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At the global Oracle conference in October 2011, Oracle unveiled a cloud strategy called Oracle powers the Cloud, which specifically describes its goal of "providing basic services for public and private cloud" while launching Oracle public Cloud (shared cloud). February 16, 2012, Oracle came to China to promote its cloud strategy, Oracle cloud Strategy expert and senior Product director Sandra Cheevers site Interpretation Cloud strategy. The strategy is designed to help customers build, deploy, and manage private cloud and use public cloud, mixed cloud services, provide customers with a wide range of products across SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and other service models, and drive customers to flexibly adopt cloud computing solutions that are best suited to their own development.

According to Ioug Researchwire's 2010 and 2011 Cloud Computing Survey, the use of private clouds and public clouds has grown strongly. 2011, private cloud users accounted for 37%, grew by 28% from 2010, while public cloud users accounted for 21% and grew by as much as 50%. In addition, the use of new applications in many of the cloud applications surveyed is higher than the scale of existing applications; Internal staff use a higher proportion than external users, and PAAs is much higher than IaaS, but both for development/testing and production environments. Oracle Cloud Strategy expert and senior product director Sandra Cheevers said that the public cloud started late, so the market growth faster.

Oracle Cloud Strategy expert and senior product director Sandra Cheevers

At the summit, Sandra Cheevers said: "Oracle Cloud strategy will help customers to develop appropriate cloud strategy and development planning." It starts with consolidation, centralizes platforms and resources, lays the foundation for building private clouds, and then gradually extends from private cloud to self-service private cloud and uses public cloud services where appropriate. At the same time, the Oracle Cloud strategy can combine the private cloud and the public cloud fully and complement each other in the case of enterprise development, and play the role of mixed cloud. In addition, Sandra Cheevers said in an interview after the meeting that Oracle will continue to increase investment in cloud computing this year.

Sandra Cheevers said in an interview that Oracle's public cloud had just started and needed to do more propaganda to let users know about Oracle's public cloud products. At the same time, users need to understand their own needs, according to their own needs to select or develop personalized public cloud. At the same time Sandra Cheevers share the advantages of Oracle Cloud Products: Oracle Cloud products are based on industry standards and open standards, can be integrated with other cloud platforms or products, migration is strong, but also its cloud products can quickly deploy a reason Oracle has always been very concerned about security issues, like all Oracle products, the security of the cloud products is very good, the security features of all products can be reflected in the cloud environment; Oracle's other advantage is full consolidation, vertical integration, a set of products that can integrate a range of cloud solutions.

The rapid development of cloud computing makes acquisitions one of the themes of the 2011 cloud computing market. Some time ago, Oracle continued to acquire a number of cloud computing companies, such as the acquisition of talent management cloud provider Taleo, the acquisition of cloud computing customer service provider RightNow technologies and so on. After acquiring RightNow, executives from RightNow and Oracle explained how Oracle's FATWIRE technology could help tap into the potential customer base. In addition, Oracle Siebel and social networking products can control market trends, ATG commerce can help customers build E-commerce, and RightNow will focus on strengthening customer service areas. Oracle also revealed the development plans after the acquisition of RightNow Technologies, including how to integrate technology into existing customer relationship management and cloud computing products. The acquisition of talent management cloud provider Taleo is widely regarded as a quick response to rival SAP (SAP) plans to buy successfactors 3.4 billion dollars. However, the rapid growth in the talent management software market is also one of the reasons for Oracle's acquisition, which is likely to grow by more than 15% this year, according to Bersin & Associates, an independent market research firm.

From last year's acquisitions, Oracle accelerated the layout and advantages of the cloud computing market through acquisitions, while also complementing the shortcomings of its own product line, which will form a very comprehensive cloud solution. As Thomascurian, executive vice president of Oracle Development, has publicly said, Oracle is actively offering customers a full range of cloud computing solutions, including sales automation, human resources, talent management, social networking, databases, and Java, which are part of the Oracle public cloud. and Sandra Cheevers in the interview also mentioned that the current merger effect is very good, the integration process smoothly.

As a result of previous acquisitions, the industry is also very concerned about whether Oracle will continue its acquisition strategy this year, through the acquisition strategy to accelerate the advantages of competitors. In addition, will Oracle's big acquisitions in the cloud market spur rivals to make the same acquisitions? After laying the edge on the corporate market, will oracle penetrate the consumer-level market from enterprise-level markets through acquisitions?

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