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Li 360 vice president of Qihoo

News and Technology 2013 the fifth session of China Mobile Payment Industry Forum was held in Beijing April 18 19th, the theme of this conference is application-driven, competing development. Dispatch as a strategic media to the General Assembly of the full report.

Qihoo 360 vice President Li said in his speech, the mobile phone has two very important things, one is the user's money, the other is the user's data. With the rapid rise of mobile e-commerce, when booming, facing a very important or a very big threat is that all kinds of viruses, trojans and malware will target the money in the user's phone, targeting the security of the payment.

The following is a transcript of Li speech:

Hello everyone, I am Qihoo 360 's Li, I am here today for you to report the work is 360 for mobile payment escort. I'll probably discuss this in three directions, including the status of mobile payments and the threats it faces, and the 360 of jobs and things that can be done to pay for the move. In fact, many leaders have already introduced the corresponding situation of China Mobile's payment and mobile e-commerce market so far, so I will not be more of a fish to swim here.

Let's take a look at the current status of China Mobile E-commerce or mobile payments-related business, as seen in our eyes, from 360 eyes. So far in China, it is generally believed that there is a smartphone in each of the two handsets, and that there are more than 50 applications in each smartphone, and we can today see that 6% of the applications in each of the 50 applications are related to E-commerce. In fact, as a participant in China Mobile Internet industry, I also have a deep feeling in a few months, before I see many users around us using mobile phones, many times are using a variety of tools and applications, In the last four months I can see such as our company or we face a lot of friends inside some young people, some little girl with mobile phone Taobao more and more, with mobile phone shopping is more and more, this is a very fast growth. The figure we saw just now can illustrate this point, here you can see, we have millions of users to do a prize-winning research work, from here can be seen, Taobao mobile app in the entire Chinese smartphone user coverage can reach 22%, has been able to enter into the APPTOP100 data. Cat, the United States and so on with E-commerce-related applications. Behind these applications is the need for secure mobile payment tools to provide effective support.

360 is China's largest Internet security company and the largest provider of mobile security network services in China. From the threats and risks that we can see throughout the evolution of mobile security, we can see that from the beginning of this year it has shifted from a traditional sense of communication security to application security and data security and payment security. This is our 360 from the entire mobile security perspective, divided into four directions, including communication security, privacy security, application security and equipment security, and in which privacy security and application security are related to the user's payment security. We did a lot of work on communication security last year, but we also saw a very big trend this year, which is that a wide variety of payments related to E-commerce, including viruses, trojans and malware, began to show up. We also have a very important view that the future security threats on mobile phones or on mobile internet are much higher than those on traditional PCs and the Internet.

I always have a point of view, this phone has two very important things, one is the user's money, the other is the user's data. With the rapid rise of mobile e-commerce, when booming, facing a very important or a very big threat is that all kinds of viruses, trojans and malware will target the money in the user's phone, aiming at the security of the payment, do a variety of small action. This is one of the most important responsibilities of the 360 as China's largest security Network service provider to address these issues.

I'll probably give you a share of this number and we can see that in all of these apps there's a lot of Shanzhai app apps in the user's cell phone. We can see most of the Shanzhai apps that are shopping in these Shanzhai apps, including ticketing and payment software, as well as travel and hotel-booking software. What are they really aiming at in these cottage apps? What they actually aim at is the user's money in his mobile wallet or his various payment tools.

It is in these circumstances, what exactly can 360 do for these threats? These figures are 360 of mobile phone guardian high-speed growth of a number, we in the past 14 months, our users from tens of millions of rapid jump to more than 300 million, the total user capacity has been able to reach 70% market share, it is because of this, 360 built a very large security ecological platform, Provide security for users ' e-commerce and mobile payments.

The first thing we do is from the app security monitoring, genuine verification. It is precisely because of the large number of Shanzhai shopping software and payment software, such as we can see now in the payment aspect of the biggest challenge, including phishing software and phishing URLs, 360 of the security services to be able to pay for the software and the application of the Software app to provide genuine verification, To ensure that users can get the payment software and electrical business software is genuine, and will not be phishing software to steal their own money. In this matter we have with the domestic including ICBC, CCB several big banks to carry out their payment tools such a genuine verification work.

The second is that we intercept phishing sites and fake payment URLs, and we also have a green channel and notification mechanism that includes payment channels for several carriers and several major banks. In other words, whether from 360 or our bank or our carrier's point of view, as long as we see such a phishing site and fishing site, we will be the first time to notify 360 of this cloud interception of such a center, so as to ensure that in 3,605 billion PC users and 300 million mobile users, Intercept these phishing sites and their applications.

The third thing we've done in the year we see the two-dimensional code in rapid popularity, and two-dimensional code for our O2O business as well as to our electrical business to pay a lot of help, but the two-dimensional code itself can not be recognized by the naked eye, for ordinary users it is difficult to distinguish a two-dimensional code can bring risks and threats, So 360 has launched the security two-dimensional Code product and the service, thus can guarantee the user when uses the two-dimensional code to be able to obtain the security safeguard, through the two-dimensional code carries on the trade time to be able to obtain the security.

In addition to providing services to our partners in the user terminals as well as in the marketplace, we are also working on security payments at source, such as we are now with several banks. Recently we have worked with several of the largest banks in the country, one is in 360 mobile phone guards, we have more than 300 million of the mobile phone users, in the mobile phone guards for the bank to open a secure payment channel, so as to ensure that users in the payment can be a genuine safe channel to pay. At the same time, we also provide security scanning and security inspection for bank terminals, so as to start the service at the bank terminal, so that the user can secure the external environment on the handset terminal when he begins to pay the work. In addition, we will build a malicious Web site Green channel.

In addition to these efforts, we and several banks are quick to launch a report on payment security in the coming months, as well as to pay security indices to provide security and services for the entire e-commerce and mobile payment industries. My introduction today is relatively simple, combining all the above viewpoints, actually is one, is 360 on the PC we have 500 million users, on the mobile phone has 300 million users, we are willing to use our safe technology, the safe service, the safe idea as well as our product, for our user, our partner as well as our bank , and all of our payment service providers to provide the most effective and powerful security. Thank you!

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