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For small and medium-sized enterprises, there are many free and open source router and firewall solutions, even as a business choice. Many of these products offer LAN services, such as VPN services, hotspot gateways, and the use of mandatory network portals to share wireless networks.

Here, the editors find open source and free router projects that are suitable for businesses that include small businesses, midsize, and even the size of Cisco and Juniper. Gossip Less, we look at these seven open source and free Linux network operating system.

Excellent soft routing system ClearOS

ClearOS is a gateway and network server designed primarily for small and medium enterprises and distributed environments based on CentOS and red Hat Enterprise Linux. ClearOS is an excellent soft routing system with most of the functions of existing routing systems, such as DHCP, port forwarding, firewalls, etc. At the same time because it is based on Red Hat, it can provide good support for functional expansion.


ClearOS by Clearfoundation Development and support, is open source and free, users can download from its official website free of charge, if it is for commercial purposes, ClearCenter reserve the right to charge.

ClearOS Enterprise is a server, network, and gateway platform designed for small businesses and distributed enterprise environments. ClearOS Enterprise is based on ClearOS Core, which is the transformation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The release is flexible and contains a large number of components and integration services that can be configured via a web-based interface.

The tools in ClearOS Enterprise include anti-virus, anti-spam, virtual private networking, content filtering, bandwidth management, file servers, e-mail services, print services, SSL certificates, Web services. ClearOS contains an electronic distribution center to simplify software installation including Third-party modules. The release is available for free downloads and can be updated with the basic operating system as long as it is free to register.

Linux based WRT software

WRT is a Linux based circuit-free software based on GPLV2 release. WRT originated in 2003, it offers many features that are not available to the firmware of the general router, such as support for XLink Kai Gaming Protocol, daemon based services, IPV6, wireless decentralized systems (wireless bridge and wireless relay), RADIUS, advanced service quality control, Wireless output power control, overclocking capability and SD card hardware configuration to provide software support.

WRT is a non commercial Third-party firmware available for some wireless routers, powerful enough to provide many features not supported by the original router, such as adjusting the wireless transmit power. WRT firmware is maintained by Brainslayer and placed in From the first version until the V22 version is based on the Sveasoft Inc alchemy developed, and Alchemy is based on the GPL issued Linksys firmware and many other open source programs. Since people later had to pay $ sveasoft to download the Alchemy firmware, the WRT from V23 was almost completely rewritten, and the Linux core was based on the OpenWrt core.


In essence, WRT is a wireless router to use the embedded version of Linux, it can be in the ordinary home wireless router to achieve thousands of of commercial wireless router function, not only that, for the master it can even allow itself to compile the program, the free expansion of wireless router functions.

There are indeed many advantages of WRT, it has a friendly Web management/configuration interface that supports multiple languages (including Simplified Chinese), enables wireless routers to support QoS broadband settings, QoS L7 filtering, optimizes bandwidth and limits maximum uplink, downlink speed and maximum number of connections, and can block or accelerate BT, Electric Donkey download. Support a variety of client connection modes, such as Network Bridge, relay, client and other modes. Supports a number of security mechanisms that support customer WPA mode, VLAN, WPA2, and other security modes and mechanisms. It also supports the ddns of peanut shells and facilitates the establishment of personal websites. It even has a modified direct BT download function.

Network Service System Zeroshell

Zeroshell is a small Linux distribution for servers and embedded devices, with the goal of providing a network service system. It can be obtained from a bootable CD-ROM or compact flash image, and can be configured with a Web browser.


In general, Zeroshell features include load balancing and failover of multiple network connections, a RADIUS server that provides secure authentication and automatic management of wireless network encryption keys via a 3G modem UMTS/HSDPA connection, a mandatory network portal to support Web login, and many other things.

Routing Operating System RouterOS

RouterOS is a routing operating system, and through the software to the standard PC computer into a professional router, software RouterOS soft route map development and application of the continuous update and development, the software has undergone many updates and improvements, so that its function is constantly enhanced and improved. Especially in the wireless, authentication, Policy routing, bandwidth control and firewall filtering functions have a very prominent function, its extremely high cost-effective, by many network people's favor.


RouterOS can be a multiple network card into a bridge mode, is the router into a transparent bridge equipment, also implement the role of three-layer exchange, Mac Ethernet Bridge, Eoip, Prism, Atheros and Radiolan are supported.

Wireless cards for all 802.11b and 802.11a clients, such as redevelop mode wireless, are not supported by a 802.11 limit, but can be implemented by bridging the EOIP protocol. To prevent loops from appearing on the network, you can use the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), which also makes redundant lines possible.

RouterOS in the field of application can include Internet cafes, enterprises, small ISP access, community and other regional network equipment access, based on the standard x86 architecture of the PC. Even a 586 PC can achieve the routing function, improve the hardware performance also can improve the network access speed and throughput. A completely low-cost, high-performance router system.


Open source Gateway software untangle

Untangle Gateway is a Linux open source gateway software, with pluggable modules to support a variety of network applications, to support spam filtering, url blocking, web filtering, Anti-Virus, anti-spyware, anti-virus worm, intrusion prevention, virtual private network, SSL virtual private network, Firewalls and many other functions.


And, in addition to the general LAN services, untangle also provides free quarantine spam, advertising, malware, intrusion protection, and OpenVPN and mandatory network portals. At the same time, untangle also adds network packet filtering, enhanced malware protection, IPsec VPN, and WAN balancing and troubleshooting functions.

Untangle is also a Chinese-enabled open source operating system that can be installed and run on PCs and X86 PCs and servers. It can be served as your network router and firewall, or run on your existing router as a transparent network bridge.

Linux Security release version endianness

endianness Firewall is a full-featured Linux security release that protects network security and improves connectivity performance.

Endianness operation is simple, configuration mainly through the Web interface, immediately effective. Also, endianness is low on hardware conditions: x86 compatible, 500MHz processors, 256MB memory, and 4GB disk space are available for installation.

Endianness new version

Endianness can turn each system into a full-featured security device with UTM capabilities. Endianness firewall, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, is fully open source and includes a variety of functional components such as stateful inspection firewalls, http/ftp virus protection, content filtering, POP3/SMTP virus protection, Anti-phishing and anti-spam tools, TLS virtual private networks, intrusion detection systems, stateful packet detection firewalls, multiple protocols (HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP) application-level proxies, anti-virus and spam filtering, web traffic filtering, and VPN functions.

The latest version of Endianness adds a web-based management console, a OpenVPN server that runs in a separate zone, and the normal filtering of junk e-mail in Japanese.

Routing System Vyatta

Vyatta is a routing system that can help companies set up routes quickly. Vyatta's software is based on code developed using an extensible open Routing platform (XORP), which has been an Open-source router software project since 2002.

Vyatta's code combines a modified Linux operating system with Xorp. The user can build the Vyatta router by downloading the CD image from the company's Web site and installing it on the PC hardware. Vyatta has been working with partners such as Sangoma, which manufactures T-1 and T-3 WAN interface cards for x86 PC systems, and Vyatta plans to announce more hardware partners soon.


And Vyatta is also an open source technology company, its current task is to Xorp (extensible open Source router platform) into the commercial domain, making it an enterprise-class open source router software.

Vyatta OFR can replace a commercial router for a small business with thousands of users. The open-source nature of the Vyatta router code allows for public scrutiny and inspection of potential bugs and vulnerabilities in the code, making it safer than other commercial products. Vyatta OFR software can be downloaded from the Vyatta company's website

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