computing solutions as a key component of its cloud strategy. As cloud computing from concept to implementation, those who have a deep understanding of the needs of industry users and can provide application solutions to the partners and the vast majority of ISVs will be platform in-depth industry market, the promotion of cloud middleware the most focus on the core power.

To meet the needs of Chinese customers, platform has been working to extend its proven technology and extensive resources in the global marketplace to the Chinese market. "Platform will focus on strengthening investment in China's cloud computing market in three areas," said Ms. Guo Dojiao, vice president of the Greater China Platform Company. First, actively promote cooperation with government agencies, enterprises, participate in the cloud computing ' Twelve-Five ' planning of the pilot city of Cloud computing project construction; second, deepen the partnership with domestic strategic partners, technology partners, industry partners, system integrators and ISVs, and collaborate more closely on cloud computing; third, Further strengthen cooperation in the academic and educational fields. ”

Platform's outstanding achievements in the field of cloud computing have won wide recognition in the industry. At present, platform has more than 2,500 customers with the most demanding IT systems worldwide, including General Motors, JPMorgan Chase, BP, AMD, HP, etc. In the Chinese market, platform has more than 300 customers including the Shanghai Supercomputing Center and the National Supercomputing Shenzhen Center. Forrester Research, a leading global industry analyst, analyzed and evaluated 15 of the world's leading private cloud solution providers in the 10 key standards of cloud computing, published in May 2011 by the "Private Cloud Solutions Market Overview" (second quarter 2011). The results show that the platform company's cloud computing solution scored the highest.

"Platform's leading edge in the cloud computing market stems from our technology accumulation in the field of distributed computing," said Mr. Wang Jingwen, Vice president of platform. We always put our customers ' needs first, and we will further strengthen our investment in cloud computing for the needs of our corporate customers. Through innovative technology, we help enterprise customers build private clouds that meet their business needs and help them truly realize it value. ”

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